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General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: Royal Enfield WTF
« on: 11/07/11 08:36AM »
wow...and...I, learned something today

is the tail bag "water proof"?

Yamaha / Re: YAMAHA YZ 125 DIRT BIKE
« on: 11/06/11 09:22PM »
imho, for a grand, it's a crapshoot...

gotta see the bike and see how it was maintained first, but if it runs, and the suspension isn't toast, and the bearings on the bike aren't destroyed, and the crank was done recently, just run it until it dies or you're ready to upgrade

ha, yeah I pretty much just watched the rain on my lunch break

stopped by cyclegear again and got waterproof gloves for $ I'm covered from head to toe!

my current bike has been people's past bike! 95 Yamaha FZR600

my list:
Honda XL250 (1972)
Honda XR80R (2000)
Kawasaki Ninja 600R (1989)
Kawasaki KD125 (1979)
Suzuki RM125 (1998)
Yamaha FZR600 (1995) - current

Future - New R1, WR450 motard, KX250 for MX...and maybe a Yamaha majestic for kicks

moved out here from central MA...if I can keep my job, afford my student loans, and the ridiculous cost of real estate out here, hopefully I'll stay!

ha, I was thinking about the same thing...I'll just buy 2-3 of them...but honestly I just want it to last me this winter until I pass my boards and buy a car.

that, combined with persuasion by the cyclegear employee, I ended up buying the Bilt 1-piece suit for $50 today

it feels like a big windbreaker with an ultra-thin mesh lining. But I figure that's okay since it keeps it flexible and makes it easy to store (it's staying in my saddle bag). The zipper is a thin/cheap one as expected, but it has a dual-layer velcro cover, so hopefully that keeps water out. The boot strap was annoying, so I pulled it off.

surprisingly, getting it off with boots on isn't a prob. And since it's a cheap, non-breathable suit, it actually keeps me a little warmer than usual...perfect for the winter.

we'll see how it fares in the rain tomorrow

there's a pretty big price diff. b/w rain gear

think the zipper on a $50 will last one winter?

it's going to rain tomorrow so I thought I'd revive this thread to get some tips. I'm looking for an affordable option for rain gear that can go over a leather jacket, and go over work (khaki) pants.

If it'll pack up and stay on the bike (I've got small tourmaster saddle bag), that would be ideal, but if not I could probably just hang it on a coat rack w' the jacket at work.

someone recommended cycle gear to me, and their website has 2-piece rain suits as low as $45, but separate 2-piece Bilt over pants and jacket cover for $50. I'm too lazy to find another place that's any cheaper, but if anyone knows a place that sells them around $50 in northern OC, post up.

and are rain suits designed to go over your gear? or do I want over pants/jacket?

and anyone have experience with these?
-Nelson Rigg SR-6000 ($45-$50)
-River Road 2-piece rain suit ($45)
-Bilt Cyclone waterproof rain suit ($50)
-Motocentric 2-piece rain suit ($50)
-Nelson Rigg AX-1 MKIII ($54)
-SIDI 2-piece rain suit ($60)
-Bilt tornado rain paints $20, and the Bilt tornado rain jacket is $29.99
then it just goes up from there. The frogg togg's are $60, but Bill said they suck,

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: Cold morning!
« on: 11/03/11 09:31AM »
I'm a skinny guy, so I'm always cold

I've got a balaclava, leather jacket (+ underamour under work clothes), and am installing heated grips today

what I'm worried about is tomorrow: where can I get some cheap rain gear? jacket and pants

I'm looking for the best price on a good chain for a 1995 FZR600 commuter bike.

Stock has a 530x106 link chain on 15/45 gearing.

Fleabay has RK/Vortex kits or JT sprocket kits for $150 (both are O-ring); the no-name brand is $120 shipped for an o-ring, and $80 for generic a non-o-ring.

a local shop can also order them for $151,  but are a little out of my way, so I'm leaning towards ordering the RK kit on fleabay.

Any other suggestions? The last KMC chain I put on only last ~8,000 miles before developing tight spots, but I never really maintained it.

don't you just want a replacement spring that has a higher spring rate, which would be better suited for your weight?

f'n mint a way to set the bead too?

was originally going to get used, but everyone says new is the only way to go

got any recs?

fleabay has an RK kit and a JT kit for $150 shipped, generic o-ring kit for $120 shipped, and standard chain/sprocket kit for $80 shipped...know any place that can do better on those prices?

and do you install 'em too?

stock is 530 chain, 106 links, with 15/45 gearing

the bike has a nice chuggg....SHUG....chuggg....SHUG to it, so I know it'll need replacement soon

Parts For Sale / WTB: FZR600 chain (& maybe sprockets)
« on: 10/09/11 02:48PM »
Looking to buy another chain, and possibly sprockets.

It's for a 1995 FZR600, that I'll only be commuting on for a few more months, so the cheaper the better.


can that alpinestar rain suit tuck underneath the rear seat?

my future job doesn't offer any on-site storage (I can't even keep a bag with me), so with the exception of my jacket, whatever I wear to work needs to stay on the bike

how much does it cost to run a helicopter to write $500 worth of tickets?

is it paid off?

I had a '95 FZR600 as a recreational bike from 2005-2011, that I rode only 2-3 times/month in the summer (this was when I lived in MA). But it was paid off, and insurance was $160/year back there. I'd pay the insurance off in a lump sum, then incur no additional expenses to own it.

so if it's cheap to keep on the side, I'd keep it

but if insurance is a lot, then save yourself the cash

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