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More pics...

After we went to 31 Flavors and got ice cream!

More pics...

A Panther!

This Laverda won the people's choice 1st place today!

11-11-18 Rode to the Vintage Bike Show in HB...

Pepe showed up!

More pics...

We then rode to Crevier Classics Cars in Costa Mesa!

A Pontiac Catalina for only $30,000!

Cool Fiat!

Spent some time there looking at all the cars, then deciding where to have lunch?

We rode to El Michoacano in Santa Ana!

Tominator got ham and eggs and I got carnitas!  :)

We rode south on Fairview, Tominator turned on Edinger to head home and I rode to PCH Huntington Beach and then headed for home!


11-3-18 Rode to Donut Derelicts in HB, I texted Tominator that I was leaving my house. It was kinda late but oh well...

Tominator was there! So we got a coffee and donut and talked while the cars were leaving.

So just about all the bikes and cars were gone then this guy rides up...

It's for sale!

11-2-18 Rode around for a bit, then got lunch.

After I went to a nursery looking for a couple of plants, and yay they have them!

And I checked the temp and it's 89 degrees?!

And my actor cousin was on Hawaii 5-O tonight!

10-31-18 Happy Halloween!

I rode to the Hat in Brea to meet Kim for lunch! It was a late lunch around 2-ish.

Todd needs a facebook. Maybe he can post his non-motorcycle related crap there.
Wuzzup Ken you "Gnarly biker dude" hope all is well so sorry Im boring you with my non motorcycle related crap but glad it got you to come into the mix. Not much going here these days just thought Id try n break the ice a bit PARDON ME!

Rd Todd, You are more than welcome to post your stuff here...,20557.msg4806450/topicseen.html#new   :29:

10-26-18 Off work today, rode out to South Pasadena...

To see the Michael Myers "Halloween" House!

It's about 35 miles from my house.

Had lunch here, it was across the street.

I had one more roll but forgot to get a pic of it!  :D

Some Bart art on the wall!

More pics...

Rode home then headed for a early dinner! Back to Lindo Michoacan yay!

Carnitas plate!  :)

Happy tummy, time to ride home!   :17:

More pics...

Made it to pay my respects to Jim Taylor - Jim and Marsha put on the Texas Loosey's Bike Nites! They also did charity Events for Loma Linda and CHOC for Kids!

Jim will be missed!

Selfie with son Steve!

10-20-18 My day started by riding to get gas, then heading to have lunch!

K this place is packed, plus people are waiting outside?!

Not going to wait so I rode to the bank to deposit my check!

Got my Hwy 1 sticker on!

Decided to eat here, its two blocks from the bank - yay!

Ahi tuna tacos with cole slaw and fried oysters!

K time to head to Norwalk for a Memorial. Got my GPS lol!  :D

9-20-18 I am off work today so I rode to NB to get the tag for the Picture Game 2.0...

After I rode to HB cuz I saw that KTLA 5 was there, it is California Surfing Day!

KTLA Mark Mester was there with some guests!

KTLA also had a drone there!

I had to make a pit stop, then I was going to walk out in the sand to say "Hi" to Mark but he was walking back to the news van so I got my selfie - yay!

There is a National Surfing Day in June.

9-17-18 no work today, Met up with Kim to go for a little ride!

So we rode Santiago Canyon to Modjeska Canyon so I could get the tag for the Picture Game 2.0 (SVR forum game).

Then we rode to have lunch!

We split a salad and a sandwich, it's enough for 2 people!

Then Kim had to go to Sprint to get a better plan...

Upgrade and a new phone, had to leave phone for an hour to switch info over so we rode to Rite Aid to get ice cream!

Sorry no pics?! We got ice cream and sat in the store, it was to hot outside!

Back to Sprint to get Kim his new phone (iPhone8).

Then we rode to Cook's Corner for a drink!

Ran into OCMoto peep Art!


9-16-18 Hanzo and I were going to ride to Crystal Lake but the East Fork was closed to replace the telephone poles that were damaged from the fire last week...

So we headed up to the lookout from GRR then rode back down.

Stopped for a strawberry donut from Donut Man!

Then stopped at Bert's Mega Mall!

More pics...

After the bike nite Kim, Nolan and I rode to a house in Fullerton where a retired fireman sets up a 9-11 memorial...

Was going to post this yesterday but OCMoto was offline?!

More pics...

Helmet toss game!

9-11-18 Rode to the Cycle Gear Bike Nite in Fullerton...

DJ music and Costco Pizza and drinks!

Kim made it!

Raffle Kim won a Suzuki t-shirt and gave it to me!  :)

Got a pic with it at home lol.  :D


Cycle Gear Fullerton Bike Nite

Tuesday Sept. 11

5-8 pm

1391 S Lemon Street
Fullerton, California

Tel: 714-525-4205

More pics...

Coca-Cola Scooter!


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