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Off Topic / body shops in Long Beach, CA?
« on: 01/11/12 05:23PM »
Hi, I'm looking for a good body shop in/near Long Beach, CA.

An older Chinese lady hit my friend's car in a parking lot and did this:

She's paying for the repairs out of pocket, so we're looking for either an affordable repair, or replacement (with paint) that will look as close to factory as possible. From the outside, it just looks like a dented bumper cover, than just needs a body shop to pop it out, re-surface it, prime, paint, and clear coat.

We need the car for work, so it can't be at a shop for more than a day. Fleabay has replacement bumpers for $300 if they could just paint/clear coat and take 1 day to install it, we'd be willing to go that route too.

Anyone know anybody?

Deals and Vendors / cheap new BT016 front tires
« on: 01/04/12 11:24AM »
$49 for a 110/70zr17 from rockymountainatv

shipping to diamond bar was only $7 for ground

perfect for me because I have a 1995's not worth it for me to spend $150 on a front tire on such an old bike

the 120/70zr17 (prob. more useful for you guys) was $89

I understand simple math, but is a 15/45 going to operate the same as a 14/42?

they're both in a 1:3 ratio, is that all I need to consider?

I got a deal on a chain and sprocket kit ($75 shipped) for my bike, but since it's a "quick acceleration" kit, it goes down -1 on the front sprocket, and my gas mileage dropped 16%. I now get high 30's on a 1995 FZR600, and will spend ~$30/month more on gas commuting on it.

While the chain and sprocket kit isn't really broken in much, and before I burn through all that gas, I was thinking about getting a 15 tooth front sprocket for $16 shipped, and getting back to the stock gear ratio.

The one extra curve ball is: the kit came with an aluminum rear sprocket. Lighter, yes, but also softer and likely to fail (via wear or losing teeth). So I thought: why not two birds and get a $30 rear steel sprocket? Not only will I save on gas, but this one will likely last longer.

The only problem is, I don't know which size rear sprocket to buy, to compensate for the -1 front sprocket.

Little help?

Parts For Sale / WTB: 520 15 tooth steel sprocket
« on: 12/15/11 05:34PM »
I'm looking for just a front sprocket, gotta be new, and Amazon has a JT sprocket for $15.95 shipped so you gotta beat that price, or I'll kindly buy online.

I got a deal ($75) on an RK/Vortex 520 chain and sprocket kit online for $75 shipped. It's a "quick acceleration" kit, with a -1 front sprocket, and it makes wheelies a blast, and acceleration better than ever before, but gas mileage went from 45mpg to 38mpg, and in one month I'll lose $30 in gas.

A $16 sprocket change will pay for itself in just over 2 weeks! Anyone got one?

Off Topic / mystery method
« on: 12/09/11 03:50PM »
anyone read this?

hilarious, page-turning read!

Saw this eaglerider groupon in newport beach for $90:

comes w' jacket, helmet, t-shirt and you can ride a harley (ultra electra glide, street glide, road king, heritage soft tail, soft tail custom, fat boy, fat bob, sportster 1200, sportser 883 or V rod) BMW (R1200-GS or R1200-RT) or Honda (Goldwing 1800 or CMX Rebel)

Good deal? Are there any other cheap rentals around?

Seeing that I ride a bike designed in the 80's, this seems like the cheapest way for me to get some saddle time on a bike made in this century.

Or, if I ever have my east coast buddies visit, this will be the cheapest way for them to have something to ride.

Off Topic / xbox 360 experts?
« on: 12/01/11 12:40PM »
where can I get a bunch of cheap accessories and games?

I can't sell a 20gig 360 for $50 (and I offered to drop it off too) so I'm giving it away this Christmas to some lucky kid whose parents can't afford it. I found a family with 3 kids who look like they'd really appreciate it, and I want to include 3 (total) controllers and handful of racing and basketball/sports games.

Is craigslist and ebay the best place for games and extra controllers?

Off Topic / irwindale speedway
« on: 11/29/11 09:00PM »
I saw a travelzoo deal to do 20 laps in the cockpit of a Nascar vehicle for $140

what's irwindale speedway like, and how are the cars? I know it's just an oval, but the car sounds like the most powerful thing I'll be driving until I'm retired.

