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Off Topic / Socal investing groups/partners?
« on: 05/28/17 02:42PM »
Any recommendations on investing groups in socal?

I have a job in healthcare, real estate, 6 month e-fund, and maxed out 401k/backdoor Roth IRA... looking to see which opportunities are on the side

Any monthly free meet up groups that aren't trying to up sell a seminar?

No Amway, no whole life insurance policies, no pyramid schemes

6.5' bed...NON-flareside

Driving to Vegas with peeps + luggage

Rather not their stuff risk blowing out the back or melting in the sun  :32:

Off Topic / 91 express lanes
« on: 05/05/17 12:45AM »
I understand that motorcycles (except m-f eastbound 4-6pm) are free with a special account

but if I also have a truck, does that mean I need 2 accounts/2 transponders? 1 for the truck, and 1 for the bike?

I've been thinking about an account, now that they've extended it to the 15...could help with desert or Vegas trips in the truck, or just for safety/lane control when on the bike

Just throwing it out there to borrow

Impromptu Valentine's day plans

Off Topic / Big bear info
« on: 01/30/17 01:38PM »
First time...Any tips?

What can we do? Guessing snow board or ski or tubing

We want to go Weds for a day trip - what time should we leave?

What do we need to do to prepare?

Recommended slopes? Big bear vs. snow summit vs. snow valley

looking to ditch the iron gate on a property and replace with "hip" reclaimed wood

anyone know where I can get some?

Off Topic / Ft Lauderdale
« on: 01/06/17 12:57PM »
Damn  :22:

General Motorcycle Discussion / DL650 - the mom jeans
« on: 12/30/16 10:03AM »
I keep looking at rogue, ootv, the pretender and dreaming about buying a touring bike...commit myself to 1 several hundred mile trip per month.

then I look at rockrat and xdjxclusive and want an sv650 for the daily commuting. Sprocket the back down a bit...get good gas mileage.

then I look at the awesome adv riding out there and want a bmw my knee from the risk of re-injury...stay off that death trap YZ250 for a bit

mostly a commuter. I want to add lights, bags, and be super comfy on the freeway.

So will it do it?

Should I put on the mom jeans?

Thoughts? will it fit all of those bills into one?

ADDED BONUS: Comes with built in security! (= ugly, non-theft bike  :32:)

motoquest rents them for $65/day...worth trying out I guess

Anyone know which secondary LED CHP bikes use?

It's sufficiently bright to use in day time and would go well on the bottom of my plate

Really like the 2nd focal point on a taillight for safety

Anyone looking for:
-1 bedroom
-private bathroom
-full living room
-BONUS - storage room onsite! can also be used as den or office
-close to traffic circle/PCH in Long Beach

$1,200/month to rent all of the above, utilities included!

$650/month to rent 1 bedroom, utilities included!

unfortunately, it's not like my previous locations, so not as bike friendly...but if you know anyone, spread the word!

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / christmas day rides
« on: 12/17/16 10:49PM »
anything?  :42: :43: :44: :45:

Bikes For Sale / FS: 1994 YAMAHA FZR600 - $1,500
« on: 11/16/16 10:52PM »
Roughly 32k miles

recent tires, relatively new chain and sprockets, turn key bike!

IT MAY have a different color fairing that look like this...

...I just need to find the time to put them on...

reason: had knee surgery, can't ride  :P

Miscellaneous / sold
« on: 11/15/16 02:06PM »
please delete

Miscellaneous / FOR RENT: 2BR/1BA in Cypress, CA
« on: 11/13/16 10:42PM »
sup fellas, moving out of my place and looking someone else in

no garage for bikes, but it does have a covered carport, and a fenced in, small back lawn with a paved 10x18ish area that you can line up bikes  :17:

It is a quiet shared walls...plenty of privacy and 10 min central access to 405/91/605/22

General Motorcycle Discussion / ideal number of bikes?
« on: 11/05/16 09:44AM »
saw this come up on another forum:

1.) what's the ideal number of bikes in the garage THAT YOU'LL USE?

2.) which models/style, and why?

For me it's:
1.) 1 plated dirt bike - 2 stroke/250cc - will do desert/motocross/trails/santiago/adams & short jaunts around rebuilds, unique!
2.) 1 sport bike - inline 4/japanese/600 - honestly any one will do...commute/canyons/track days...although I'm leaning towards VFR so I can tour

Which one do you prefer and why?

I had line-X spray on liner put in a Tacoma, and it was great! it took quite a beating, helped with grip when loading bikes, and looked damn good! Except it was $450

You can buy a rustoleum bed liner for $90 ish and roll it on yourself

or...I can just keep the plastic bed liner that came with my '01 F-150 (= free option! does everything I need!)

General Motorcycle Discussion / 3 dirt bikes, 1 truck
« on: 09/20/16 12:41AM »
does it fit?

catch: it's a CNG truck - I only have 80" of bed space

I've read the tricks - stagger one bike back (nope...not enough length)...turn one backwards (seems tough to tie down)


truck looks wide enough...

Miscellaneous / WTB: Removable Pingel Wheel Chock
« on: 09/16/16 04:18PM »
Looking for the smaller/Dirtbike chock... removable...just need 1

Need to secure 2 Dirtbikes in a truck all the way to the outsides, so I can fit a 3rd, staggered in the middle

Off Topic / dollar shave club
« on: 09/03/16 11:28PM »
anyone do it?

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>


  • pay $3-9/month
  • get free handle
  • auto-ships 4 blades/month

Reddit discussion

Thinking of trying? -> clickie my referral link

Valley View/garden grove

...I saw the signs

-black Lexus SUV - far right lane
-driving slow
-braking for no good reason
-weaving to the right...and the left...
-occasionally driving over the broken white line

Splitting, I almost got crushed, but I accelerated past and looked over......she's looking up, then back down, then up, then down. TEXTING!

*HELMET NOD NO* changed lanes...didn't want HER behind me!

15 seconds later - next light....BAM

...She rammed the subaru in front of her at the traffic light.  :4: Shocked - I'm glad I saw her & moved away! That could've been me!


TL:DR - It's been over 5 years of scanning cars/being aware of surroundings while lane splitting in CA...this time it could've saved my life! Stay alert my friends!

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