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I'm going to have to agree with blamecanada here.  But before I do I feel I should explain his view a little better.  You guys are arguing that he won't be able to run and that he would be chased down.  Correct me if I'm wrong here blamecanada, but what I think he is saying is that he is traveling between the carpool and fast lane on the freeway during slow moving or bumper to bumper traffic.

If this is true, then when he hits the car's mirror and "runs away", the car is stuck between other vehicles and has no ability to run him down. 

I do not support the attack of inattentive drivers or their vehicles, but if someone intentionally pulls out in front of me with the hope of either stopping me or hitting me, then they most certainly will pay.  Besides, if they intended for me to hit their car with my bike then I am only doing them a service by decreasing the damage from a full on collision with a bike to a simple broken mirror. 

In the end here is how I see it:  If a driver is pulling out in front of me and attempting to, what I consider, take my life, then, assuming I survive the quick braking/swerving, the offending drivers' vehicle will certainly end up with either a mirror missing or a foot print sized dent in one of their quarter panels.   

Do I do this sort of thing often?  No, in fact I can only think of two times to date where this has happened.  The first one was on the freeway splitting lanes when a driver pulled out in front of me, dumper to bumper traffic, no reason for the maneuver other than to hurt me.  The gentleman ended up with a size 12 boot mark on his passenger door and no way to chase after me.  The second instance was on the streets;  my father and I were riding in Orange on bikes, splitting lanes as we came to red lights with stopped traffic.  We pulled up to one light, each taking either side of the center lane, get up to the light and when the light turns green we move ahead to the next red light.  We straddle the lane like bikers normally, side by side taking up only one lane.  Out of nowhere a lady in a sedan pulls between the two of us.  As the light turns green she punches it and narrowly runs us both over.  Luckily we had a clear lane to either side to swerve into.  At the next red light the lady ended up with two boot prints on the driver side quarter panel and door.

These are the only two times I have felt it necessary to damage another person's property.  I feel that if someone is willing to take my life then they have accepted the risk of their own property being damaged.

I don't advocate always doing this, but sometimes when the circumstances are right, (clear escape/safe altercation from your side), I feel that property damage is acceptable and honestly something that person deserved.

I replace gear when I feel it has passed the point of protection over cost.
^This! I'm not one to become attached to safety gear especially if it exceeds it's inherent tolerance and actual purpose of safety.

What gear have you retired so far?  (Genuinely curious)

A Shoei X-11, a set of off brand 50th anniversary yamaha race replica gloves and a set of Dainese all weather boots.   Every item having been replaced with my current gear, RF-1100, Dainese carbon gloves and Dainese Torque-Out boots. 

I'll be in tonight, start at 1 actually.

What I meant was that the video camera settings aren't that far off.  When was the last time you heard of one the riders here using their gopro in burst mode or time lapse mode while riding? 

Yah the photos are better on the black, but honestly, who here is going to notice/use the difference in features?  I know I don't and most of the people I know don't, aside from the first day they buy it just to check it out.

Go with the silver addition gopro.  The main differences between silver and black are the picture quality (both shoot in 1080p 60fps, black shoots in an additional mode of 1440p 42fps) and the black comes with the remote.  So you are spending an extra hundred dollars on a remote, which you can buy for the silver for only $79.99, and an extra setting (essentially costing $19.99.  One thing to consider is that most tvs will not play a 1440p picture, they simply can't handle anything over 1080p.  It's mainly used for editing and creating films with.  So realistically you are paying an extra $100 for a $79.99 remote. 

Worth it?  I think not. 


I own both a Hero 3 silver and a HD 1.
Sell these things on a daily basis at work as well.

Misc / Re: Trackside Wheel chock from Cycle gear.
« on: 09/06/13 10:35AM »
I know this is old, but thought I should post this anyways.  Something to consider here is that these wheel chocks are meant to be bolted down to the ground or to the bed of a truck/trailer.  This helps to keep the wheel chock from sliding back or forth while trying to mount/dismount the bike.  If you try and mount, and especially dismount because you have no running start, without it being secured, you are most certainly going to run into problems, it's simple physics. 

Try it again with the chock mounted in a semi-permanent fixture, I'm sure your results will be different.

Giving up good and loyal gear because it's worn out is hard to do.  So many good memories...


But you have to consider the new memories you will make with the new gear.  How great it will feel to have gloves that fit the entire hand in them, how nice it would be to have that extra padding back in the palms, how the air flow you get in your fingers comes from perforation in the leather, not exposed skin.  All of these things will lead to new memories and experiences.  And all for a relatively cheap price considering the alternative (skin graphs on the palms and fingers if you actually do need the old gloves.

I would have tossed those 5 holes ago.  I replace gear when I feel it has passed the point of protection over cost.  I'd rather spend some money on new gear than fear going down in my old gear.  I have some Dainese Carbon gloves that I have had for 2 years, they have been great gloves but are becoming stiff (probably just need some leather conditioner) and they are wearing in the palm and Velcro fasteners.  I'd love to get a new set and replace them but feel these guys still have another season in them.  IF they develop a hole between now and then, I won't wait, they will go and a new pair will find it's way into my gear.  Personal preference really though. 

