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I'm going to be a no guys.  Realtor called and has a list of homes to view. 

The SV most certainly would have been the better bike.  Would also have been the first time I busted out the full suit in over a year.  DAM.  I have every other Sunday off, I'll make the next one.

Strong maybe.  BMW needs a tuneup, but the SV is ready to rock.  Ill post back on Saturday if I'm available.

What a shame.   I wonder if the new-ish Suzuki dealer in Brea hurt them.

Off Topic / Re: Anyone in Vegas?
« on: 10/02/17 11:26AM »
Luckily no one I personally know was out there.  Friends of friends were not so lucky though.

Tough world we live in now.  Thoughts with everyone effected.

For those of us without social media, can you clarify whats going on Saturday?

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Ride To GMR - Sunday 9/17
« on: 09/17/17 10:31AM »
Thanks for letting me tag along guys.  Sorry, I couldn't enjoy the full ride with you.  Donuts and coffee were good, as was the bottom of GMR.  The fog rolled in and sucked, still made for a good ride though.

Got my bike home, pulled the fuse for the turn signals and they shut off.  Put the fuse back in (it was still a good fuse) and my turn signals went back to normal.  From what I'm reading online, it appears the relay gets a glitch of some sort and pulling the fuse resets it back to normal. 

Thanks for the ride, next time I will get the full experience ride. And maybe next time I'll have the fork seal replaced on the SV so I can bring that and comfortably keep up.

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Ride To GMR - Sunday 9/17
« on: 09/16/17 09:36PM »
That's further south of me, I'll meet you at the donut shop.

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Ride To GMR - Sunday 9/17
« on: 09/16/17 11:51AM »
45 mins each way gives me a about half hour to scoot home to Orange, change gear, and drive to Placentia.   Just might squeak on through if I'm quick about it.  Let me mull it over the next couple hours, I'm still a strong maybe.

Worst comes to worst:  I ride up as far as time permits, I pull off and ride back when I feel its time.

Where in South OC are we meeting Rouge?

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Ride To GMR - Sunday 9/17
« on: 09/15/17 09:37PM »
Hmm it'll be pushing it.  As I have to be changed and elsewhere by 11.  Let me map it out, see if maybe I can make it.

Especially after all the bit*Hing I did on the other thread about people backing out.

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Ride To GMR - Sunday 9/17
« on: 09/15/17 07:24PM »
Its been a while since I've done the GMR loop.  What is the typical run through time?   I have somewhere to be at 11, wondering if I can go up with the group and back down on my own with enough time left.

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Ride To GMR - Sunday 9/17
« on: 09/15/17 10:14AM »
Strong maybe, depends on the gals plans.

According to the description, the truck cut the biker off. 

This "19-year-old kid" picked a fight all because he was cut off?  And lost no less.

Motto of the day:    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

"Sometimes"?  More like most of the time!  2016/17 is the worst I've seen since I joined in 2013.  I'm sorry for hijacking your post but....I've come to the conclusion that most riders in the OC hesitate if a ride is over 100 miles and/or 2 hours in length and starts earlier than 9AM.  Today I saw tons of riders on Ortega Highway but most of them stopped at the Lookout and that's usually as far as they go.

I would agree.  The last "good" group ride I was a part of from this site was the Halloween ride three years ago.  I don't mind long rides or riding up and down roads over and over like the back side of Ortega, but I think you are right, most riders don't want to do a "long ride".

...Anyways, my point was I got pumped about doing a Palamar Julian ride but realized plans had changed and in my multi beer induced confusion reading between this and the other post that I was more likely to sleep in and do my own thing. Keep posting. I look forward to joining some group rides.
Ended up riding from Sunland up Big T to AFH to UBT to Hwy 2 to Wrightwood then doubled back to the base of Angeles Forrest Hwy and rode that all the way back up to Mt. Emma Road then back to Sunland and home. VFR ride.

Its all good, nothing wrong with a little BAC confusion.  I spent the last year and a half working weekends and not riding.  Now that I have my weekends back, despite being pretty much on-call 24/7, I will be riding more on Saturdays and Sundays and will certainly post up when/where I'll be riding.  Good to hear you were able to get out and ride anyways.  Haven't done that ride yet.  I may have to hit you up later about that trek.

September will be tough for me to find some time to really ride, but I'll start putting up some rides soon enough again....especially in the fall, one of my favorite times to ride. I usually try to fit in a extended weekender, or at least a over nighter every year, but again, availability is a issue for me this year. If I do, maybe early November somewhere, depending on how well the weather holds.

Post up your rides, I'll do what I can to get out and ride with the community a little more.  Luckily my schedule will remain constant until January, and may stay the same after that.  That should give me some time to join in on the group fun.  Haven't done an overnighter yet, quite honestly I'm not yet equipped to do an overnight ride.  With the new-to-me RT, maybe that will change.

I've posted at least 2 planned rides in the past to find nobody showing up.  Even a couple of years ago, these forums had regular lurkers and much more commentary both good and bad.  It seems nowadays there are a handful of members on here regularly, and even the rides posted seem to gain little traction or very low turnouts.  Not much we can do with unforseen, personal events or weather, but marking a date and setting a reminder on your smartphone's calendar could help us remember that being here is more than just reading a post, or browsing items for sale.  I will do my best to post any upcoming rides...

