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much thanks!

it's been so inconsistent and the memes surrounding "you can change your gender but not your muffler" are unfounded. looks like loud cars are getting popped and loud bikes will still get ticketed, just not the $1,000 instafine

80db on a motorcycle seems a little low though...

Gear For Sale / Re: Kendon Trailer
« on: 01/11/19 07:39PM »
dammit I just bought a I need a Kendon?

was thinking about selling the truck and going to a Ford Fusion Energi

any loopholes?  :32:

looks like I'll be happily switching commuter duty to the Ninja with a factory exhaust rather than the car alarm sounding Busa with the Yosh

honestly I think there are quicker responses in facebook groups

i think sc has a  9-5 now and only does bike stuff occasionally for friends

Bikes For Sale / Re: Ninja 500 Kawqasaki 2005 $600
« on: 01/09/19 10:03AM »
Thatís what I got it for!

Last year the only canyon I rode was Ortega...on the Busa. It wasnít nearly as much fun as a small bike

Bikes For Sale / Re: Ninja 500 Kawqasaki 2005 $600
« on: 01/07/19 06:53PM »
Storing it indoors at my duplex in Orange County!

Bikes For Sale / Re: Ninja 500 Kawqasaki 2005 $600
« on: 01/07/19 03:33PM »
such a fun little bike, thanks ninja srfn! nice talking to you!

oh man you weren't kidding about the brake cost vs. the ninja!

never heard of motorcycle guys

sup sup - going to try and film this on Tuesday

mount baldy has a lift ticket and rental for $52.99...fresh 6-8" snow yesterday

will that be enough?

mount high was $79 and bear mountain was over $100

7am-8am: surf seal beach
9:00am-10am: disneyland - one ride + churro
11:30am-1:00pm: ski at mount baldy
3:00pm-sunset: ride dirt bike - maybe Baldy Mesa/Cajon Pass area
8:00pm - selfie video facing down the strip from a rooftop bar in Las Vegas during CES week 

Bikes For Sale / Re: Ninja 500 Kawqasaki 2005 $600
« on: 01/04/19 07:45AM »
Dang it at that the title?

I can pickup with a truck too

did they forget to make #6 - in 2019 the industry will decline

32 the feeling to fly

I also did a desert day saturday in barstow

Bike Nights / Re: RADwood LA [80s-90s Auto/Bike Show]
« on: 12/07/18 01:57PM »
Sweet truck Todd!

And congrats on the award!

hahaha so cool...big smiles, big fun

bikes are looking TJ was sending it on your bike in that one video

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: Powder coating
« on: 11/19/18 09:42PM »

not many female models (as with most of the industry trends), smaller show than years past, no ktm, and the demo's were all signed up by 11:30 or 12

it was to sit on the 450L and the monkey though. they were coo

Friday night screening of CABDR at the Long Beach art theater

Todd you still racing??

You crazy man!

Off Topic / Re: Rider down 405 at Bake RIP
« on: 11/02/18 04:17PM »
Google said itís a double fatality...truck swerved into HOV lane and hit the Honda, he hit the center divider then got hit by a Jetta in the carpool lane...then a truck stopped to direct traffic and got rear ended by a 2nd rider who also died

Itís not safe out there guys...especially with the broken white carpool lane. Stay alert, be aware of your surroundings, slow down and look ahead.

May they ride in paradise

Edit: 3 crashes! One on 405 North a rider rear ended a semi on a separate occasion and also died

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