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That can't be cheap but the rear view camera/HUD might be worth it. On the other hand, getting an alert when a car gets within 240 feet is worthless, that's about 15 car lengths, the alert light would be on constantly.

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: GMR Reloaded!
« on: 08/03/15 03:03PM »
Great pictures! What were you shooting with?   :1:

Product Reviews / GoPro Users
« on: 06/20/15 02:19PM »
I just got back from HB Harley. This weekend they are having a 10% off deal on all their GoPro  cameras and accessories. Since nobody ever seems to discount this stuff, this would be a chance to save a few bucks.   :3:

Gear For Sale / Re: Brand new Triumph jacket $200
« on: 12/24/14 11:50AM »
Crap! Too big. Good luck with the sale, it's a nice looking jacket.

Gear For Sale / Re: Brand new Triumph jacket $200
« on: 12/23/14 07:04PM »
What size is it?

Misc / New Cycle Gear Store in HB
« on: 11/19/14 03:25PM »
On my way down Goldenwest today I saw a new Cycle Gear store. Just south of Bolsa by the gas station.
Also, they had a 'help wanted' sign in the window if anyone is looking for a job.  :17: :17:

Tell your friend to check out SoCal Suzuki in Brea. They're pretty cool about letting people test ride bikes.

I try to follow a Harley -- really. People hear them coming and usually move over like Moses parting the Red Sea.

I've almost split lanes in my car before, the way to prevent it is you get rid of your car.
Also, how about smacking your hand on the door when you try to wave to another rider but you're in the car. I've done that too.

I'm paying $280 a year with Foremost Insurance. I don't have collision since I have an older bike but otherwise I'm fully covered. I went with them a few years ago since the were way cheaper than AAA who was insuring my car at the time.


i have one of my helmets (crashed in it) as a display piece at work, showing the importance of headgear!
I did the same thing, but I finally canned it when I moved a couple of years ago.
If your old helmet isn't too funky you never know when you might need a spare, like after you wash the lining of your current helmet and it isn't dry yet.

Does anybody know of a good spot to park a bike where I won't get towed or backed over?

wasn't today, but I did go to Sturgis and ride the new Indian Scout

So, what did you think of the Scout? I got to sit on one but couldn't ride it.

I commuted all year round for several years and I don't think there is such a thing as a four season jacket, even here in Socal. I haven't worn anything but mesh in months since it's been so consistently hot this year. Ordinarily, I like a leather jacket and most years that's what I wear most of the time, but in the colder weather, I don't think anything beats a textile jacket with a liner. Plus, the textile jackets are usually waterproof [a requirement for me] so I'm covered in case it ever rains again. The main deal breaker for me with my leather jacket [an A-Star] is the liner is a vest, so my arms get cold in the winter. Some textile jackets are warmer than others, I have a Gericke jacket that's at least 10 years old and it's really warm and I also have a First Gear Kilimanjaro jacket [which is for sale, since I got another jacket I like better--size large] that doesn't keep me all that warm.
I guess the bottom line is YMMV. You have to try different things and see what works best for you.

Political Opinions / Re: Bill Nye Found Dead
« on: 02/13/14 10:28AM »
Uh, Bill Nye is OK, but I think you all just got Rick Rolled. Except Deadhand.

Off Topic / Re: Jamzilla this weekend
« on: 02/12/14 10:45PM »
Looks like a good weekend to not go to the Rock Store

That's not a bad deal.  Still cheaper than the Carbon Fiber Arai Corsair V.  $3,995, and that isn't even custom fit, it's generic sizing.....
I've got an HJC carbon fiber helmet. It was about 1/10 the price, it's not custom fitted but it's pretty comfortable.

Does it have to be an Isuzu? Do Alfa Romeos count?

I'm don't think that event recording even applies to motorcycles. That data is stored in the SRS [air bag] control unit. I don't think any motorcycle except maybe a Gold Wing even has one.

My girlfriend has a Prius. I can't tell you how much I hate that little piece of $h1t.  Other drivers show you zero respect--no surprise there. The car has a mind of it's own. Every time I drive it, I am reminded why I don't own a car.

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