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"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Harley Demo Truck Sep 20-22
« on: 09/20/19 09:03AM »
The demo truck will be at Huntington Beach Harley this weekend. Check the website for hours.  :31:

Misc / Vietnam Veterans Travelling Memorial Wall
« on: 04/12/19 08:16PM »
If anyone is interested, the Wall will be at Balearic Park in Costa Mesa until 3PM Sunday.
The address is 1975 Balearic Drive. It's a couple of blocks north of Adams and Mesa Verde.

Oh yeah. Theyíre breathalizing everybody (!) so donít have too many beers for lunch.

Saturday February 9th.
Kind of short notice but the demo truck will be at Mission Motorsports tomorrow from 10 to 3PM.  It was there today too, but I didn't get home in time to post.
Hopefully it won't get rained out.   :45:

I've had good luck with a guy in Westminster. The place is called Dale's Shoe Repair. It's on the southwest corner of Westminster and Springdale. He also makes boots among other things.

I'm with OOTV, I really like Shoeis for all the reasons he said. but that's just my [our] opinion.
The best advice I ever got for picking a helmet is to try on the ones you like and get the most comfortable one.

I was over that way this afternoon. The holes have been filled. Thanks Caltrans.  :7:

General Motorcycle Discussion / !!! USE CAUTION !!!
« on: 01/21/19 11:12AM »
If you use the 405 South in the Westminster area there are two holes in the slow lane about a quarter mile east of Bolsa Chica directly across from Dennis Dillon RV Sales. The holes are at the interface of the concrete and asphalt in the lane and are about 10 inches wide and 2 feet long. The perfect size to catch a bike tire.
There is  third hole at the Westminster Bl offramp. Same size and position.
Complain to CalTrans.

My daily driver is an FJR1300   :42:

First thing Iíd check is for corrosion in the socket possibly blocking one of the filament connections. Then trace the wires behind the socket. Iíve had cars where the socket overheated and cooked the wires behind the socket.

Good advice, also make sure you have good grounds.

Sounds like a blast! 

A group I was with used to do tours like that at night.  It's always fun to cross the bridges to Terminal Island in the fog.

Ride on,

Yeah, those steel grates are hardly slippery at all late at night.


Misc / Re: KTM Ride Orange Street Demo at Oakley 10-4
« on: 01/07/18 12:29PM »
@#$%&* I'm sick, I can't go.

Off Topic / Re: Forum Design Opinions
« on: 01/06/18 12:08PM »
I think the forum is fine the way it is. I'm just glad it's back online.  :30:

Misc / Mission Motorsports Annual Sale
« on: 11/10/17 05:53PM »
Kind of short notice, but their big blowout sale is Saturday Nov 11.

Great video. I can always count on OC Moto for good entertainment.   :7:

I also wear glasses but my solution is prescription glasses with transition lenses. That way I don't have to deal with two pairs of glasses. Also, it seems like sun glass frames run a little larger than regular frames so that may be part of your problem. My regular frames fit with most helmets I've tried.
I checked out the Bell Qualifier because it comes with a Transitions shield and there was no way I was getting my glasses on without modifying the padding so that may or may not work for you.

Six years without a car. I can't deal with the traffic in a car.

Tales of the Road / Re: Just bad on both parties
« on: 06/23/17 01:39PM »
I'd like to see the video footage BEFORE the kicking occurred. And why was that car driving next to the biker? As usual the fake news teams chooses to cut out the rest of the story so they can sensationalize those BAD, bad Biker boyz! I feel really bad for the white truck driver. But that Mazda got what he deserved.
I agree 100%. There's more video than we are being shown. As usual, we are being victimized by media bias.
Also, the guy on the bike is a hell of a rider. And lucky.

Miscellaneous / Re: Bike detailing
« on: 06/04/17 11:21PM »
just got back from Todd
I kinda forgot my bike can look this good!
Pleasure was all mine good to finally meet you sir!
Hey! That's a really good looking bike.

You got to wonder what that guys plan is.

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