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Excellent selection of leathers!
Thanx Andy!

Message sent.

Message sent.

Where do I pick it up. Message sent.

I'm interested in this one.
Is that right rear zipper ok?

Racing Headquarters / Re: Silverstone perspective
« on: 09/02/18 10:06PM »
Excellent read!
Thanx FZ1_Chris.

I'm going to stick with the block weights. Beads are a mess according to my shop and I don't need any more interaction with the CHP than normal. Interesting side effect!

That's the other manufacturer I'm keeping an eye on.
I'm interested in a supermotard model.
I surprise people with my ICE bikes. I truly wonder if I'll start to startle/frighten people with an electric.
My helmet GoPro sessions get two extreme reactions.
Imagine a teenage girl dancing from left to right foot continously while asking "Is the camera on, is it on,is it on!"
In line at the local burger chain. Customer in front glances around at cameras, does a double take and asks "IS THAT CAMERA ON, HEY I ASKED YOU, IS THAT CAMERA ON!", to which I reply, " it's only on while on the road" and if necessary for further calming, stating "it's innapropriate inside", which barely takes the chill out of the air.
Applied to an electric, I would expect anything from COOL! to WHAT THE HECK! or Where did you come from?
My commute shouldn't be getting away from people daily. I infrequently have to get away from them now.

And yes they are not very robust components. They just went from bicycle components only a decade ago.
My dealer is in North Hollywood and can take a Zero and turn into whatever you want, even customize it for you. How much do you want to spend?
They have a riders group ride night also, where they discuss controller settings, etc. Quite the aficionados!

I test rode them for a few years about a decade ago. They transitioned from bicycle to motorcycle components over those few years and had the power and torque of a 500 cc for the price of a 1000cc. Excellent product with virtually no maintenance and so quiet!
Another manufacturer makes one with the specs of my $15,000 Repsol for only for $80,000. I told him so at the bike show. Come to find out my Zero test ride dealer had one and said it was very top heavy with all of the batteries mounted so high.
They're close but so far from a sale with me! I'd trade in the shaft drive fury for the belt driven Zero but, $15,000 (large fuel tank/batteries) for 500 cc torque, nah
Also, the torque is all now with an electric! Not with another brand which went with a six speed transmission: why, why, why! That's really the best part of an electric, top speed now. As a commuter, it would be perfect if I could ride it for ten years straight.

Fantastic idea! All I need is to come up with $85,080 by middle of next month.
I've ridden across ACH at night and almost hit a young deer going around one corner and three corners up mama took a kick at me as she trotted across the road in front of me!
Hwy. 18 to Crestline at 4 am is scary when you lean over and can't see the road. If I didn't know it like the back of my hand, I would have to ride in the daylight only.
Perhaps Honda will come up with an ingenious design to put on all motorcycles.
I'd put the JL Speaker model in my Fury but, riding across Latigo Canyon Road is too much brain sloshing with a 663 pound bike.

Is that bottom pic w/ the SHAD box yours? I've looked at pretty much all the top box mounts and none for my bike unless I went with one of those Ventura racks.  Seemed OK but I'm kinda cheap.  That hepco and becker plate for the passenger seat is something I'm working on w/ a buddy of mine.  I would prefer not having a huge tank bag to carry stuff since I have stubby arms and am usually lying on the tank.
Promo picture.  Not me.

Misc / Re: Ride To Work Day - 6/18/18
« on: 06/10/18 03:28AM »
I've been participating daily since 2007.

