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Fallen Riders / OC Sherriff Deputy down on 241
« on: 03/02/17 01:05PM »
I got caught in the traffic for this one (in my cage no less..) OC Sherriff Deputy down on the 241 South this morning. Report says she was sent to the hospital. Best wishes for a full recovery!

Hi all,

Saw a red and black Honda Shadow on the 55 South at the 5 at about 8:30 this morning. The bike was upright, and the rider was sitting on it, talking with EMTs. Looked like he was OK, and might have tangled with a utility truck in the car pool lane. Hope you're safe, buddy.

I used to ride the 55 from end to end for my last job, which kept lane splitting skills at their sharpest. Haven't had to do much splitting with my current job, but am at a conference in Santa Ana this week. Getting on the 55 at rush hour for the first time in quite a while was a wake-up call.

Hi all,
A while back, I put a post up looking for the use of a police car or motorcycle, or as close as I could get to one for a video project. Our company was shooting our annual Christmas video. I wasn't able to get anything close through my contacts, and even a post on Craig's, and with time running out, I did the next best thing.

Since my R1200R is arguably a stripped police bike, I made it into one as best I could. Here's our video. I'm riding the bike and playing Santa. My boss' pastor is playing the cop off of the bike, as he doesn't ride. We shot it on a fairly quiet road near our office in South OC, and an OC Sheriff Deputy came by to see what the heck we were doing. We were done shooting by then, or we might have asked him to participate! He got a laugh out of it once we told him what we were doing.

To give some context, our company makes digital instrumentation (dashes) and data logging equipment for race cars.

Figured I'd share the result. Enjoy!

Quick follow up, we found our bike for the video.

This post can be deleted!


Not sure if it's in response to the string of accidents or not, but there are some portable electronic message boards recently placed in Santiago Canyon. Ones at either opening show your speed, which flashes a few mph over 55. Others say "speed kills" and "share the road with motorcycles". I haven't seen a live officer on either the morning or evening commute however.

Seems to be effective. There's less stupid driving or passing on shoulders, and everyone is hovering between 55 and 60. Maybe it's the thought that a radar gun might be lurking around the next bend.

General Motorcycle Discussion / Blipshift today
« on: 08/16/16 08:55AM »
Blipshift threw more mana at the motorcycle community today. Check out today's shirt:

Pretty cool, but my t-shirt drawer is too full as it is.

Hi all,
Another incident in Santiago. Coming home this evening, authorities had the canyon closed and were routing drivers up around Modjeska. Sigalert is listing an "incident". Hope a rider wasn't involved. Seems like that area of the canyon is a Bermuda Triangle of problems.

Hey all,

The shirt at Blipshift is particularly appropriate today.
I blew my budget on the Duc Duc Guz shirt a few weeks ago.

General Motorcycle Discussion / Duc, Duc, Guz
« on: 06/28/16 05:08PM »
I don't have an Italian bike, but I couldn't pass up buying today's shirt on . Check it out!

Hi all, started my new job, which has me riding from Orange to RSM early in the morning. The last few miles, the sun is so bright in my face that I just get behind a car and follow it's shape and try not to hit it. This is with a tinted visor. I'm thinking of trying a darkened visor strip that's removable, since I've been riding home in the dark. Any one use a good one that they can recommend?

General Motorcycle Discussion / It pays to check!
« on: 02/09/15 12:19AM »
Going over the BMW tonight for the ride to work tomorrow. Checked air pressure, and the rear tire was down about 10 pounds. Jiggled the valve stem a bit, and sure enough... psssss, pssss.  Dang!  Just had that tire and valve stem replaced about five months ago. It pays to check!
I need to find a shop that can swap in a new stem asap.

Hi all,
I've never really had much need to use the 241 toll road on motorcycles. My commute has been from Orange to Costa Mesa. However, I'm starting a new job in a few weeks in RSM. Scoping out my commute, I can go through Santiago Canyon, but I imagine I'll be using the 241 for a straight shot when I'm running late. The few times I've made the trip so far for interviews, I've put the Fastrak transponder in my front pocket. One of my trips there the other night, I was getting off at Antonio, and set off a bunch of flashing lights.

