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The fact that your bike backfired indicates there is a spark.  As far as timing being off, that's highly unlikely unless something in the engine failed or a poorly executed maintenance procedure was performed recently (valve adjustment?).  Try jump starting, it's not voltage that starts your bike it's the cranking amps that turns the engine over and provides adequate spark.  If that's the cause, cheap insurance is investing in a Battery Tender.  Good luck!

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: Tire deals?
« on: 09/13/12 08:48AM »
Bike Bandit has the best price online at $135 for a 190 BT-016 Pro, but for $170 installed and at a local shop, that's a sweet deal!  Too bad their helmet prices aren't so sweet... :-[

I've always used chain lube every 500 miles and have gotten 20k miles out of 2 chains.  Hoping to the same with my new ride.  Speaking of lubing chains it's time for my first one...

Other / Re: Any Triumph riders on here?
« on: 09/10/12 04:22PM »
I sold my '03 SuperHawk and just bought an '11 Speed Triple!  The sound of that triple is intoxicating, and the usable torque at any RPM is just what I needed (and was accustomed to).  Now I just need to start drinking warm beer to make my British adoption complete!   :D

I used to run BT-021 then on to BT-023's, but found a set of BT-016's on sale recently and went with those.  The 23's are great for commuting and I got about 15k miles out of them, but the feedback of the BT-016's are much better, and the grip can't be beat.

I recently got a new bike so I can't report on the longevity of the 16's but will definitely upgrade the Metzler's to Bridgestone's once those wear out!  Go Bridgestone!!

Any true film geek knows the target year was 2015, not 2012 (from BTF Pt. II).  :o  Props to whomever doctored the picture...

Fines vary and can be up to $500 as long as you haven't had any previous tickets within 3 years, after that the max fine goes up to $750.  As always, if the fine is a concern you can always go plea your case (written or in person), and asked for a reduced fine.  I had a $300 fine reduced to $100 and the 4 hours of my time was well worth it.  You can plea your case in writing, which is what I did with my last speeding ticket, and beat it.  8)  That only cost me about 2 hours of research and $10 or so in postage.  Good luck!

The bike vaporizes at midnight on the following year, and little elves mop up the remaining dust which smells like a fart after an all-you-can eat pizza and beer night.   :P  Depending on the model, there may be factory incentives to sell the model at a low financing rate or with a rebate, or a dealer will mark down the individual model, lower and lower as time goes on.  I bought my '03 in '04 and saved about $2k with the dealer's markdown, the only difference between the newer model and mine was color, and I think I got the sweeter-looking bike!

My chain has a few rust spots on it. I clean and lube it once every week or so. Time to replace it?

Most rust on chains, at least for a SoCal bike is surface rust.  Take a stiff bristle brush or wire brush and scuff the rusted part, after a few seconds of scrubbing it should buff off, lube afterwards; if not then it's probably time to replace.

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: I quit
« on: 05/30/10 06:03PM »
Be aware that if you do arrange for someone to take over payments you may be on the hook if they fail to do pay the debt.  It doesn't make financial sense to walk away from the bike, perhaps you can trade it in at a loss for a car.  I've heard of dealerships taking bikes as trades, but you will likely do so at a huge loss.

I have been riding 20+ years and have had my share of close calls.  The stories in the newspapers and the news of another motorcyclist's fatality is enough to make me hang up my helmet, but I always remember that feeling I get every time I let out the clutch and pull away from a stoplight.  I ride within my means and remember that I always need to ride defensively.  Take a safety/skills course, buy some extra gear, but do all you can to mitigate risk.  Best of luck to you!

New Members / Re: Hi All!
« on: 04/07/10 10:51PM »
As long as there is a free stunting show after dinner, I'll be there!

That could get ugly after a few beers, I'll do some stoppies on the Vespa instead!

Honda VFR's.  A great bike that laid the foundation for other Honda greats such as the RC30 and RC45.

New Members / Re: Greetings OC
« on: 04/07/10 10:40PM »
Welcome!  Nice to see some V-twins on here!

New Members / Re: Hi All!
« on: 04/07/10 10:37PM »
Dinner? 6pm sharp.  Bring some Modelo!!  8)

Gloves / Re: Glove Recommendations!
« on: 04/07/10 10:31PM »
I recommend Alpinestars, Teknics are okay (make sure to order 1 size bigger ), Joe Rocket's are garbage, and Yoshimura's are also poorly made (good exhausts though).

New Members / Re: Hi All!
« on: 04/07/10 10:25PM »
Thanks Primal and Rob!

New Members / Hi All!
« on: 04/07/10 10:14PM »
I'm new to the site, after a buddy at work convinced me to join.  I live in North OC and can be a lead or sweep in group rides.  I do work a second shift and attend school so weekday bike nights aren't usually in the cards and weekend rides can be a challenge especially before a test.

Other than that, I do all my own maintenance/stunts and can cook a mean arroz con pollo! 

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