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OC Honda will do it for $$, or you can pull it yourself and add Slime for $.  I've used Slime in the past and it is one of the best flat fix/tire sealants on the market!

You mean this?!

Or this?

Photo from my Mars expedition:

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: Suzuki bolt size
« on: 10/05/12 04:09PM »
Yeah, you BOTH go down, as my subframe is both seats, so the passenger adage was superfluous

Well done Captain Obvious! :D  The point being I wouldn't feel bad if I went down due to my own inattention to detail, however if someone else got hurt that's a hard one to stomach.

Only time the driver wandered over the other side of the road was in anything but a blind corner.  Besides he was in a Miata going uphill, how much damage could he do? ;)

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: Suzuki bolt size
« on: 10/04/12 08:36PM »
Metric bolts have different classes rated at different strengths  I would make sure I'm buying the strongest class for the fastening involved.  Can you imagine the horror if you used a class 8.8 on your seat subframe and it came loose while your loved one was on back?  Don't skimp on hardware, go with OEM when in doubt.

Warning: (NSFL) mild gore and blood.

Don't forget annoying soundtrack!  I was wondering why he didn't let go, but when something pierces your underarm you don't have much choice...  :6:

If I'd go for any of the choices, mine would be the GSXR 750.  The bike is highly rated in comparison tests, seems to handle both track and street duty well, and is a nice compromise between going full superbike and settling for a supersport. 

A good way to evaluate the seat comfort is to sit on the bike for at least 5 minutes or more.  The problem is that you won't know how vibrations come into play and how effective the fairing is.  I'd look at dedicated make/model forums for any complaints from owners about the bikes you're interested in.  A good source for at least ergo measurements so you have an idea how it compares to your Kawasaki is to check out: 

Also don't write off a bike without trying to replace the seat especially if there's plenty of room otherwise, you'd be amazed at how much a difference in just a few extra mm of padding and a proper design can make.

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Week day ride GMR
« on: 10/03/12 05:51PM »
^^  Now that's a nice pic!  :D  That was my first time riding up to Mt. Baldy Village and that has to be some of the best riding in SoCal, second to Palomar Mtn.  The beauty of MBV is there was no traffic at all!!

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Week day ride GMR
« on: 10/03/12 04:52PM »
Whose RSV is that in the pic?
  blamecanada's, sounds good too!  Makes me miss my V-twin...

I'm not sure that any one group should have the right to shut down development of this type.  From what I can see it's largely in compliance anyway.  65 houses on 6,500 acres is rather open and rural and leaves plenty of room for the Cleveland Forest buffer, I'd think. 

If you wonder why the CA economy is in the crapper, this is a perfect example.  If the development doesn't happen, then all the construction and other jobs don't happen and thus no tax (or other ) money is generated to support the local economy.  When money doesn't flow, people starve.

Snapshot, you bring up a good point.  This issue is a double-edged sword for sure, but aren't there other areas where development could occur?  The vacant land surrounding Great Park is a good example.  The housing market is just recovering from the bottom and we have a long way to go before OC needs more houses.  The economy is in the crapper because of over-consumption over the last few years and poorly structured loans to distressed consumers and businesses alike.  Trabuco Canyon should stay rural, those 65 houses will only bring more traffic to one of the last isolated regions of OC.  Let the housing inventories level out (there's still plenty of foreclosures out there), businesses start to return to OC, and then maybe development can resume. 

Seeing how both directions turning left are in the middle of the intersection, I'd guess it's a left-turn yield to oncoming traffic.  Watch those blind spots, that truck certainly blocked the at-fault's view!  :o

Misc. Motorcycle Videos/Pictures / Am I invisible?!
« on: 10/03/12 02:35PM »
<a href=";amp;hl=en_US" target="_blank" class="new_win">;amp;hl=en_US</a>

Proof that Celine Dion fans aren't all that bad...  :7:

I've gone down to where the threads started showing, but don't recommend it, and no canyon rides or going over 70!!  If you're looking for cheap tires, Bike Bandit is your best bet online and Motorhelmets in Fullerton is a good, local option!


"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Week day ride GMR
« on: 10/03/12 01:47PM »
Great ride today and meeting everyone and we beat the heat!  Snapped a pic before you cut out...

We need to do that again!!

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Week day ride GMR
« on: 10/02/12 11:10AM »
Thanks, Eddie and i will see you at 9:00, Anyone else want to ride from OC?

That was my original suggestion.  Are you taking the 57 or 605?  If you're taking the latter then I'll meet you at the Shell in Gledora, if you're passing through Fullerton, I can meet you at the Chevron off Nutwood and the 57.  Let me know the plan...

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Week day ride GMR
« on: 10/02/12 10:43AM »
Are we talking the Shell at the corner of Rte 66 and S. Lone Hill Ave just north of the 210 and on the way to GMR?  9:00a sounds good and most will be going the opposite of traffic (at least on the 57)!  From HB, I'd find the best way to the 57 and go north, it saves you about 2 miles and a minute over the 605 route.

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