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Misc / Trailer hitch bike carriers?
« on: 08/05/10 05:08PM »
Any recommendations on this kind of thing?  A friend of mine just got into biking and has been riding for about 6 months.  He wants to get a tow-hitch carrier for his Ducati, as his Truck has a cover on the bed, so it'd be easier to use one of these things.   What recommendations do any of you have?  Things to watch out for?

Well I went to Orange County Motorsports and had them special order them.  The problems I found was that the prices online are the same as dealer prices for the Sport Demons.   Hit up for the links on the tires and sizes that will fit. 

Now the Avon's maybe a different story, as those are somewhat less expensive than the Sport Demons, and I think the stock is more widely available right now.  Anyways, keep an eye on them and buy one of those referenced.

P.S.  Also in the above link on the FAQ site, the Pirelli ST66 tires are no longer in production, so its pretty restricted on what kind of tires are available.

Where are some places that will hook up the tires. I checked a couple of places, but they seem like they'd be a special order.

Avon stryke's right?  I was considering those also, and if I end up keeping the bike long enough to warrant another pair I may give those a try, as they also garnered high praise from more than a few sources.  However, I haven't noticed any tracking on the freeway with the Pirelli's so far, but ideally I need to get up past Long Beach before I'll know for sure.   However, so far these tires have taken away all concerns I had with u-turns, and the bike feels 100% better on lean in and stability.  I'm not sure what Kawi was thinking with the K-series tires, but they really put the stock tire to shame. 

I just finished up replacing my chain and got 2 new tires, Pirelli Sport Demon's for my own Kawasaki ninja 250... All I can say is, Ninja250 owners, run out your old Dunlop K-series tires ASAP and get these tires... Good god the difference is astounding.  Well worth the $250 I had to pay for them.  Now the only question will be how long they last.   

I picked this up from the site.  Probably nobody will like this idea, but I've found it works very well in Santa Ana, Irvine and Tustin.  If the light won't change and you don't have a magnet, you can put the kickstand down on top of one of the wire loop outlines.  Most are circular with tar on them but some of them run about 3-4 car lengths in a rectangle size.   Simply ride up and drop the kickstand and rest the stand directly on top of one of those lines.   I haven't had any problems so far, just makes it a pain when taking off. 

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: 10/28 - Noobie Ride #3 & BBQ
« on: 10/22/07 11:06AM »
I most likely will not be able to attend this now.  Prior engagements, family stuff, bike acting up, excuses excuses etc.

Just pimping my local store, but OC Motorsports in Santa Ana has had a sale for a while on old stock particularly Jackets and Helmets are there.  They've had alot of XXL, L and S sizes.  I picked up a nice AlpineStar textile jacket for about $100.  Would recommend it if you're looking for jackets still.

Well you know they do make a 650cc Burgman from Suzuki right?  I've seen a 400cc at Mission Motorsports a while back.  Those suckers have big engines... so it doesn't surprise me that you were noticing him keeping up.  The big scooters of today are definitely sizeable machines and they are completely automatic (which  leads me to think that their riders are the plug and pray type... ugh) so they don't have the shifting issue.   

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: 10/28 - Noobie Ride #3 & BBQ
« on: 10/19/07 11:08PM »
Put me in as a maybe for this.

Fallen Riders / Re: RIP Brandon
« on: 10/10/07 10:20AM »
My condolences to his family.  Had not met him, but will keep him in my thoughts today.

I stopped by and its a small-ish pizza spot, It should easily have room for 20+ people and gear.  I also chatted with the local shift manager and she seemed very interested in our business.  I let them know we may stop by on Weds night.   Snagged a menu and here's the listings:

Large Pizzas (serves 4-5 people) - $12-$17    <-- Most likely 3 adults if we eat the way we did at Hokkaido.
Salads (Depending on bundle serves upto 4-5) - $3-$12
Sandwiches - $6.50-$7

Pizza was pretty good, and they had a few LCD's at the tables to watch the game/sports/etc...


Hey for this board... I'll throw myself on a pizza... or two :D

Now that's what I call a team player.

Well since I'm a good crash-test dummy, I'm going to go check out the pizza place tonight.  Will report back later tonight.

pizza or johnny rockets sounds chill. there is also a chik-fil-a there too.

Thats true, I hadn't thought about the Marketplace should we want to head down the way. 

