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Off Topic / france
« on: 07/14/16 08:18PM »
can't catch a break   :'(

lately worldwide it's like something new each week....end times ??

Off Topic / shipping a full set of fairings
« on: 07/05/16 10:03PM »
so I got an offer on my FZR600 fairing auction on fleabay, but it's in tampa ...I listed local pickup, but it's the best deal on the table right now

I've never done a full set...just individual pieces

what's the best way? buy/bubble wrap each piece individually and send in multiple boxes?

how much would I charge?

or one big, huge fluffing box?

I figure usps/fedex/etc. have size box limits

I am now a shirt n tie employee

Looking for pants I can wear with a shirt and still look professional

I wear armored shorts and armored MX knee/shin guards as well, so they need to have room underneath

Tried heavy duty khakis and after a dozen rides they pick up oil make holes etc from road debris

Any suggestions besides dickies?

Hit me up!!

Or if you, or someone you know just wants to go Friday - I'll buy Saturday & Sunday  :29:

Work upping security, so no bags/jackets/gloves/helmet at work

Helmet w' the strap...but how do you lock a jacket/gloves & boots?

Right now the jacket has a plastic book/loop for waist strap...using same small combination U-lock for helmet

Was going to loop cable lock through arm, but a bit of a not much different that what I'm doing...and I don't want to get saddle bags cuz I refuse to be that "cyclegear uncle on the sport touring bike" just yet  :32:

I get off work at 5:15...

meet @ the holy jim dirt entrance @ 5:30pm

ride 5:30-7

Meet there 9:30am...ride all day




pm me for number

Can the condition of a rear tire affect headshake??

'94 FZR600 - got used...whenever I went over a thick painted line, pavement imperfection while changing lanes, bump, etc. the front would quickly shake back n forth similar...sort of felt like a shimmy.

the fork seals showed wear, so I just thought it needed new seals, but then I swapped the worn/flat/corded tire w' a good rear tire on the bike and the headshake is gone  :26:

I thought the front tire or suspension would affect that??


<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

I don't fit in anywhere

Daylight savings = light until 7:00pm!

no more 8am dirt rides!!

Going to try 5:30pm-7:00pm this Sat to see if it's enough light to go after work

if it stays light out long enough, I can go every other Saturday and Sunday at 5:30pm  :31:

any takers?

Got an inset allen-head bolt in my upper triples that I rounded out w' the allen key...

so I tried an $8 ryobi screw extractor kit, and destroyed the bit (the screw was stronger than the bit)

so I tried the $15 "remove any screw" kit, destroyed 1 bit, and the next one grabs, but my drill isn't strong enough to turn the bolt

what's next?

time to buckle down and buy an electric impact driver?

Off Topic / how much ya pay for a gardner?
« on: 03/01/16 05:28PM »
Got a much does a lawn cut/weed wack cost per month?

how many times do they come out?

not on a woman LOL  :32:

and taking references near Cypress, CA

Meet 8:30am at the opening for Trabuco Creek Road


Meet 8:30am at McDonalds on the 15/138 intersection

BRAAP  :42:

Off Topic / gas going up?
« on: 02/24/16 11:19PM »
by Friday?

Quote from: CBS
LOS ANGELES ( — Gas prices in California are predicted to climb due to a switch to the summer blend, according to consumer advocates.

The Santa Monica-based Consumer Watchdog issued an alert Wednesday, explaining that the Los Angeles wholesale market jumped 52 cents per gallon based on that switch.

“The move marks an end to fire-sale prices on remaining winter stocks,” the group said in a statement.

They warned that drivers should fill up Thursday since prices are expected to go up by Friday and will keep climbing.

Wondering if someone has front/rear stands near Cypress I can pickup amd borrow until Saturday night? :42:

Gettin dirrrrrrty w' Todd

Meet 8:30 @ McDonald's  intersection of 15/138

Intermediate/Novice pace...expecting 60-80 mile ride

I have an FZR600 w' a roached transmission...

aside from listing on CL or parting out, how do I get ride of this thing?

particularly, how do I clear it from my name so I don't get a bill for re-registering it every year?

found a donor FZR600 w' 30k miles...gonna see if Chicken can tune 'er up, then swap all my fairings over so the soul of my original bike lives on!

Off Topic / Mexico dirt riding & cell phone
« on: 01/24/16 12:35PM »
Sup - thinkin about another Mexico trip this year...

1.) recommendations on dirtbike/atv spots near Rosarito Beach? preferably a place w' rentals for everyone else...I'll likely have my YZ250

2.) my phone did not work after I crossed the border - how do I get a working phone there? bring unlocked phone & buy sim card? Can I set one up in advance?

Off Topic / contractors?
« on: 01/19/16 06:01PM »
Looking to get some ESTIMATES and/or ideas/sketches for a rental property (= the "best looking/most durable for the least buck")

anyone here in the biz?

or recommendations on people in the biz?

Location - north western OC!

Potential jobs!
-roof - building up/creating roofline
-turn carport into garage
-knock out 2 "spanish-style" arches in doorways and raise/widen them out
-kitchen remodel
-gas heater in living room: venting to other side of wall (or adding ducts into other rooms)
-drywall a laundry room, get ideas for flooring (carpet?)
-removing/moving fences

small~ ~600sq feet!

Message me!

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