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Hi, Thanks, breakfast was good.   :)

I can make the breakfast, but have errands to do after, thanks

what is it with black 08' gsxr's?  the noobie ride and now this!

Both crashes were on long left turns also. Lyn was lucky there was a big turn out where it happened.

Hope you have a speedy recovery.

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Ojai Ride 11/9
« on: 11/10/08 08:20PM »
And now you guys all have a story to tell the Grandkids someday...wish I could have gone. 

Are you sure you weren't on the ride? I kept telling everyone this! I thought it was my only chance to keep them from cursing my name till the end of their days. Yeah we probably should have turned around and i apologize to anyone who regrets the trip. But I have to admit pouring into that coffee shop all wet and cold with everyone was kind of a neat experience. Everyone was a real trooper for sure... +1 to all of you :29:

P.S. if anyone needs my full name or a piece of hair to set up a proper curse, please PM me, I'll understand.

What's that saying, "The worst day riding beats the best day working!"

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Ojai Ride 11/9
« on: 11/10/08 12:17PM »
I washed the bike, I had cleaned and lubed the chain saturday, but I cleaned and lubed it again after the wash.

I don't feel as sore as I did when I went on the Malibu ride.   :)

No one get any pics?

I only got pictures from the parking lot before the ride started

A couple from the D-Store:

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Ojai Ride 11/9
« on: 11/09/08 06:34PM »
Just checking in.  The ride back on 5 was uneventful for me.  That was my first snow / sleet experience, though sadly I've had the experience of rain+fog before.  Is everyone accounted for at this point? 

Hi guys, thanks. That was a crazy ride. Made it back around 3:30pm, hot shower felt good!

Thanks, the food was great!   :)

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Ojai Ride 11/9
« on: 11/06/08 06:57PM »
OK, Here's the deal. This is going to be a long ride, so to make sure we all get home at a decent hour we are pushing things up a bit. If you would like to meet up in the OC and ride to breakfast, meet spot is the same KSU has been pushed to 6:45. If that is too early for you, and you would like to do breakfast on your own, meet us at Pete's Breakfast House 2055 E Main St, Ventura, CA 93001, KSU @ 9. If you will meet us in Ventura, please be there gassed up by 8:45 so you can figure out which group you will be riding with.

Okay, I will be at the Starbucks when it opens at 6:30am Sunday.   :)

Hi TW, welcome to ocmoto!   :30:

New Members / Re: Newcomer from LA/Orange County
« on: 11/04/08 09:33AM »
Welcome to ocmoto!   :30:

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Ojai Ride 11/9
« on: 11/03/08 10:14AM »
Oh man, this trip may be too technical for my skill level...

Don't sweat it D-may it isn't too technical.  You'll be fine, well more than fine.  We"ll be in the back chilling in style and cruising along.  It'll be tons of fun!

This ride will be fun but everyone should group up with those of similar riding skills those who will want to ride hard and fast of course will zip up first and those who will want to hang back and enjoy the ride can do so as they are most comfortable. This ride however is an all day ride meaning in all likelyhood 300+ miles so those who are thinking this is a quick ortega run best make sure their ready for an all day ride. Everyone too should know the route are at least hang with someone who does!

This is not an official ride and everyone going wants to have fun. So fuel up, figure out where your going to meet up and ride with and the weather so far looks good!. Should be a lot of fun.....

I will be cruising this ride, the Malibu ride was a blast but I did have a few close calls. Made it back in 1 piece!   :7:

I know alot of you members here love Japanese Curry so im hosting a bike night at Curry House on Nov 8th at 8pm at the Cypress Location... i'll be working there that day so all you guys will be taken care of.. if i can get more then 35 members, which is not so likely  :26: that night then i can close the restaurant for the OCMoto members only... i'll make a separate table for your helmets and another separate table for your gears and etc.. If alot of people dont like this schedule then i can rearrange something so everybody can be more comfortable... Thank You       

-for you vegetarians we also have curry w/ no meat oil and we have sAlAAAD

-Please sign in, very important so i can get a head count who is gonna be coming so i can get that many seats reserved on that day

10953 Meridian Dr., #P
Cypress, CA 90630
tel. (714) 527-6224

I will be bringing 1 person (wife) with me.

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Ojai Ride 11/9
« on: 11/02/08 10:56PM »
this has some nice high speed runs in it

That sounds good, I gotta watch for the leos, I do not want another ticket this year, lol.

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Ojai Ride 11/9
« on: 11/02/08 03:43PM »
Went for a ride this morning. Passed by the Sports Chalet. Just south from there is a Starbucks, but its in a different parking area - it doesn't connect to where the Sports Chalet is.

FYI   :)

It does but around the back area.

I called the Starbucks - it is open at 6:30 am

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Ojai Ride 11/9
« on: 11/01/08 11:09PM »

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Ojai Ride 11/9
« on: 11/01/08 08:08PM »
Just checked the weather, and it looks like there is a possibility of showers, so keep checking for the status of this ride.

That blows! I'm not a riding a motorcycle in the rain person.

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Ojai Ride 11/9
« on: 11/01/08 07:20PM »
It does but around the back area.

Okay, thanks - from the front it looks like it doesn't connect. See you Sunday!

I didn't see this Ojai ride route posted, how does it go?

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Ojai Ride 11/9
« on: 11/01/08 02:10PM »
Went for a ride this morning. Passed by the Sports Chalet. Just south from there is a Starbucks, but its in a different parking area - it doesn't connect to where the Sports Chalet is.

FYI   :)

went the  reverse route of the noobie ride this morning with my girl.  There were bike cops up top by the houses that had 2 or 3 harley guys pulled over, for loud exhausts I assume.  I rolled by all slow trying to keep quiet but one of the bike cops was staring at us as my two bros kept on hummin'.

then going all the way thru was fine till around the irvine lake area, then every biker we passed coming the other way was tapping thier helmets.  so doing the speed limit for another 10 mins before we saw a sheriff suv peeking out of one of thee smaller roads.

so heads up

Hi phordee, I just got back from there, came up from the south, turned on Live Oak, rode it and stopped by where my daughter and her bf went down, I picked up a wrapper that I left there from last week (litterbug?!) rode it turned around and went back. Somebody had crashed into the guard rail on the first turn going in from the south sometime ago don't know when, wasn't like that the last time I went. I didn't see any leos and there was hardly anybody at Cooks Corner. Going north from Cooks Corner I take a right at a street that T's into Santiago, it is a pretty windy road that goes over the hills, then I turn around and head south back to the beach.

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