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This early will suck with ice in the corners of turns.

Might as well ask here. Where should I get my front /rear suspension done locally? Corona area/riverside/east OC. Had both my forks get blown out and need them rebuilt. Might as well get it tuned.

The easiest dirt bike rental to see if you even like dirt bike riding in at gorman. You get a dirt bike for under 200 bucks for a day.

Had lots of friends use it.

Riding a big heavy dual sport for the first time in dirt is not fun. Learn to ride on the small bikes and use the skills to keep you from crashing on the bigger bikes.

Miscellaneous / Re: WTB: GYM EQUIPMENT
« on: 12/26/15 08:10AM »
I have dumbells for sale

Alright guys, can I get your honest opinions? XR650L

Here's my thinking... Todd and others advise me that the WR250R is just not enough bike and I would regret not going bigger. Totally trust Todd's opinion and his points all made sense. So that's out. Thought about bikes like the Triumph Tiger 800, KLR's and the like... They get great reviews and all that, but they are road orientated bikes. After a heart to heart with myself, I don't want a road bike that can do dirt. I want a dirt bike that can do road. Which brings up the KTM's. I know you guys don't mind tinkering on your bikes, but I'm just not into working on stuff like that anymore... so those "every 30 hour valve check" bikes are out. Which leaves me with the DRZ's, or used, older, plated dirt bikes (see above where I don't want something I have to work on)... then I was reminded of the XR650. Everyone says they are better on the dirt (outside of KTM type bikes), pretty decent on the street, noob-to-dirt friendly, and the little short comings (mainly the soft suspension) is something I wouldn't notice until I got better and is fixable with new springs. Also, Honda reliability and air cooled (so I'm not worried about a radiator) and tons of aftermarket parts because the bike hasn't changed is 100 years. Saw some new 2015's for around $5k on Cycletrader.

Is it a bad bike? Any experience with them? Good choice? Over my noobie head? Looking for something to hit the local trails with you guys... maybe some local desert and local mountain type stuff on occasion... What do you think?
It will do everything that we do, maybe not single track. It will just do it slower.

I would rather get a wr250r. I went from a klr650 (to heavy) to a wr250r (not enough power on steep hill climbs, great everywhere else) to a ktm 525 exc. (perfect).

Do you have a truck/trailer to transport the bike?


Dang, Natalie wanted to go to Nitro Circus! If you can return the hour meter, I have one you can have.

!!!!Lets ride!!!!!

Parts For Sale / Re: Ramp $20, Includes canyon dancers
« on: 08/03/15 04:22PM »
This was never picked up. I will also include a seat of grip buddies.

Misc / Re: LA-Barstow to Vegas - 400 mile dirt ride
« on: 07/18/15 04:46PM »
Im down with easy unless we all feel like doing a hard loop. We can play it by ear. Just signed up for ama membership. Did you get hotel in barstow?

Misc / Re: LA-Barstow to Vegas - 400 mile dirt ride
« on: 07/15/15 06:56PM »
What level you planning on doing? Easy or hard?

Misc / Re: LA-Barstow to Vegas - 400 mile dirt ride
« on: 07/15/15 08:59AM »
Registration is open!

Breakdirt whats you schedule? Doing anything this weekend?

Parts For Sale / Ramp $20, Includes canyon dancers
« on: 06/07/15 06:49PM »
This is steel (heavy duty). I upgraded to a bed extender/ramp.

I will also include canyon dancers. I am available most days after 6 and on the weekend.


Located in Yorba Linda.

Misc / Re: LA-Barstow to Vegas - 400 mile dirt ride
« on: 05/03/15 10:56PM »
I need to check if I am doing anything that weekend, but I think I am in!

We can have Natalie follow us in a truck and to drive us back on sunday. If we can plan it well enough we can meet up with her for gas stops.

In 3-5 weeks, when is a good weekend day for big bear single track?

I like it there, been twice in the past couple of months. Having a beer and a comfortable seat for a movie is awesome! Cost around 10 bucks per ticket and 6 bucks for a good beer.

Suzuki / Re: Um, what's this tube?
« on: 02/22/15 04:27PM »
Most of them are built into the gas cap now.

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