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Yamaha / anyone have an FZR600?
« on: 07/14/11 10:05PM »
I pretty much used it as a recreational ride for 2-3 years, and only changed the oil, tires, brakes (and recently bled the lines).

otherwise, I haven't done anything on it, and now it's a commuter again

so would anyone that knows this bike well, help me to go over it?

Legalities & Tickets / getting license, if new to CA?
« on: 07/12/11 09:29PM »
so if I'm from MA, and I hold a valid motorcycle license out there (w' the MSF; but I left the card back home), do I still have to take a motorcycle driving test to get a CA license?

the checklist at the DMV website ( says I need:
-the DL44 license application
-pass a vision exam
-pass a written test
-get a thumb print
-get a picture taken
-provide proof of identity w' a passport/ss card

then it says I have to provide evidence of completion of an MSF, or schedule an appt w' the DMV for a motorcycle driving test

on a separate note: do I just do all the above, minus the road test for a driver's license?

and does anyone have an insurance recommendation?

my goal is to find insurance between 8-9am, be at the DMV by 9am, and be CA registered, insured, and licensed by noon...can I do it?

I've seen them on CL for about $40 each, so got some you want to unload?

they're going on a 1995 FZR600

New Members / new OC rider
« on: 07/10/11 02:16AM »
hi everyone, just got referred here by steve h and some of his friends

I just moved out here from the east coast, and I have a 1995 FZR600. Looking forward to getting on some group rides and learning some of the good local canyon roads.

and could anyone recommend a place to have my front brakes bled?

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