Went through this back in 2008. 1988 FZ600 with basic cordura saddle and tank bags. Packed to go to the Sierra National Forest from Pasadena.
Packed camping,fishing gear and appropriate clothing/bedding.
Tank bag bag was fully extended to where I just rested my chin on it after mounting bike and the connecting strap for the rear of the saddlebags burnt thru quickly from the heat of the exhast. Carried everything except the proverbial sink!
I didn't care about the finish getting damaged because it was brush painted in official John Deere green paint. The pads under the tank bag and saddlebags did collect alot of sand and I wondered about the abrasiveness of this.
I then moved on to saddlebags with bike specific bracket. They unfortunately are not appreciated by automobiles when you brush up against them while splitting lanes with my Fury
I've finally moved on to a top box after looking for years for an appropriate base bracket for My Repsol.
My final topbox setup will be to get the back pack off my back, same as my Repsol, only going with a big box mounted longitudally on the back of my Fury, using a base frame in my sissybar mount.
That way I can take dozens of donuts to work.
A topbox for commuting is fine. Touring with one is not generally appreciated due to the weight up high and the wind sail effect in crosswinds. I've learned to pack for no shifting of weight and accepted wind sail effect.
If I split lanes, I also need nothing wider than my shoulders and well below my shoulder or I'll start breaking mirrors. My handlebar and shoulders may miss but, if I zig or zag, I want the top box to clear also.
I like having everything I need when I get to my destination and I use them commuting or touring. Little one on my Repsol to Laguna Seca and back or large one on my Fury cruising from fishing hole to fishing hole on the freeways and mountain roads.
When I came back from the Sierras, the wind out of the West, off the mountains to my right, had me riding for about 40 miles at a 45 degree angle. Had to stop and check out an ancient Indian stove site for a break.

Slight, quick head bob to full, slow head bow for courteousnes drivers from me but, like I previously stated, a majority of 4 wheel plus vehicles have been responding with courteousnes. If I miss one or two, I trust they don't take it personal.

When I rode my 2007 CBR600RR in white with white helmet, gloves, suit and boots, it was amazing to see two car simultaneously JUMP to the left and right to let me through! I miss that bike and still chuckle about that to this day.

I one time enjoyed this hairy old biker on a rat bike splitting lanes up the 101, taking his hands alternately off the ape hangers to wave to the courteous and  backhand the un-courteous.  Just putting along, right hand wave and left hand SMACK!, left hand wave, etc. Bwahahahahaha!

Yea, had a motor officer pull right up behind me, on the freeway, inside my mirror view. He must have been 2 feet behind me! Real cute public servant. Or the one that pulls you over and is disappointed you did'nt run for it! Don't get that anymore with the cameras. Actually, that's how the cameras on the helmet started. I'll write that another day.

Now, as to cars/trucks/other vehicles.
You're "sharing lanes on a motorcycle at 5-10 mph faster than traffic" and mile (s) away from the vehicles when you started.
I suggest these behaviors toward four to eighteen wheel vehicle.

Riding at this pace, with your high beams on, gives them plenty of time to notice and react to your presence.

If a car wants to change lanes, by signaling or not, or any other move, stupid or not, go the extra mile by slowing down and letting them complete the maneuver (Remember, your mile(s) ahead of traffic already!)

Yielding and courteousnes pay future dividends for you and other riders . They see you coming and move over to let you by, sometimes one after the other!

Califonia has a Watch Out For Motorcyclists day every year and I credit this for much of the courteousnes vehicles are showing in general lately!

Decisively passing vehicles and not cruising one mph faster in they're blind spots, puts them and you in danger of an almost sure collision. You want to be seen, stay in sight.

DO NOT RESPOND TO ROAD RAGE! The finger, hand gestures and the evil eye stare do not work. I've mistakenly tried them all. Now, I just split lanes and leave them behind. It's as easy as that. If all else fails, head for a police station and show them the video!
Of course, the GoPro Session's  I have mounted front and rear on my helmet, do help me greatly in the "I did'nt see him" /insurance scenario. Also, police will make instant right turns at intersections and move over four lanes on the freeway to get away from them! The meter maid will still heartily wave though when she spots them.

