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Off Topic / Re: Reloading rifle cartridges
« on: 09/21/15 02:06PM »
instructions are for sissies.  learn by doing and just go for it.

LOL. I'll ask Nancy how your DIY really works out. Shell give me the real low down. :)

Off Topic / Re: Reloading rifle cartridges
« on: 09/20/15 09:22AM »
On you can find NRA certified reloading instructors that teach classes. I took the class in SD county with golfguy. If you're going to reload, take the class. There are some key things to know that help in not blowing your fingers off accidentally.

I have my Monster up for sale. Trying to raise down payment cash. Get a response from a guy who wants to see it. Supposedly uses his "investment banker" email account from Wells fargo and a signature touting his employment there. Even gives me a cell phone number to call. Fails to change the actual link for the email from "".

Fun and games to follow.


Yeah, I know it probably won't get any traction, but sign it anyway. The more noise we make, the better.

Pm me an offer. I have the steering stabilizer too.

Honda / Re: Project: Moneypit
« on: 11/14/14 11:55PM »
The 800 was sold to somebody else, and now the project bike is for sale to fund the down payment on a house. I'm moving to Denver and buying a house there.

Parts For Sale / nearly complete 2007 CBR1KRR parts.
« on: 11/14/14 11:51PM »
Pics to follow.

I have a 2007 CBR1000RR frame, engine, swinger, forks, wheels, electronics, seats, mescellaenous parts and a tank for sale. Swing arm and lower triple are powder coated to match the frame. Frame is a replacement, clean title, never had an engine in it. Forks are take-offs that never saw the road. Frame and triple have all balls tapered bearings. Selling it all to raise down payment money for a house.

Frame $1500
Engine $800
Swingarm $250
Subfamily $100
Forks $250
Front wheel $125
Rear wheel $125
Top Triple $75
Lower Triple $150

I'll be adding pics and more items when I have time. It's all going on ebay too.

Super high 5 for that Klaus. Excellent work.

Next time some clown says they "modded" their bike and points to an off-the-shelf tail kit and some stickers, try not to laugh too hard at them. :)

Somebody uses rear brakes?

Honda / Re: Don's Shadow Bobber Project
« on: 04/02/13 09:42PM »
That's weak sauce Don. You could have at least fixed the tank. LOL

No Chad, when the tougher gun control laws don't work they will demand the 2nd amendment be repealed and all guns banned. And since most guns are registered they will come right to your door demanding them.

The killings will still continue so they will demand more police. Still more killings they will demand a police officer on every corner. Still more killings they will demand police roadblocks at the entrance to every city and town to search people for weapons. They will demand an absolute police state.

Countries and empires go through the following cycles: from bondage to spiritual, from spiritual faith to great courage, from courage to liberty, from liberty to abundance, from abundance to complacency, from complacency to apathy, from apathy to dependence, from dependence back into bondage.

Right now we are in the apathy to dependence stage. The end is near.

If we get to the point where the 2nd amendment is done away with like the 4th pretty much already has, the 1st isnt too far behind or the 5th.

The 4th with the DUI checkpoint exception was where we now have all these issues for "public good" of spying and what not with the patriot acts, and all kinds of fun.

But yea, with the anti-gun agenda being spewed right now, and the real issues being ignored I can see more stupidity coming about.

Idiocracy here we come are.

Fix it for you

That is because you are uneducated in the matter the cycle guy. Majority of these crimes come from illegal gun owners. A armed population is a safe population. Look at places like Switzerland.

Read up on the matter, Lott's theory has held up to every criticism it's ever faced and every analysis it's been put up against, more trained informed armed people makes a safer society. There is obviously more in depth reading but that is a good start.
I could not agree more with Switzerland's method of gun control.  Gun owners in Switzerland, and there are a lot of them, are trained in the military and issued gun licenses.  I have no problem with the basic concept of gun ownership in the US.  But I don't think it should be quite so easy to get them.  If we had mandatory Switzerland...that would be fine.  If we had trained people in the general public, kind of like air marshals, I would totally support that.

And before you call someone you don't know "uneducated", you might want to at least check your grammar.

My 10 year old is getting his handgun safety course in 2 weeks. I scheduled that a month ago. I started shooting before I the first grade, and never had professional training. I've also never shot any person. It's not about training, it's about personal responsibility, which has been diluted by our society.

First off, my condolences to everyone involved in this. It is truly horrifying, especially as a parent of an elementary school child.


Just because someone can't get access to a firearm doesn't mean the world is a safe happy place. This guy got to 22 kids with a KNIFE. The 9/11 terrorists killed thousands without firing a shot. Timothy McVeigh killed more than this guy with diesel fuel and fertilizer. The killer in Connecticut was from New Jersey, which has gun laws as tough as, if not tougher than, right here in CA. Switzerland has more fully automatic guns in homes per capita than anywhere in the world. They also have a ridiculously low crime rate. Mexico, where buying guns is almost impossible, and even carrying a pocket knife longer than 2" will get you jail time is one of the most dangerous places on earth right now. If a drug cartel can smuggle a boatload of drugs into the US, they can smuggle a boatload of guns from anywhere in the world into Mexico. Do you honestly think guns being outlawed or more strictly controlled would keep them from having the guns? They have them NOW and aren't supposed to. And before the "most of those come from the U.S" bs kicks in, which gun shop are they getting rocket launchers and hand grenades from? That's where they get their guns, and it's NOT a gun store in Arizona, at least I have yet to see any of those at a Turners so far. Guns are inanimate objects. People bound and determined to kill as many others as possible are the problem.

Suzuki / Re: Suzuki files for bankruptcy
« on: 11/06/12 11:05AM »
The Suzuki Equator is a re-badged Nissan Frontier.

Off Topic / Re: Thank you for voting today!
« on: 11/06/12 11:01AM »
I voted by mail last week

That'll buff right out.....

Hope the dog is ok. I spent the entire weekend so far at work so I can hop a flight to Alaska anday and not be behind on work

Off Topic / Re: Watch what you ask for....
« on: 10/20/12 11:06AM »
I love how "Werner" never noticed the guy was calling him "weener". Freakin classic!

How's next weekend sound? BTW, Donna doesn't have an M1 but I've shown her how to stop and start. Hoping to get her into the MSF soon. How much experience does she need before you'd consider her ready for a skillzday?

Both days are still open, Mike.  -

Not sure if Donna would be capable of doing everything necessary to complete the day without holding everyone else up.  She'll need to be able to up and downshift, brake fairly well, set up for and throttle through the turns, and (of course) avoid the other riders.   Take a look at the faq and see what you think. 

Ride well,


She'll need some seat time for that. What time and what location for the 27th/28th?

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