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General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: TIRE CHANGES!
« on: 04/02/19 02:20PM »
why are you so far from me? so rude

Nothing is far. I have some cold shitty beer you can enjoy while I work on your bike. Does that help?

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: TIRE CHANGES!
« on: 03/26/19 10:40AM »
What equipment (brand/model) do you use?

A red machine that I use to take tires on and off. LOL

Nothing special, I have an off brand tire changer, kind of like a coats.

General Motorcycle Discussion / TIRE CHANGES!
« on: 03/21/19 03:24PM »
Probably posted this in the wrong spot but oh well.

I am starting to do tire changes again!

20 bucks per wheel off bike
40 bucks per wheel on bike

Dynamic balancing included.

I do this out of my house after work so drop off is after 5:30 pm M-F.

If you're interested just post, pm or text me at 714 798 4077.

Parts For Sale / Re: Damaged 2007 GSXR 1000 for sale.
« on: 09/20/18 04:45PM »
Selling my GSXR 1000.  Accidentally dropped it off a ramp and not in the mood any longer to fix it since I am retiring from riding.

If bought you can fix to ride or sell for parts.  Just want it gone  :'(

Asking for 3000  (310) 904 5107

Damn I remember working on that bike

Beads are the way to go, I have been using them for 6 or so years now and wont go back. I do my own tires and they are NOT a mess unless you suck at changing tires lol.

sgt_0331 = jerry?

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: Powder coating
« on: 05/25/18 10:19AM »
Todd you doing it in your home kitchen? lol

Off Topic / Re: I got burned, Need advice
« on: 03/26/18 10:00AM »
So what did you do with the bike? lol

Bikes For Sale / Re: 2013 Aprilia RSV-4 APRC
« on: 11/02/17 08:49AM »
Why? There isnt anything else being posted on here lol

Is a frame really necessary?

I prefer it, looks cleaner IMO

This is your OCMOTO price... Kelly Blue Book Trade in value is $3,315.00.

2006 Triumph Speed Triple
Mileage: 80,950 So Cal commuting miles
2nd Owner since 2013
Always Garaged, No Accidents or Lay-downs, Very Clean, Lots of Torque, Very Fast, Great Sound (damped Leo Vance Exhaust is a hummer), Clean Title, Not Salvaged, Looks Immaculate!

$3000 or Best Offer

Modifications include:
Sport racer look
Leo Vance Exhaust (will include Extra Slip-on Two Brothers exhaust $800 value) with Damper
Carbon Fiber Engine Covers
Shiny Seat Cowl
LED rear lights
Classic Round headlights
Handlebar mirrors
Fender eliminator
New battery
Tires 70% remaining
Will include Clip-ons to convert into Cafe Racer
Passenger Pegs

Kelly Blue Book:
Trade-In Value
Good Condition $3,315
when trading in at a dealership

Hieu! where have you been? Get another bike or what?

Honestly a cheap good alternative would be to get a horn off a HD FLH  touring bike. They are LOUD.

In other news.... same spot a dude try to run two people over sat night

I need some electrical work done on my Vstrom, like adding ABS switches and tidying up space under the seat, it's currently a ungodly mess of wires and fuses.

Anyone know where I can get this done? Talked to guys at MetricMethod about cutting into ABS wires, they looked very puzzled.  :26:

ABS Switches? Some sort of add on mod? Elaborate please.

650s are slow! I have a SV1000 for my daily, ive had a sv650 but wouldnt do it again.

Bikes For Sale / Re: 2002 Suzuki TL1000R
« on: 11/15/16 09:02AM »
Hey so is the bike still for sale? Text me 714 798 4077

Bikes For Sale / Re: 2002 Suzuki TL1000R
« on: 11/09/16 10:02AM »
Check your PM

No one cares what company? Just curious.

Bike Nights / Re: Custom Bike Party at the D-Store
« on: 10/27/16 10:50AM »
Looks to  be a cool event!

Will hipsters be allowed?

Ride on,

Just try to keep them away!

Tom, Big wheel bagger invited?

That's beautiful.  Could you ride it to the event?

I wish, going to be in San Diego that weekend for my friends wedding.

Bike Nights / Re: Custom Bike Party at the D-Store
« on: 10/26/16 12:54PM »
Tom, Big wheel bagger invited?

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