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Off Topic / Re: Resist the Census
« on: 03/18/10 02:53PM »
cool story bro

went there a few months ago, pretty dead until summer...

How does the skateboard back pack carry the board? With the clips? What's the max board width?

with the two straps on the front. You can see them in the pic. Not sure max width but im thinking any standard skateboard

bump. Prices now OBO, I need $$$

I'll be there hopefully i make it not to late this time  :44:

Yup, gotta keep our perfect raffle streak going :)

Random stuff for sale. Need the cash so I'm liquidating things that I have pretty much never used and are just sitting around my apt. click on links for pics. Call or text me anytime if you're interested 714-797-0974. If you buy more than one item together, I'll prob knock a few bucks off your total price.... Click on links for pics, thanks...

Obey dark blue size 34 straight leg jeans worn prob once. Length not notated, but probably around 32-34. You can get a $3 hem if they are too long. $20

OG Made in USA white Jack Purcells size 11.5. Never worn. Super rare as they have been made in China or other countries for the last 7 years or so. $20

Hurley black and white skateboard backpack. Barely used $20

3 Fossil watches, never worn. $50 for all three.

Gear For Sale / DELETE
« on: 02/16/10 09:23PM »

Gear For Sale / SOLD
« on: 02/15/10 08:08PM »

Bike Nights / Re: Haus of Pizza Feb 8th 2010
« on: 02/09/10 08:16PM »
Nice to meet all of you last night!

found you Bryant haha

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