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Tales of the Road / Re: Rider Went Down 405N
« on: 04/24/13 08:48AM »
Yeah, I hope it's only an injured bike. Two weeks ago I was heading to Thousands Oaks on the 405/101 path and I saw no less than 8 drivers texting! And at least 3 drivers crossing over the double yellow lines to zip into the car pool lane, one literally two cars in front of me! People are just too impatient and want instant gratification, they can't wait until their destination to text nor can they wait for the dotted white line to enter the car pool lane safely! I would rather them have a quick 3 minute call, provided they have hands free device, than a miles long text conversation! Even if I'm not driving, if one of my friends starts texting too much, I'll pick up the phone and call them! Have we forgotten how to speak with one another?

New Members / Re: New to OC Moto
« on: 04/23/13 11:25PM »
I can tell well kept machines when I see em and yours my friend are! Sweet your wife rides also and theres others here who have spouses that ride, Hoping to get Jill on a 250 this summer and we have a couple of Riva 50s to fool around on. Lets set something up this summer and have the wives ride along, That would be fun! :29:
Probably should clarify, the wife "rides" as a passenger. She's a little too unsure of riding solo on a full sized bike, so she prefers to just be a passenger. She has entertained trying out a scooter though, maybe rent one and see how she likes it. I'm open to meeting up sometime this summer, just let me know when/where.


New Members / Re: New to OC Moto
« on: 04/23/13 09:27PM »
Thanks for the welcome. A little history on the bikes.

The Ducati I've owned since 95 and I'm the first/original owner. I had rode it quite extensively when I first got it, mostly up in the Angeles Forrest and Malibu areas, stopped riding for a few years after moving from the SF Valley to the OC and while I built my business up. She sat for those few years and then I got her road worthy again just before I bought the '09 VFR and started riding her more often. Mostly up in Ortega Highway, Malibu and once or twice to Palomar and one time at GMR. She has about 17.5K now on the ODO now, had 7 when I rode her out the door of Pro Italia. I did suffer a low side a few weeks back and gave the right side a good "dusting", she still runs great and apart from a broken rear brake lever, it's mostly cosmetic damage. Hopefully between the '01 project and other expenses, I'll  find time and money to have her cleaned up and repainted.

I picked up the '09 VFR in July 2011 as a Commuter/Touring bike and use it mostly for work and some weekend play time, especially when doing the long runs like to Palomar, Julian and Borrego Springs or when the wife wants to go for a ride. She actually rode with me once on the Duc to Santa Cruz when I had first got it, but she has sworn off of it now that she rode on the VFR, she won't get back on the Duc. Too uncomfortable she says. Shame too, it's such a classic! So every now and then we'll do some runs to San Diego, Carlsbad and Oceanside together on the VFR. There's 14.5K on this ODO, when I bought it used, it only had 337 miles on it. I more than doubled that the first week I owned it!

I loved the '09 so much that I decided to pick up another VFR, this time a 5th Generation. This is the generation that still had the gear driven cams and non V-Tech engine. Coincidentally both of my VFRs are the last of their generation, at least in the states they stopped selling the V-Tech in '09 and introduced the VFR1200 in 2010.  So this '01 VFR is my new toy/project, which I just picked up at the beginning of April. I hid the purchase of this one until last week when I broke the news to the wife. I was waiting for all my checks to clear and after paying Uncle Sam, the '09 loan off, I was able to show her that I didn't even touch "our" money and I owned this one free and clear, paid with my personal "slush" fund. I am in the midst of giving this one a "refresh" as it sat for a year or two in the last owners garage. Did the oil change, Oil/Air filter change, installed new chain and sprockets, bled the clutch line and installed a speed bleeder, going to give the brakes the same treatment next. I'm doing all of the work myself, so it will be a little while before I have this one doing sport/track duty, hopefully by mid to late summer! Although I should have new shoes with newly powder coated rims on by the first weekend in May (I'll post pics when it's done). Going on a road trip with the '09 this weekend. This one has 16K on the ODO.

Here's a picture of what came out of the clutch line!

New Members / New to OC Moto
« on: 04/23/13 04:59PM »
Hi All, I've been in the OC for some time and I am not new to forums or motorcycling but I am new to OC moto. I was talking to someone the other day and they mentioned OC Moto so I figured I check it out. So here I am and hopefully the attachments will show up...

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