Here's a list of the places you can eat at the District that are currently open (There will be an Auld Dubliner pub and a Sushi house eventually, but not yet damnit):
1) Chaparosa Grill
2) Chick-fil-A
3) Daphne's Greek Cafe
4) Johnny Rockets
5) JT Schmid's
6) Lucille's Smokehouse BBQ
7) Panera Bread
8) Pei Wei
9) Quiznos
10) Red Brick Pizza
11) Thai Bamboo Bistro
12) The Winery Restaurant & Wine Bar

Possible open places (Not on the website, but from my foggy memory):
1) Sharky's Woodfired Mexican Grill
2) Tacone

I was thinking that if we have people who don't want Asian food and keep it low cost, we could perhaps look at pizza at Red Brick, group purchasing power FTW.  However, I have no knowledge of their pizza quality?  Anybody?  Is this thing on? ... hello?

Hm..there are actually quite a lot of eats near or around Tustin Market Place as well that aren't overly "priced" for a decent dinner.   Just throwing things up in the air as usual. 


Bah :P  Well Pei Wei (Chinese/Asian) is pretty cheap. Its about $5-$10 a plate and you can get free refills on soda/etc and the plates are pretty filling. 

I do agree though that many of those places are not cheap, how else do they pay for the fire pits, dancing light show fountains and 15' video screens ;) hehe. 

The choicese I recommend:
1) Lucilles BBQ has lots of space and is open late and has good food.
2) Pei Wei = Good asian cuisine
3) Chaparosa Grill = REALLY GOOD FOOD, but damned expensive.   Worth it in my opinion
4) JT Schmidt's is now open and supposedly very good. 

I'm down for anything honestly, but those are the best choices I'd say so far, unless anyone else has any ideas?

P.S. I'm still in for this.

ok so where is everyone meeting up at over there?
You guys all rich! Lucilles isnt cheap, jt schimts isnt cheap and chaparosa isnt cheap. the other spot mentioned i have never heard of. How about chic filet :)

The choicese I recommend:
1) Lucilles BBQ has lots of space and is open late and has good food.
2) Pei Wei = Good asian cuisine
3) Chaparosa Grill = REALLY GOOD FOOD, but damned expensive.   Worth it in my opinion
4) JT Schmidt's is now open and supposedly very good. 

I'm down for anything honestly, but those are the best choices I'd say so far, unless anyone else has any ideas?

P.S. I'm still in for this.

ok so where is everyone meeting up at over there?

Funny stuff, thanks for the link. 

Crash Stories / Re: Low speed fall...
« on: 10/01/07 10:44AM »
Thanks for the tip Law.  And to everyone else also.  I'll give it a try tonight in practice and see how I do. 

I know I find U-turns troublesome in first on my ninja, but it seems very twitchy in first, as Lardog pointed out.  Usually I try to enter them in second as its smoother for the turn, but I had a bonehead moment.  At least nothing much was hurt.  Already got the parts replacement ordered.

A trick that works so very well for me is to leave the clutch alone and modulate my speed entirely with the rear brake for slow moves and U-turns. Parking lots and low speed game has become so much mroe fun now!

Crash Stories / Re: Low speed fall...
« on: 10/01/07 08:51AM »
Yea,  I found during the MSF that my left side balance is much weaker than my right, but I had managed to resolve that pretty well... or so I thought.  Back to the little yellow box of doom for me. 

I agree Jeff, I definitely want to be sure I'm not getting the wrong habits down.  I'll be sure to pick one up as soon as I can with work right now.

Practice is HUGE!!!  I went to skillzday on saturday (i'm not a bad rider, not great, but not bad) and there was this little u-turn we were doing.  I don't know why but the thing kicked my a$$.  I could not ride a smooth line through it and be where I wanted to be, all damn day.  I was so frustrated with it.  So i have been pulling in to parking lots and other vacant areas, to try and fix my issue.  Makes me feel like a goon sometimes, but if it makes me a better rider, what the hell.

Crash Stories / Re: Low speed fall...
« on: 10/01/07 08:31AM »
Thanks, yea, I'm very glad it wasn't a bigger bike, otherwise I might have done some more damage to myself.  I caught myself this morning being forgetful with the shifting again... so I will definitely have to get a skillz day soon.  In the mean time, I'm thinking of hitting up a parking lot and going over the MSF drills again. 

Ugh, sorry to hear that.
The Ninja 250 is a very forgiving bike, so it's a good thing you were on that and not on something heavier or more powerful.

 The times I came closest to dropping it was also trying to make a U-turn. Skillzday helped me BIG TIME, and you'll be surprised at how well you'll learn to teach yourself as you ride after you take one.

I've taken two and I plan on going back to pound into myself more good riding habits, 'cause bad ones creep in over time.

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