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I have a rear stand if you want to borrow it? Also I heard you can bring up the front with tie does from the frame sliders (if u have them) and support it with a folding ladder. Haven't tried this myself, but let me know if it works if u do it. Lol!

Im taking over the lease and turn it into an alpinestars store


New Members / Inland Empire Members?post here
« on: 08/21/12 04:18PM »
Welcome DJ!

New Members / Greetings from the IE
« on: 08/18/12 04:03PM »

Well said.. Hope the rider is ok and more importantly, is able to learn the importance of wearing gear.

I've seen too many riders lately in nothing more than what you described and they look at me fully geared up and shake their heads no doubt because I'm fully geared up in 100 degree weather...

Tales of the Road / HockeyRyan's Wild Ride - Palomar
« on: 07/30/12 07:22PM »
Get well man

New Members / Re: NEW TO OCMOTO
« on: 07/30/12 01:14PM »
Welcome man!

that sh!t cray....


New Members / Inland Empire Members?post here
« on: 07/25/12 05:21PM »
Hey IE members.  PM me if you are interested in joining a Facebook group of IE members that organize meets to ride to OCMOTO events from our neck of the woods.

PM on the way Diz

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Pre-Noobie Ride Through Ortega
« on: 07/24/12 08:43PM »
I might be in too. Depends on what my brother wants to do for his birthday.

Gear For Sale / SIDI Vertigo boots
« on: 07/22/12 06:29PM »
Dammmit! Too big for me. GLWS

Gear For Sale / SIDI Vertigo boots
« on: 07/22/12 05:59PM »
What size?

Got a new rear tire.

Parts For Sale / FS: 06-07 R6 Mid Fairings
« on: 07/21/12 10:01AM »
Hey everyone, like the title says, I got a pair (left/right) middle fairings for 06-07 r6. I was hoping to get $50 each or $75 for the pair, OBO. I'm located in Mira Loma. Pics are attached, one fairing was cut to accommodate a frame slider. Other than that, normal scuffs for used parts. PM me here if interested or text me 909-728-0125. Thanks for looking!


I've taken mine to Cycle Rider in the past. It's out in Montclair though. Usually costs $10-$15 bucks to swap out a tire and balance it. I'm actually going there tomorrow to put on my new rear tire.

Thanks Epic! 15s, exit Lake, turn right and follow the road...

I'll PM you if i'm going to for sure go and meet you at the Look-out.

Anyone interested in going to this from the IE side? I'm not too sure how to get to Ortega from the IE side. I know the exit is Lake, but after that i dont know where to go.

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / GMR tomorrow 07/18
« on: 07/17/12 10:33PM »
I was planning on going out friday

What time Friday? I'm off work at 2:30..

Nice bike Freddie! Congrats!

Off Topic / This Is Why Im Broke!
« on: 07/15/12 03:32PM »
Cool website for sure! The Han Solo iPhone case was neat.

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