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Off Topic / Re: Scott Almost Died!
« on: 04/01/14 07:50PM »
The moral of this story: our healthcare system sucks!

Bikes For Sale / Re: 2007 Kawasaki ZX-14 for sale
« on: 03/29/14 11:24AM »

Political Opinions / Re: crazy Ukraine pics
« on: 03/04/14 08:28PM »
These are like... 10 days old, eh? That's not happening anymore afaik.

Drama on OCMoto?

Off Topic / Re: Shopping for insurance
« on: 02/27/14 09:53PM »
Yes, mercury for car and home owners insurance has by far the best prices while still providing good service.

However, I use Arrowhead through AIS for my bike also. I only have liability but it's only around $100/year

Off Topic / Re: Shopping for insurance
« on: 02/27/14 07:59PM »
Mercury through AIS insurance.

By far the cheapest and have always had good service.

I've seen a couple on Craigslist from time to time for $6000. Average price is around $7000-$8000.

If you're patient, you can definitely find one for $6000.

Political Opinions / Re: Bill Nye Found Dead
« on: 02/13/14 02:26PM »
And science wins again:

Evolution is even more ludicrous than creation,  have you delved into what evolution entails ?  It really is funny as hell ....  But facts, NO, science has done many great thinks, but much of science is theory, which many times is derived by a set of means, mediums, etc .. And just a mob rules type mentality,or consensus if you will,  even carbon dating cannot be proven reliable over say 8000 years or so, but believe what you will, it's a free country ..

Off Topic / Re: From Police Scotland-safety tip
« on: 02/12/14 12:02PM »

I agree , it is all hearsay. I have owned salvaged bikes and have never had a problem with registration or getting liability insurance.

Depends. Main thing is to watch out for is a bent frame. Had an 03 gsxr1000 (same as this bike) salvage with a bent frame that I didn't notice until a week after buying (pulled to the left). Got rid of it.

Also have a salvaged Superhawk. Great bike with no problems that I drove to Vegas and back.

Main thing to watch out for is frame damage as it is very expensive to repair or replace.

Off Topic / Re: Most beautiful Woman ???
« on: 01/31/14 02:31PM »
Elbows are far too pointy. 4/10 at best
I think we've got a Redditor here! ;)

The narwhal bacons at midnight

Off Topic / Re: Most beautiful Woman ???
« on: 01/30/14 07:14PM »
Elbows are far too pointy. 4/10 at best

Why does every for sale ad on this forum turn into a debate? 

Welcome to OCMoto

Off Topic / Re: OCmoto conflict resolution.
« on: 01/25/14 08:25PM »
Anyone who has to self-proclaim their supposed Mensa-level intelligence on the internet, along with threatening to report people's real estate license to the board for misuse needs to get a life IMO.

However, those ridiculous posts do provide entertainment I must say.

Off Topic / Re: CrossFit - it worked for me!
« on: 01/22/14 10:52AM »
^ Sorry, I am a firm believer in the 1st amendment. :) There is a reason why it comes first.

BTW, in case you do not know there is a blocking feature here. If you do not wish to see what I type that would be the easiest solution.
I would lose the comedic relief.

Congrats on believing in the 1st amendment. I didn't know it was forced into a private entity such as OCmoto.

Don't argue with him. He has a Mensa-level IQ.

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