Both of my bikes are on my toll road account, so I hopefully won't be sent a nastygram, but for those who ride the toll roads more regularly, is it critical to have the transponder out in the open? My bikes are both naked standards, and don't have any fairings or places where the transponder can be tucked away. I suppose I could buy a handlebar-mounted holder if I absolutely had to.

Thank you!

Hi all,

I just got a great deal on a pair of new tires for my R1200R. When I get 'em, where's the best place in OC for mounting and balancing? I can bring the wheels off of the bike.

My old tires aren't completely worn, but checking the date code, guess what, they're eight years old... figured I'm asking for trouble to push 'em.


Tales of the Road / Death of a helmet...
« on: 06/24/14 12:11AM »
I'd rather wreck a helmet than my bike any day, but...

I took a "personal reflection day" today and rode up to Malibu and rode most of the canyon roads. Had a great ride, but coming back via Piuma, I stopped to take a few pictures of the view at the scenic overlook. It was dang windy, and when I pulled off my helmet, my doo rag blew off. Like a dumba$$, I set my helmet on my seat so I could grab the rag before it blew over the cliff.

As I grabbed it, about 20 feet from the bike, I watched the wind blow my helmet off the bike, and then roll over the cliff, bouncing off the rocks as it tumbled about 40 feet, landing on the switchback road below.

Needless to say, it got nice and bashed. Got me home, and went into the dumpster.

My wife thought that helmet was ugly anyway...

General Motorcycle Discussion / Scooter parts in OC?
« on: 06/19/14 12:07PM »
Hi all,

Looking for a good local place to buy parts for cheapie Chinese scooters. We had one fall over in our race trailer and bouncing down the road on its side, broke off the plastic throttle tube.

Thank you!

This looks cool - Bikes and Bombers show at the Lyon Air Museum near John Wayne on Sunday morning:

I have to be in L.A. later in the AM, but will swing by early for a few minutest to check it out.

Tales of the Road / Good machine shop around Orange?
« on: 01/03/14 11:07AM »
Hi all,
I'm rebuilding the rear end in my Mustang, and need to find a machine shop that has a press big enough to press an ABS sensor ring onto the end of one of the axle shafts. I've called around a few shops in Orange, and haven't found one that can do it.

Oddball question, but you never know who might know someone who can help!

Hi all,

I have a Fieldsheer Crossroads 2 jacket in medium. New with tags. $50 plus shipping to wherever you are (in the U.S.)

It's an understated all black jacket, looks like a canvas-twill type material. Clean look, with an embossed Fieldsheer logo across the back, but not flashy. Shoulder/elbow/back armor with zip-out liner. Good for cooler weather, and would be a jacket you could ride to a restaurant and walk in without attracting too much attention to yourself.

You can see it here on Fieldsheer'r website:

Hi all,

I have a spare Fieldsheer Crossroads 2 mens jacket in medium available - new, with tags and hangar. $50

It's an understated all black jacket, looks like a canvas-twill type material. Clean look, with an embossed Fieldsheer logo across the back, but not flashy. Shoulder/elbow/back armor with zip-out liner. Good for mild to cooler weather, and would be a jacket you could ride to a restaurant and walk in without attracting too much attention to yourself.

Looks like this:

I'm in Orange if local can arrange something to avoid shipping.

Thank you!

New Members / Hello from Orange
« on: 08/12/13 10:15AM »

Just stumbled across this site looking for info about repairing a Scorpion helmet. They were located in Lake Forest (just found out they moved to Santa Fe Springs), so some of the comments were from this forum.

I'm in Orange, and had been meaning to search the web for an OC-based forum. About 90% of my riding is to work in Costa Mesa and back, which is a bummer, but I try to get out for some fun riding when I can.

I switch off daily between my trusty old '93 Nighthawk and my R1200R.

Nice to meet y'all.

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