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Whatever happened with this Stella?

I have a 08 GSXR 600 if you don't mind it not running at the moment. :D

Tales of the Road / Re: Watch it out there
« on: 07/11/14 11:24AM »
Hey everyone I have seen way to many accidents as well as I was rear ended in my car yesterday. So this is a quick reminder to stay safe and always know whats around you.

Crap.  Glad you're okay. 

Was it a texter?  I've noticed that they're everywhere.  It's the new addiction and it's killing riders, teens, and their victims.

Good luck,


No not a texter. Just one of those 65mph to a crawl situations on the 405 south that happens everyday. People just need to give extra room and pay attention. I watch it happen everyday on my commute and its why I stopped taking the bike to work every day.

So to make this thread educational, when I have been in this situation on my GSXR I am always looking ahead and around me so I generally slow to about 5-10 mph over traffic and just split down the carpool lane tell it is safe to get back into the lane with traffic. This keeps you clear from the guy behind you that not only do not see you (I live by the rule that no one see's me) but is not paying attention and may hit the car thats in front of you when you get the hell out of the way. Just remember when you do this that people may also be not paying attention in front of you and dash over to the next lane or block your line so keep your clutch covered and ready for a quick maneuver and your eyes and ears (yes no music) open.

Tales of the Road / Watch it out there
« on: 07/11/14 10:11AM »
Hey everyone I have seen way to many accidents as well as I was rear ended in my car yesterday. So this is a quick reminder to stay safe and always know whats around you.

New Members / Re: I'm still here
« on: 07/10/14 05:21PM »
You did Web Design or Graphic Design IIRC, right?

I am a UX Designer why whats up

New Members / I'm still here
« on: 07/10/14 02:56PM »
Hey everyone sorry I have been gone for the last few years but I am still around.

Oh and should you want to change your avatar on any social media platform, I also created this for you to use in memory of Justen.

God Speed, my friend.

James I want this on a sticker to place on my GSXR please.

Sorry its taken me so long to actually get on the boards and post. I was shocked and in disbelief when I got a text message about it Wednesday. Its sad to see that such a great friend has passed away like this. Justin was one of those guys that could always bring you out of a sad moment and was always there for me and the people around him when we could use a great friend. He was a down to earth great person. RIP buddy and know you touched all of our hearts and you will be greatly missed. :(

I'll try and make it as well. Thanks for the heads up.

Off Topic / Re: The beer thread,What are you drinking?
« on: 06/27/14 12:54PM »
Beer.... I thought it was all about the finer things in life? Where is the thread on Wine, Scotch and Cigars?

Fallen Riders / Re: We lost TheChad yesterday.
« on: 08/05/13 02:35PM »
RIP Chad. You will be missed. Condolences to his family as well.

Bike Nights / Re: Taco Tuesday at Cook's Corner, 3/19
« on: 03/18/13 03:16PM »
Just to make Mike happy even though I don't think I will make it :P

Bike Nights / Re: Taco Tuesday at Cook's Corner, 3/12
« on: 03/18/13 03:15PM »
Nice to meet you Ana and hopefully we will see you there next week......and Klaus, lay off her.  Leg humpers at their best.....  :32:

Ah crap I forgot the plus system is gone tells you how often I actually make it on here these days. Now back to my none posting for months :D

Some of my most peaceful rides are in the rain (2.5 hour ride yesterday :) ). For some reason there is nothing like that cool air and water dripping all over you and soaking your gear. My only suggestions is corner slow, watch your lean angle, and keep extra distance from moving objects around you. Oh don't forget to try and stay warm.

I know people are stupid but I'm not jack off. I already did that. I was wondering if any one here has one?

I do :)

i'll be at starbucks on Ortega 730

Let's do it then Freddie!

I would be down but that's to late in the am for going to try and hit it around 6:30-7am tomorrow.

I was on my way to Ducati Newport, while splitting lane I hit a VW golf mirror on passenger side.  I was already next to Ducati of Newport, so I pull in and the VW follow me in. Turn out the the driver was a chick that also rider lol. Everything was kool, I aplogize she ask me what kind of bike I road stuff. From there was exchange number, and went on a date. 

 :22: :22:  :32:

last time you said it was a guy and you guys went on a date.

I heard it was a fat chick... Wait a second you ride Randy? :D

Since when do people RSVP for this event ;)

Bikes For Sale / Re: 06 CBR1000RR
« on: 06/12/12 10:32PM »

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