And, sadly, last but not least: If vehicles are cutting you off, turning in front of you, pulling out in front of you and stopping short in front of you, I suggest you look where I found the problem myself. In the mirror!
 I ride a vehicle that accelerates faster, stops faster and, turns faster than anything on the road and I'm annoyed that everyone's in the way! Until my first collision. Insurance doesn't pay for stupid.
And I was just pissing off the public, as in the scenario at the convenience store when the "public" wants to know if all motorcyclists "zoom up along side me, pull in front, brake and then, turn right at the next intersection. Do they all do this?"
Ride safe and at your own pace. Remember, you're invisible unless you're not!

I thought flashing your lights was " MOVE OVER NOW, BECAUSE I'M APPROACHING TWO HUNDRED MPH!" on the autobahn in Germany. Never heard of that signal here in the states? That behavior just annoys me, you know, one step down from horn honking.

I had a car honk his horn behind me all the way across ACH to Wrightwood, when I still owned a car. I think it was my passengers drinking buddies and him playing games.

I commute everyday and when I come up on someone I just go around on the other side of the lane. I lane split at such a pace that, if you're faster than me, I trust you to do the same, unless your a policeman with blue lights, siren and on your way to a doughnut, otherwise, the lanes all yours when I exit it. Otherwise, what happens is a race to see who can stay in front. If your pulling away from me going 80, fine. If I move 5 to 10 mph faster than traffic, fine. If you pass me when the space is 3 feet wide on your dresser, fine. If you have to slow/stop because the space is now 2 feet wide and I can pass thru on my 18 inch wide bike on the other side of the vehicles and, move back in front, fine. Just accept the skills and physics of the situation and ride your ride as I ride mine. You're bouncing off the rev limiter,honking horn and thumping V-twin, one bike length behind, don't concern me. I'm focused on the 5,000 to 80,000 pound vehicles in front of me that open they're doors, cross double yellows/lane limit lines, u-turn from the right hand lane,etc. You have one to multiple lanes to pass, to the right or left and, jump ahead.

I am annoyed by the rider that just has to get in front to prove they can! The question is do you have the skills/pace to stay in front. Once again the passing each other scenario. I get this on my commute. The only way to prove they're superior is crossing a line, speeding, running a light or a desperate close call move on they're part endangering, themselves or others. 
And don't start accusing me of lack of patience. I obey the double yellow & white line: I rode behind two full dressers across ACH for twenty miles before the one in the left side of the lane pulled over and motioned me by.
Once again, I suggest what I was told long ago when riding through the mountain curves: Ride your own pace. Don't try to keep up with the more skilled riders or you will soon find yourself beyond yours. If your pace is up to the skilled riders, you will keep up with and pass.
(Pssst! Do you know why policeman go to donut shops? That's where they use the bathroom! Thank you Traffic School.)

Why,why, why.
Just so you don't need a kickstand!
Why turn a 400 pound motorcycle into a 600 pound motorcycle?
Max 45 degree lean angle.
I don't think I can split lanes with it.
Of course, the handicapped have another bike to strap they're wheelchair to. Don't scoff, saw a Can-Am with one strapped to it here in Pasadena when they first came out and instantly thought that's a perfect customer market.

All this money spent on electronics to keep a bike upright for the new rider, not this bike but a two wheeler and, nothing spent on a practical idea like a belt drive for a sportbike. We have fuel injection, steering damper, slipper clutch, steel belted tubeless radials on aluminum one piece wheels, fully adjustable suspension with the appropriate diameter tubes, lithium-iron batteries,led head and tail lights stock and, I'm still cleaning/lubing a chain. Harley Davidson has belt final drive! Hello, pocket change!

Oh,yeah. My other bike is the last radical concept that came out: a stylish/functional/inexpensive chopper called a Fury.
Sorry about the rant but, this design just rode over my negative button with both front wheels!.

Miscellaneous / Re: Go Pro Hero Session
« on: 01/25/18 03:02PM »
I have the right card!

Miscellaneous / Re: Go Pro Hero Session
« on: 01/25/18 01:42PM »
Message sent!

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: Suspension Tuning
« on: 10/28/17 08:58PM »
Montrose and it was today!

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