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you mean comprehensive coverage? that I do have...

yeah it definitely sounds like a good way to meet people...

if you're shy, just look for the oldest bike there (yellow 1995 FZR600); and you don't need to feel left out compared to me, because I don't know anyone (new here from Massachusetts)!

ok, in an attempt to save money, I lost money...

does anyone have any locking saddle bags?

I made the mistake of leaving some stuff in there while seeing a movie, and lost some running shoes, addidas pants, water bottle, t-shirt, and work-out gloves

wow, cool...I think this is the right place for me to start

I really don't know anyone out here, so it'll be good to meet some new riders and learn the roads

I also transferred my plates to MA, got insurance with AAA, and signed up for the tow package within 100 miles of where I'm staying

Yamaha / anyone have an FZR600?
« on: 07/14/11 10:05PM »
I pretty much used it as a recreational ride for 2-3 years, and only changed the oil, tires, brakes (and recently bled the lines).

otherwise, I haven't done anything on it, and now it's a commuter again

so would anyone that knows this bike well, help me to go over it?

hi all, just moved out here from MA and I haven't done a group ride out here before, but from what I'm reading, it's okay for me to just show up and come on the ride? My bike is sort of old (1995 Yamaha FZR600), but it's my only means of transport for now. I'll probably buy another bike after a few months, when I get settled in.

I'm not a really good rider, but I can operate the bike just fine to/from work.

thanks for the saddle bags Cable Guy! Carrying luggage on the sides is much more comfortable than slinging a bag

still looking for a non-magnetic tank bag...(emphasis on the non-magnetic type)

that would be awesome!

which model, and do you have any pics?

3949 add blue, do you mean dye the tank blue? or just because the bag is very blue itself, that it will stand out on my bike?

Legalities & Tickets / getting license, if new to CA?
« on: 07/12/11 09:29PM »
so if I'm from MA, and I hold a valid motorcycle license out there (w' the MSF; but I left the card back home), do I still have to take a motorcycle driving test to get a CA license?

the checklist at the DMV website ( says I need:
-the DL44 license application
-pass a vision exam
-pass a written test
-get a thumb print
-get a picture taken
-provide proof of identity w' a passport/ss card

then it says I have to provide evidence of completion of an MSF, or schedule an appt w' the DMV for a motorcycle driving test

on a separate note: do I just do all the above, minus the road test for a driver's license?

and does anyone have an insurance recommendation?

my goal is to find insurance between 8-9am, be at the DMV by 9am, and be CA registered, insured, and licensed by noon...can I do it?

flyingscots: so I can use the strap exclusively? and got any pics?

my bike is all yellow...gotta see how much this crushes the vibe...

and thanks jaymze...I'll be in long beach tomm; I will def. check it out!

oh man, I forgot to specify: I have a plastic tank shell!

do you have the magnets to go with it?

I've seen them on CL for about $40 each, so got some you want to unload?

they're going on a 1995 FZR600

New Members / Re: new OC rider
« on: 07/10/11 09:33AM »
thanks guys, IIRC it is stock with just a chopped under tail and yosh pipe

I'm not going to lie; the right side does look better because I magically found an OEM lower fairing, with stickers for $85 shipped on ebay and have it on there...and the PO tipped it from a standstill so the left side lower is missing some pieces

New Members / new OC rider
« on: 07/10/11 02:16AM »
hi everyone, just got referred here by steve h and some of his friends

I just moved out here from the east coast, and I have a 1995 FZR600. Looking forward to getting on some group rides and learning some of the good local canyon roads.

and could anyone recommend a place to have my front brakes bled?

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