New Members / Re: New to OC Moto.
« on: 09/06/13 09:22AM »
Lol it looks like you couldn't choose the color so you went with both.  Hi-viz though, I'll give you that.  ;)

Ah, but the solo seat is two tone by choice.  Making the rest of it by choice.  Right?  haha  That it is, you can spot the thing going down the road a mile a way.  I toyed with the idea of doing a race replica scheme and adding the full fairings but decided that I didn't want to look like every other squid out there.   So I did the two-tone.  Wasn't sure about it at first but when I got the plastics in I knew it was going to look awesome.

hope their ready for a windshield full of pennies :32: :32: :32: :32:
jokes going to be on them
In this situation I'd go with ball bearings or spark plugs

Actually all of these are bad ideas.  See pennies are ok, they leave little dings in the hood and cracks in the glass but continue to roll onto cars behind the intended target.  Spark plugs will Shatter glass and could possibly send glass shattering into the face of the d-bag that almost killed you.  Equal action, I think so but the CHP says otherwise.  Ball bearings are similar to spark plugs. 

So you may be asking, what is the correct product to send hurling towards the offending car?

MARBLES.  Thats right, marbles.  They leave dings in the hood like pennies do, crack windshields like spark plugs/ball bearings do, yet funny enough, shatter when they hit the pavement, leaving no traces of your anger anywhere.  And to top it off, they can usually be had by the bag full from your local dollar store. 

Win win?

New Members / Re: New to OC Moto.
« on: 09/06/13 09:05AM »
Welcome and nice headlights they look awesome as well as your paint scheme imo

Thank you, I like HID's but was not going to put them in without projectors.  Picked up a headlight housing when I rebuilt the bike that already had these BMW M3 projectors and DDM HID's.  My only complaint is that they only come on when the high beam is pushed, aka they are not dual output lights.  :/


Took you long enough!
Havent seen you in a while, i used to ride a black sv1000 and would always chat SV with you at cyclegear fullerton. Nice to see you here finally!
Welcome and enjoy bud.
Your bike is super easy to spot, its either you, or... whats his name with the '12 black 600rr thats working on the day.
I'll be sure to stop by and say whattup when im in the area again.

Hah, yah yah, I know it took me a while.  I finally got my Sunday's back from that place, that's the main reason I am here.  I want to find more rides in the area and actually get back out on the bike for fun.

The other gentleman there is Terrance, he wrecked his bike at the track while the two of us were there.  He is currently having "race" fairings put on over at Wickoff Racing and claims that when he gets it back he is going to trade it in for a BMW of some sort with all new gear as well. 

Come on in, I won't be there this weekend but will be there sometime during the week I'm sure.

New Members / Re: New to OC Moto.
« on: 09/03/13 10:54PM »
Hi O.C. SV650S, Welcome to ocmoto!

Have fun and ride safe!

Yes ride will be posted on SVR.

Are you a Chargers fan? Gerard7aa has an SV650S that is blue with yellow lower fairings, think he has another bike and SV is for sale...

Ok, I guess I can ride safe, if I have to...     ;)    I am not a chargers fan, actually, I don't follow any sport, I hardly watch motogp as it is.  :/ 

I wish I had the money. If I had some spare money floating around I'd finish a TZ250 track bike I have and would spend a lot more time on the track.  But, I don't, so I spend my time on the streets.  But I'll look into what hes got, doesn't hurt to look, even when your on a diet. 

New Members / Re: New to OC Moto.
« on: 09/03/13 04:54PM »
beautiful bike, im jelly  :P

Thank you very much, it is appreciated.   I have poor a god deal of time into making it look the way it does.   I figure if it's going to be with me for a while I might as well do it up nice and enjoy it.

Welcome to the forum.  :44:

I don't ride often enough at all, but I still enjoy seeing it in the garage knowing that I CAN ride it from time to time :17:

That's a bummer. It's always a shame to see a nice bike in the garage and never gets ridden.  Any particular reason you do not ride your sv enough?

New Members / Re: New to OC Moto.
« on: 09/02/13 10:22PM »
Welcome Aboard O.C. SV650S, check out the OCMOTO Calendar for Rides and Events!

Thank you for the welcome and the link, I know Eddimon (the nice man from SVRider that pointed me in this direction) is planning a ride in two weeks and I wasn't sure if he was going to post on SVR or here, now I know where to look if it's on here.  I'm excited to have my Sundays back, it's been too long since I have had enough time to ride for enjoyment.

New Members / Re: New to OC Moto.
« on: 09/02/13 10:20PM »

Ok, so It's not the wildest color scheme out there, but it is all factory painted plastics (even the solo seat, just two-toned with factory paint from a local dealer) and is the only SV I have seen to run a factory two tone like this.  I toyed with the idea of doing a race scheme but I didn't like looking like all of the rest of the riders out there.  Once I got the plastics back from the dealer for paint I fell in love with the scheme, seeing really was believing for me.

    <--Gif of my last track day out at Willow Springs.

New Members / New to OC Moto.
« on: 09/02/13 10:11PM »
Hello all,

New to the O.C. Moto crowd, just thought I'd pop in and say hello to everyone.  New to OCMoto as I may be, I am not new to riding as I have been riding for quite some time. 

A little about myself, I ride a 2005 Suzuki SV650, it's a custom color scheme and (not to brag or anything, ok maybe a little) I guarantee it is the only one out there of it's kind.  I'm sure some of you here have seen if floating around the Fullerton/Orange area the past 10 months or so.  I have been riding dirt bikes for the past 11 years now and street bikes for the past 6 years so I have "some" knowledge under my belt.   ;D

Anyways, a gentleman from the SVRider forum pointed me in this direction and I have heard a little about this forum elsewhere as well so I figured it's time to sign up and drop in.  I'm honestly not into the whole squids at a bike meets so I'll be staying away from those posts, not to say all the meets here are full of squids but bike nights like the one at CycleGear and other venues of the sort are kind of filled with em. No, the reason I am here is because I recently got my Sundays back from work, meaning I now have time to ride and meet new riders out in the OC area.

So with that in mind, hello everyone and I hope to see some of you guys riding in the coming months.

Oh yah, and  :44:

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