Agree, unforseen events will arise.  A lack of commitment or interest in a ride however is hard to overcome in a forum setting.  I'll do what I can to join your posted rides.

Just hookup with storm trooper Ryder (Douglas Peralta) ... He has a ton of Facebook groups with rides posted almost daily

Most rides are on Facebook, meetup, or IG...forums are so old school LOL

On the other hand my east coast forum is strong...a ton of regulars in 30-60 age range

60 miles tho? commute is over 75

Jk jk...I also like short quick Cruises on nice days... And I also agree that a lot of local writers don't like to go above 100 miles when all of the good riding is at least within a 100 Mi round trip. Those riders need to live somewhere like the East Coast where there are far fewer nice twisty roads within a day's ride and they will realize they took Southern California for granted

My commute is 25 miles one way, so a 50-60 mile ride is a "distance" for me.  That being said, I've done the HB to Coronado ride via as much of PCH as I could, on a sport bike no less.  Definitely longer than 50 miles or two hours in one day.  Was a blast and enjoyed every mile of it.  I think people need to just clear a little time in their schedule and give a day or half day's worth of riding a try.

I have too many spies on Facebook. I'll try posting more there.

There aren't any rides on the OCMOTO FB page either. LOL! Just people selling stuff and Bike Nights here and there.

100 mile local ride is a Milk run for me. The OC is frustrating to ride around in with so many red lights & 4-wheelers big and small then lots of speed traps. No thanks. I only ride it when I'm desperate. The closest is GMR and it's 50 miles to it. So that's 100s round trip plus the fun part.  Too much for some folks.

Don't forget to post here as well.  I have no Facebook or any other form of social media aside from this site.  If it isn't posted here, I'll have no idea the ride is going on.  Guess I'm not "Millennial" enough.  I like a good close-to-home ride like my PCH ride when you don't have time to plan or have no one to join you.  I find long rides are best in groups, just in case you run into any issues in the ride.  Makes for some good peace of mind.

I did 2 400 mile days last week GMR is a milk run.  :32:

Hah! Now thats a weekend.  My ass would be sore after 800 miles on the SV.  I'm hoping the BMW will be a little nicer on the body during the long rides.

So I saw this post but couldn't quite follow all the change of plans. In Wrightwood at the Evergreen Cafe enjoying a late breakfast. Weather and roads are very nice. Thanks for getting me motivated. Lots of riders out today. One CHP SUV past the Islip Saddle Look out. He was parked out of sight in the middle of some tight esses. So unless you are knee down and possibly sliding the tires some; probably close enough to 55mph posted speed limit to stay out of trouble.

Nothing was set, they were more like suggestions for rides in case anyone wanted to join.  Ended up doing the loop that I posted with the map.  Even if you couldn't join, I'm happy to hear that you were at least motivated to ride.  Sometimes I think this site just needs some more motivation for people to ride.  I don't see enough group rides, meetings, or events posted on here.  Or at least not enough where people actually join.

Ride was great.  Perfect weather for an OC ride. 

Stopped at Santiago cafe for breakfast, up live oak to El Toro.  Down to the 133.  Then PCH to HB main Street for coffee.  About 60 miles not including the trek home.

I've done this ride before and for an oc ride, it's pretty calming and a great coastal ride.  This was last minute for me as well.  Next time I'll post up a little earlier.

Perhaps a Santiago Canyon Cafe -> Live Oak Canyon -> 133 -> PCH -> HB main street.

This ride?

Last minute ride set up.  My Saturday morning just freed up and I'd like to take my bike out for a nice ride.  I know some of you guys already have plans to ride at GMR and Palomar, but I have a feeling those are more spirited than I want to take my 1100RT.

Is anyone up for a more relaxing ride in the morning?  Maybe Ortega, Santiago Cafe/Trabucco?  Even a ride down to the beach via Route 133, then up the coast to the HB area?

If I don't hear from anyone, then I'll just ride whatever/wherever I feel like in the morning.  (It's always nicer to ride with others though)

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Ride: Saturday, September 2nd
« on: 09/01/17 02:52PM »
I have to agree with Rogue here.  From what I've seen on the forum side of things, there is almost no participation on this site.  Maybe there aren't enough members/users, maybe people don't really care.  I don't know, but I don't see participation from users as being a priority here. 

That's a topic for a different thread on a different day though. 

In any rate, I am going to pass on this ride, it's simply too hot for me and my gear.  I need to get some legitimate warm weather gear before i can commit to that long of a ride.

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Ride: Saturday, September 2nd
« on: 08/29/17 01:05PM »
Oh man, I picked up an R1100RT last week and this would be a great first long ride.  I'll have to check with the old lady and see if we have any plans this Saturday.  I'm a maybe for this ride.

Off Topic / Re: Insurance Scam...funny...
« on: 07/21/17 01:15AM »
Front and rear dash cam in the car full time and love it.  I hope I never need to actually use it.  Still need to get a set for the motorcycle.

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