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I'll bite too... No ChatterBox, just a Sena...

"OFFICIAL" OC Moto Rides / Re: Noobie Ride #46 - 1/26
« on: 01/15/14 12:48PM »
I'm in, it will be great to meet more of you, and put bikes/names with screen names!

New Members / Re: Hello from Huntington Beach!
« on: 12/27/13 01:02PM »
Thanks all!

I did Ortega Friday before Christmas for the first time. Nice road! Not as intimidating as I thought it would be, either that the cars that were out there were a lot slower than I thought they would be. Although I guess maybe I'm used to roads that are a little more technical. In WA, when the sign says 35, 45 or 50 would be *really* pushing it, but on Ortega they were a lot less tight, and in much better shape. (Repeated freezing does funny things to pavement... especially at the edges.)

Looking forward to exploring more and meeting more people!

At the Lookout I sat with a couple old timers riding VW powered trikes. Cool blokes!

Buying and riding my first street bike for the summer in WA. Nice summers up there are incredible.

Looking forward to 2014 and spending lots of time on two wheels...

in for one!
you know I'd love to be able to buy one in cash at a noobie ride…
Me too.

Finally took my first ride over Ortega Friday afternoon. Had a late lunch at the Lookout. Nice road.

First thing I would do is figure out how to read error codes if it has fuel injection or a computer of some sort.

To many possibilities to properly diagnose from the description provided so far. Possibilities may include:
  • stuck throttle cable
  • stuck throttle
  • bad throttle position sensor
  • other items already mentioned

If the OP can do his own wrenching, there are methods for troubleshooting to follow, but I don't know them for that bike. If not, then taking it to a shop is a great suggestion.

That is a great idea! You could probably do something similar in a couple other locations as well. Bottom of the battery, maybe?

I'd be up for a newbie ride...

Here's another good article about lane splitting...

Misc / Re: M Gymkhana
« on: 12/12/13 06:03PM »
Thanks guys! Sounds interesting. I may not be able to make it out, but will definitely try to come watch. If not this time, then next year.

Misc / Re: M Gymkhana
« on: 12/12/13 05:32PM »
I couldn't find an address for the event on the website - where do these take place?

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: How We Ride
« on: 12/10/13 12:56PM »
hate to be a pain in the butt but the link for signals has failed

Here's another...

Does anyone have another link? This appears to have been removed as well.

(Maybe post it as an attachment?)

If anyone needs to borrow a "cold-out" (CycleGear) balaclava for this trip, or a very large 2nd Gen SV650 seat bag that will hold a lot of gear, let me know. I'll have to plan on joining you next year.

(Seat bag is bolted to a spare rear seat.)

My bike has heated grips on it, and they are nice, even when it's not really cold out. It is, however, a naked bike, so in some situations the fingers still get cold from the wind, if I've made a poor choice for gloves that day.

Coming from the PacNW winters, here's my suggestions:
Wool really is best. A wool/poly blend base layer, and a wool sweater vest under a jacket are just the bees knees for body warmth. and if I get too warm, I can open a few vents on my jacket. Real wool socks make a difference too. Windproof is important as well. My overpants are "3 season" with a rain/wind removable liner. Those over jeans over hiking/skiing longjohns (polypro or silk) are enough to keep me toasty down into sub-freezing temps. I'd considered putting on "barkbusters" to help with wind on my hands, but windproof gloves with liners combined with the heated grips works.

PS. My grips (Hot Hands) are two-stage, low and high. I've only used the High setting a couple of times, and it's REALLY warm...


L to R, SVRider r0ckrat and OCMoto Todd!

I'm r0ckrat here, too! :D

Here's the First Place bike, with 2nd place in the background:

Anyone planning on riding up PCH to the show tonight? I think I want to take it in tonight, and then go do something else the rest of the weekend. Would love to have some company on the way there.

It's no longer set up for "individual" daily tickets. When I looked the last time, it was "buy Friday, "buy for Saturday" etc. Now it's just a "one day" ticket, so all is good. :)

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