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Miscellaneous / Free: Mass Complex Protein Shake, 4lbs
« on: 06/18/12 10:43PM »
I'm lactose intolerant, and couldn't even handle a week's worth of this stuff before my stomach ached pretty bad.

it looks like this:

free! have to pick it up.

location: near knott/katella, Stanton

Off Topic / vegas traffic? 4th of July
« on: 06/16/12 02:36PM »
I'm heading to Vegas 7/3-7/5, and I heard the traffic is pretty bad along the way

So on 7/3, heading towards, what time should I leave from SoCal to avoid traffic?

And on the way back, would 7:30am on July 5th suffice? Or is it a parking lot the entire week?


Off Topic / deals on vegas exotic rentals?
« on: 06/13/12 10:36AM »
anyone know of any deals on exotic rentals?

I want to rent a ferrari or lambo, but don't want to spend $300 for 15 mins of driving

I saw the travelzoo deal for $100 for an F430, 25 mins of driving, but they don't run tue-thu (when I'm going...4th of July)

my car's too low for me to crawl under; anyone have some ramps I could borrow to drive up and take a peek?

available times: tue/wed/thu before 11:30am, or mon/fri after 8:30pm, saturay and sunday after 6:30pm

I suspect a head gasket leak, and I need a diagnosis, and potential fix...anyone have any recs?

car is a 2006 325i, 70k miles

Off Topic / tire install near stanton
« on: 05/29/12 11:27PM »
looking for the cheapest shop to install internet tires for a 325i...anyone have any recommendations?

Miscellaneous / wanted: dresser (free to cheap)
« on: 05/26/12 02:26PM »
got a buddy moving to LA for 3 months...anyone got a dresser they'll part with?

Off Topic / used car listings?
« on: 05/09/12 11:40PM »
I'm on the hunt for another car for a friend...and having gone through this a couple months ago I did this:

1.) find the car you want; cross reference edmunds for reliability ratings

2.) cast the net WIDE: search all of craigslist (OC, LA, and IE), and

eventually you'll find the right car for a good price, and if you can jump on it before a dealer buys it to re-sell it, you got yourself a car.

which else are good places to search?

looking for this: $8k or lower, <70k miles, spacious (crossover, or minivan, or mini-SUV), 20mpg or better, 05 or newer

sup fellas, new to CA, staying in menefee right now, meeting a buddy from San Diego at noon, in Escondido, and we're going to do a pre-work ride. I need to be back in Menefee by 2:30pm, so we're thinking a 1-1/2 hour ride from Escondido from start to finish

Palomar looks too far to get to, but San Pasqual Valley road looks sort of windy...will that be a good option?

Or should we just head straight to palomar, and stop riding by 1:30 then head to work?

I figure we'll head 45 mins into it, and turn around when we're done to call it even.

this is for Friday

Off Topic / cheapest way to get to, and stay in vegas?
« on: 04/30/12 03:43PM »
relatively new to SoCal and want to checkout Vegas...I'm sure all of you have done this a million times over on the cheap

driving my car 534 miles @ 28mpg = 19 gallons of gas * $4.30/gallon = $82 round trip

I saw a groupon bus voucher which is $24 round trip...but then I can't peg a cheap hotel...searching brought up an average price of $163/ that price, I'm better off getting a flight and hotel package for a total of ~$310 (also @ circus circus) on 25-27th

any tips? is the flight/hotel package always the best?

Off Topic / does CT driving record follow you?
« on: 04/28/12 10:20AM »
my friend has a CT driver's license with a couple at-fault mishaps, which is used to determine her premium for her CT based auto policy

if she get's a CA driver's license and opens a CA insurance policy, does her CT driving record impact her CA insurance rates?

ie. does CA<->CT exercise reciprocity for traffic violations?

Off Topic / real estate brokers near long beach, ca
« on: 04/17/12 08:40PM »
anyone have any references for real estate brokers near long beach, ca?

I'm looking at single families or duplexes near belmont shore, belmont heights, bixby village, rossmoor, and westminster.


Off Topic / CNG vehicles
« on: 03/30/12 01:08PM »
Hi all, seems like CA has a lot of CNG filling stations that would make it a realistic alternative to a gasoline powered car.

$1.88/gallon for the fuel, and its solo HOV lane access until 2015 makes it an attractive option as a daily driver.

Anyone have any experience with these? pro's? con's? maintenance expectations?