Off Topic / anyone have a Hi8 camcorder?
« on: 11/27/11 09:46PM »
I have a Hi8 tape and want to transfer the video to my computer

anyone have a Hi8 camcorder with USB cable or IE1394 hook up that I can borrow?

or if you have a camcorder, do you mind transferring a video onto PC for me?


Off Topic / matinee theaters near long beach, ca?
« on: 11/23/11 10:28PM »
anyone know any?

looking to see an afternoon flick for 2 people, and sick of paying $24 to do it

hey guys, can anyone machine the metal end of a clutch cable for me?

I bought an aftermarket one, and the metal end of it doesn't fit into my sprocket cover

location is northern OC, near the 22...605...91

Legalities & Tickets / pulled over on 5 north
« on: 11/08/11 09:08PM »
anyone that was heading on 5 north this evening get pulled over, after you and your buddy got off an exit?

I'm looking for the best price on a good chain for a 1995 FZR600 commuter bike.

Stock has a 530x106 link chain on 15/45 gearing.

Fleabay has RK/Vortex kits or JT sprocket kits for $150 (both are O-ring); the no-name brand is $120 shipped for an o-ring, and $80 for generic a non-o-ring.

a local shop can also order them for $151,  but are a little out of my way, so I'm leaning towards ordering the RK kit on fleabay.

Any other suggestions? The last KMC chain I put on only last ~8,000 miles before developing tight spots, but I never really maintained it.

Parts For Sale / WTB: FZR600 chain (& maybe sprockets)
« on: 10/09/11 02:48PM »
Looking to buy another chain, and possibly sprockets.

It's for a 1995 FZR600, that I'll only be commuting on for a few more months, so the cheaper the better.


General Mechanical Issues & How-To's / Losing oil?
« on: 09/20/11 02:25PM »
Got a '95 fzr600 commuter that had the oil light come on after warm-up on a hill. I put half a quart of car oil to get home and changed the only ~2.2 liters came out.

Bike takes 2.5 liters, so my guess is ~1.8 liters were left when the light came on.

However, a couple weeks before, when I stopped by a yamaha dealer and held the bike upright on level ground, the tech tol me the site glass was 1/2 full.

So...did he read the site glass wrong? How are you supposed to read them? Can I use the site glass to figure out if my bike is running low on oil? Or could the light have just come on because it was idling on a hill?

Or do I just change the oil every 1,000 miles or so?

I'm a moto-only commuter using a jacket/boots/gloves/helmet...leaving my legs completely unprotected.

What do you guys do for leg protection? Wear leather pants, get to work early, and change in the bathroom?

Also, my problem is storing all this at work. In my industry, bags of no kind are allowed.

so I've been locking my helmet to the bike, putting my gloves in there, hanging my jacket on a coat rack, and just wearing my boots all day (they're black on the bottom, so most people don't notice they're motorcycle boots)

where do you guys stow your leather pants and/or boots?

new guys from MA here, moto-only commuter without a car looking to get a rear tire changed

I was going to buy a tire online, borrow a stand, pull the wheel off, rent a car, and drive all said items to a dealership to drop it off and have the tire changed, but I figure it'll be easier for me to ride up to a service station with the tire, and just pay them to do it on the spot while I wait.

where's the cheapest place to get it done; preferably with a place to sit while I wait?

I'm in Cypress

Hi all, I'm new to CA and motorcycle-only commuter. My rear tire caught a nail, but didn't go flat when I pulled it out. For safekeeping I'm going to have the rear tire changed, but need to pull the wheel off.

Anyone not using their rear stand for a couple weeks until I get a new rear tire and get it changed?

I'm near the 22 and 605

it's light gray; can this cause impaired performance?

history: 1995 FZR600, purchased in 2006 & never changed plugs, stock jetting, yosh slip-on; I've ridden this bike from 30 degrees up to 100 degrees, never changed the jetting, and it has always run exactly the same.

I swapped the outer 2; still got the inner 2 to go...

Off Topic / most economical car under $4k?
« on: 08/04/11 09:44AM »
hey guys, I'm a new college grad and looking to get into the cheapest vehicle to hold me over 2-3 years until I get (financially) settled.

what's the cheapest car to own, that I could buy used, under $4k?

the first thing that comes to mind is a civic, but they hold their resale value well, so I was actually considering the Hyundai Accent or Elantra

maybe an accent 3-door hatchback in a stick?

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