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gopro ftw

keoni, if you need someone to bikesit while your in arizona...lemme know :3:

The gopro is nice but I really want the drift ghost! Sexy!

I was leaving the fitness 19 on spring and pv and he caught up to me at the light at pv and willow haha. Funny this actually worked

I do atgatt every ride no matter where I'm going. I feel so naked without it. Currently I have HJC RPHA 10, rs taichi full gauntlets, shift vertex leather jacket, a stars leather bat pants and a stars SMX+ (which are beat to hell)

holy large picture batman!

spotted one of you guys today! who is this?! nice bike :3:, thought since you had the oc moto sticker i would post this up, from the gopro:

 :43: :42:

Dang! Haha anyone else? Still for sale!

Bump bump! In excellent condition!

Miscellaneous / FREE few day old kitten
« on: 07/05/12 07:17PM »
I'm gonna ask around for that lil guy

Bike Nights / Eccos Pizza Long Beach bike night - 7/5
« on: 07/05/12 07:12PM »
Gonna be thurr tonight! Pizza nom nomz!!!

For sale is my Shoei RF-1100 conqueror in red/black. Size large. Fits comfortably and is in excellent condition. This helmet comes with dark smoke visor as well as the clear visor. Selling so I can get the next size down. All vents and features work. Its never been dropped or crashed in. It was purchased on 5/8/2012. Price is $350. Now on to the pictures, which really dont do it justice. Bluetooth headset not included

Yeah I think he does. I can find out if you really wanna know!

It's a fun little car and honestly I'm with you. He is asking a bit much for an 07+ bike. I think he would trade for an 03+

^ thanks!

Bump bump

Bike Nights / Re: Back to the Bruxie 06/21
« on: 06/17/12 10:53PM »
OH YEAH!! im going to this! ill try to bring some peeps!  :7: :43:

This is my friends car; I'm just trying to help him sell it (or trade it for a 04-06 cbr600rr + cash, or an 07 cbr straight up) The car is located in Long Beach, CA. You can either pm me or text the number that's posted.

I have a 1998 E36 BMW M3 cabriolet (convertible) that I have put a lot of money into in the last few months. I have driven less than 5,000 miles since all this was added:

Re-manufactured cylinder head with machined valves (great compression, drives like new)
Rebuilt Vanos
Brand new head gasket
Brand new water pump
Brand new radiator hoses
Brand new belts
Brand new thermostat + housing
Brand new light tint plastic rear window
Brand new floor mats
Brand new convertible top motor
Bran new coin holder
Brand new hood lift supports
Fully synthetic oil change
Brand new oil filter
Brand new fuel filter

It has 146,xxx miles

Everything works great in the car! It is perfect for summer and winter. For summer, the convertible top is fully automatic and still works.The air conditioner blows very cold air. For the winter, the seats are heated and the heater works great

The radio has a small subwoofer that came stock. The whole radio sounds great.

It has low profile 17" BMW motorsport wheels.

There is nothing mechanically wrong with the car, it is very fun to drive.

The car is very clean, the only things cosmetically wrong with it are some scratches on the trunk and the front seats are ripped. Other than that it looks very good as you can tell from the pictures.


Send me a text if you would like to come see it or want more pictures. No low ballers. My number is (562)338-3232. Thanks.

VIN: WBSBK0337WEC39688

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Ortega Ride Saturday 6-9-12
« on: 06/09/12 05:15PM »
Were you guys comin up pch in bolsa Chica about an hour ago?

i shall go to the next one!

Honda / Re: Share your HONDA photos! GO HONDA
« on: 06/03/12 11:56AM »
went from this:


 :3: :43:

Cheat day today! California buritto just now and I'm thinking baked good later on!

My whole thing to lose weight is workout three times a week with weights and have a caloric deficit. Boom! Results!

Bike Nights / Re: Back to the Bruxie Thursday 05/10
« on: 05/31/12 09:41AM »
when is this comin back!?

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