I see there's a dealership in CA and I've seen the following vehicles pop up on CL:
-F150 (only regular cab)
-Chevy 2500 HD
-Chevy Cavalier
-98 Camry
-Cargo vans

Ideally, a crew-cab pickup truck or full sive SUV would be the best, but I haven't seen any.

Can they be converted and granted HOV lane access?

What other models are there?

Off Topic / moped rental: good way to learn?
« on: 03/11/12 09:19PM »
I'm NOT looking for the full MSF deal or getting licensed, just a couple hour lesson.

My friend's little sister is visiting CA from the northeast, has no M1 license, but she's always wanted to learn how to ride a motorcycle. I figure it'll be a cool sunny day activity for us, plus she'll get pics out of it.

I was thinking about taking her to an empty parking lot for a couple hours becaus she won't need a M1 license to do it, give her MSF style exercises on my FZR600, snap a few photos, and send her home with bragging rights.

But then I saw this groupon deal:

$30 gets her a four hour, 49cc moped rental, insurance, gas, and helmet...and all she needs is a valid driver's license.

Although it's not really a motorcycle, it'll be the easiest thing for her to pick up in a few hours, then allow her to cruise some back roads with her hands on the handlebars (which I'll get on gopro).

Off Topic / wildomar ohv
« on: 03/10/12 11:09PM »
sup fellas, I'm entertaining the idea of a dirt bike, and and was looking at Wildomar OHV to learn how to ride dirt before stepping up to MX tracks, but I don't quite follow the rules.

should I be looking to get a street plated dirt bike or not?

wildomar looks like a federal forest, so it's subject to these rules:

and it looks clear that you need a street plate for parking lots, forest roads, or areas next to the road...but does that mean I can get everywhere else on a green stickered bike?

a quick google shows that you need a street plate to connect it's just worth getting one

but I also want to ride MX, and a bulky street bike doesn't seem well suited for that type or dual-duty.

I want to teach my friend's little sister how to ride a bike.

I'm looking for an open parking lot to give her some MSF-style tips (starting, stopping, braking, turning, etc.) in an empty parking lot. Any suggestions near Katella/Knott street near Cypress/Los Alamitos?

On Katella ave, there's Yamaha, United Healthcare, Mitsubishi, Costco, and a horseracing track.

Does anyone think I'd have any issues with the property owners teaching her in any of those lots?

Also looking for an extra bike. I'll give her mine, and would grab another - if anyone has a spare bike, I will gladly pay you what a rental would cost me. Or if anyone has a suggestion on rental locations nearby, def. post up.

Off Topic / huntington beach segway tours
« on: 03/04/12 03:46PM »
Saw a group on for $35: you get a 90 minute ride on the beach.

yelp reviews are pretty good, the worst ones complain that it's not much of a tour (no guide, no history about the town, just 1-1/2 hours of riding), but otherwise it's pretty good

anyone done it? my friend's little sister is coming over from the northeast, and I'm trying to plan a day of "Cali" things to do

Off Topic / traffic pattern @ 22E and 5S?
« on: 02/20/12 12:53AM »
I'll soon be converting to a cage, and no longer immune to the 22E/5S traffic clusterfuch with the bike.

When I head on 22E, I see traffic backed up as far as Harbor, and it continues on 5S until around Jamboree road, then it's free flying until I get to Alicia Parkway.

Anyone know how early that traffic starts, and how late it ends?

I'm considering to hit the road early, work out near work, and avoid that morning cluster mess.

Off Topic / how do you buy a car a craigslist?
« on: 01/20/12 02:31PM »
anything from a dealer is waaay too expensive

so when I search "by owner", the numbers I call are not for the ads posted...I call on a Civic SI with 70k miles, and the guy that picks up has an EX with 140k miles. I find another civic, and the seller doesn't pick up. When he calls back, he says he's selling a PT cruiser.

so wtf is going?

are scammers posting "too good to be true" ads, just to get you to call? do they just want your phone number so they can scam you later?

if so, I'll just call from my google voice until I find some legit ads...

but this is nuts...back in Boston, craigslist scams were far and few compared to orangecounty.craigslist

Off Topic / dummy address
« on: 01/19/12 11:33AM »
anyone have a deadbeat seller's address they don't like?

I keep getting mailings from, and since I already requested that they don't send me anything, and they still do, I'm going to change the address I have on file so I don't get it anymore

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