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Just might have to join you guys on this one. Never been on this ride and looks like fun!
Do you just meet at the Corner Bakery or do you grab a lil somethin' to eat/drink before the ride?

S67  :45:

Going to Corner Bakery at 7 to eat before the ride. I have to google where the Corner Bakery is, is that by where the Sunday ride place is?

Misc / Re: AGV Launch Party at the D-store
« on: 10/22/08 11:19AM »

During this presentation a raffle will be held for various incredible prizes including a Valentino Rossi 5 Continents Replica Helmet!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know many of you will be on the noobie ride earlier in the day but I hope to see many of you after the ride :17:

Will swing by after the ride, could use a rossi lid, have to get in the raffle!   :)

« on: 10/21/08 12:20PM »
For those of you that don't know, you can buy your week pass or season pass locally and it is much cheaper. You can buy them online or there are some local places that sell them, Malcom Smith in Riverside is an example.
Here is the price break down

Season Pass
Dunes $120.00
Online/Locally  $90.00

Week pass
Dunes about $40.00
Online/Locally  $25.00

We usually just by the week pass at the dunes when we get there but this year we are getting a season pass offsite so we can save ourselves some money.

Thanks, that's good to know. I only go on off-holiday weekends these days. I still ride atc's and I have a Yamaha Big Wheel.   :)

Misc / Re: Moto GP at the D-store (Sepang)
« on: 10/19/08 09:32PM »
Thanks for the lunch and show (race)   :)

Misc / Re: Moto GP at the D-store (Sepang)
« on: 10/18/08 05:02PM »

Tomorrow everyone, free lunch and a race!!!!!!!!!

I will swing by after I cruise Santiago and Live Oak Canyon.

New Members / Re: New to from Garden Grove
« on: 10/13/08 12:59PM »
wow, thanks guys.

Hello & greetings.Joined just in time for the next NooB ride!

i was thinking about it, the guy who told me about the ocmoto forums had told me alittle bit about it
depending on work, i was thinking about going.

i just dont want to be mocked/made fun of, cuz i ride kinda squiddish, i dont have a jacket, and i know its dumb

Hi Syringe, Welcome to

Investing in some riding gear is a good thing.

See you on the 10/26 ride.

Ok this is the thing. She rides a HD. No biggie for me but i would like to make her welcome to join. She doesn't have many friends that ride and is new. I'm trying to get her out to a noobie ride to meet people. I will be showing her this hopefully it will convince her. Everyone has there chooses of bikes they like but we all put up with the same crap on the road. Thanks

There was a guy with a HD Nightster on the last ride. By all means she has to come along!

Last month was my first ride with ocmoto and it was fun!

We're just out to ride and have a good time, yes?

i might just stop by to say hi at sports authority

Hi Fezz, If you're coming to the Sports Authority, you may as well go on the ride also.

Tales of the Road / Re: R1 Vs Tree Santiago Canyon
« on: 10/12/08 11:47PM »
When I was going on Live Oak from Cook's Corner, I just saw a white car parked there. I ride Live Oak through then turn around and ride back heading to Cook's. As I was going, I did pass one fire truck. Then there were 2 fire trucks and 1 ambulance and the white car, passed that then I was out of the treed area, then the police car passed me, heading towards the incident.

Tales of the Road / Re: R1 Vs Tree Santiago Canyon
« on: 10/12/08 11:39PM »
I hope the rider is OK!
santiago, not live oak?
damn. that could be a fast canyon too.....

It was Live Oak, just as you start going into the trees from Cook's Corner. Area kinda looks like where water run-off goes.

Misc / Re: SoCal Stunts 1st annual BBQ
« on: 10/12/08 11:31PM »
I was there for a little bit, here's a few pics:

Tales of the Road / Re: R1 Vs Tree Santiago Canyon
« on: 10/12/08 11:21PM »
I was stopped on Live Oak Canyon Road today around 12. There were 2 fire engines, 1 emt van, 1 ambulance and 1 police cruiser. They got the rider out of the creek on a stretcher. He appeared to be conscience.  :-\   

I passed that today, I saw a white car there with a couple of people kinda by a creek area? going in from Cook's Corner, and when I was coming out the fire trucks were there. The white car was still there, I didn't see the bike or rider.

Misc / Re: SoCal Stunts 1st annual BBQ
« on: 10/10/08 10:52PM »
i didnt kno they had motorhelmets in fullerton?????? im probably in cause its so close!!!!! LOL

Went by there today. Looks like they're just setting up the store.

Ok I will pm you, I do have a medium, and ill bring them to the bday bash and bbq

Can you bring a large black/white one for me pleeeeeeeeeeeease.  :-)

i think I am out of the Large Black, but I have M and XL in Black, and Large in Red, but you can check them out

I would like an XL t-shirt if still available. Please let me know. thanks, eddiemon

That ride was fun!

Was pretty well organized.

For my first group ride, I really enjoyed it, thanks everybody!


New Members / Re: Hi riders!
« on: 08/26/08 08:32AM »
Thanks, I will check the calendar for week-end rides.

My working hours pretty much kill the weekday activities, bummer.

New Members / Hi riders!
« on: 08/25/08 11:49AM »
Hi riders!   :30:   

I saw your Sunday ride, I was going north on Santiago Canyon Rd around 11:00am. Looks like fun.

I have a 2007 Suzuki SV650, my first streetbike.

But I've been riding off-road for 25+ years, mainly Glamis, I have a 86 Honda atc250R and a 85 Yamaha 200 Big Wheel.

Bought bike to save on gas and having a great time with it!

Have fun and ride safe!  eddiemon

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