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Convenience... whenever I need to move the Vstrom with the cage it's always 6am or 11pm...then I go maybe 20-30 miles, and either leave the bike or the truck and take the other home. Seems they are always closed when I need them...and I typically move bikes on work I would have to rent a trailer 2-3 days and store it (I street park in LB) until I can get over to return it on my day off.

Right now I use the F150, but once that poops out, I am considering a Transit Connect wagon or Dodge Caravan amd hitch hauler for Moto duty instead of another half ton...better power/acceleration than a truck with 20-25% better gas mileage, the ability to seat 6-7 comfortably, a stow and go is super versatile, and better security for surf boards/crap when surfing after work or doing a "Cali" trip and carrying 4-5 adults plus crap to the beach, Vegas, music festival, camping, or LA to go out

does this exist?

if so - where is it?!

I swear I saw an ad on facebook for it: hooks up to your hitch, you roll your bike in backwards into a wheel chock, tie the handle bars to keep the forks straight, use the supplied/integrated hydraulic jack to get the rear wheel off the ground, then drive off.

no need to cut the chain

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: GMR???
« on: 04/11/18 11:31PM »
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Negative...working 3 weekends in a row ughh

kinda works...gotta make sure the cable has tension and spools up straight...

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and I need a better place to tie the front of the bike

on a light dirt bike, it's easier just to run and push it in HAHA

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Haha thanks man I actually don't need a stand, tools, or anything I just need to commit a couple hours towards doing it... Right now I am in the middle of installing a winch in the bed of my truck to make it easier to pull bikes in. Maybe I'll work on the dirt bike tomorrow or Wednesday...

I can't help myself...I know I should swap that shock...but I just...wanna...ride...

we took a different road that I haven't visited in a couple years....waaaaay smoother than what I usually ride...

just a fire road rolling over the tops of mountains :hellyeah:

it's amazing how much the geography changes on either side of the mountain line...this side was more "meadows" while the other side was more forest/rocks

random 690 dude was flying...until he got a pinch flat...bummer

I followed her on IG since I first came to CA...she really loved to ride and did a lot to promote it for women. May she ride in Paradise, and thoughts and prayers to her friends and family.

Ride 8:30-12:30

Surf 2:30-5

@Chris - I am working 9-5:15ish on Saturday so an early run won't work for me...I can go 5:30 for a quick rip

I have another +1 and Rogue hoping to run Sunday...are you free then?

shaka brah

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ya, scam...f that...consider that a filter

and happy to share advice...I'm sure you'll meet/read about other guys with their own tricks...dual sport is a cool community!

also stopped by the Hyundai-Kia proving grounds...but couldn't get far enough to see the track...also stopped by Edwards Air Force base, but same deal...and found an airplane graveyard out in Mojave

but nowadays you can't very close to the planes like you could in the 90's....

oh a pic with the model plane out front

more big bike pics on the end of page 3

Somehow those trails look less daunting in pictures than they were in real life.

video will show a little more...check out your rear using up some travel

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it's funny...the only pics I get public comments are on the big bikes LOL

Darryl, taking it in!

he makes it look easy

these hills were grouped together, so if you want to fool around on more technical sections you can ride between hills

Chris took the left trail from above and challenged us to join him on the next hill

Rogue went first...I then turned on the GoPro and chased him up

as we got closer to the top, we began to see why Chris told us to make the trip

rider memorial to the right, and A M A Z I N G view

OOTV felt a little warm down below, but up here we had nature's A/C - it was windy!

stopped here for a bit to take in the beauty and headed down

re-connected with Chris, then headed across the street

found a hill...Chris, Rogue, and Ceylon went for it...the top was steep/off camber/and rocky so I stopped OOTV here

we let them run up and run down, then I decided that this was a good time to ride back to the hotel and chill

more pics to come!

Coyote Cafe!

love theses small desert cafe's for a warm hearty filling meal

quick stop at the hotel for check ins, then took off down California City Boulevard

randomly hopped into the desert and found an open area/intersection to fool around:

Ceylon even let me try out the GS!

thanks bud! Very nice bike!

We then decided to tackle the smoothest hill we could find

heading towards any hill is when the rocks start to appear

right trail looks smoother than the left...

the approach started okay...

but began getting worse...

and worse

but it's too late...need to finish the trail

unfortunately I made the mistake of stopping, and that likely put at least 1 bike sorry!!

but they all made it up, so by the time I parked and walked around they were ready to go! awesome

I agree...any of the high performance liquid cooled dual sports (husky, ktm, etc.) aren't slab machines

anything that's more street oriented, but still light off-road capable would probably be the KLR650...but it's pretty similar to the DR anyways

anyways, here's some of the picture story from last Saturday:

We all met up at the Best Western in Cal City.

Location was pretty good; we literally rolled out of the hotel and hit dirt in under a mile

All the main/graded roads for the city development = TONS OF BIG BIKE FRIENDLY ROADS!

with the recent rain, we hit one mud experience always says slow down, pick the shallowest line, and crawl through:

my routine is always: ride 10-15 mins, take a break

without a destination in mind, we rode until the terrain got hairy for bigger bikes, then took a break

We checked in with the riders - talked some shop - and experimented with tire pressures

then double backed when Rogue got stuck in the mud LOL

@ Rogue - I know you were bothered, but the good thing is you will *rarely* see mud living in SoCal. Consider this a minority.

luckily the saddle bag and hand guard saved his equipment, so he could gently twist his fender/bars back into place and ride on

we took a break from the dirt, and took "20 mule team parkway" towards the correctional facility

gotta say, I'm pretty happy with the WR transmission in the YZ cases for pavement sections

saw some other people out to play for the weekend

turned off the main road towards the correctional facility...and saw a couple (presumably prison) parked, tinted government vehicles on watch

And finally made it to the correctional facility

unsure about how close we could get, we just parked/re-grouped from a distance...when I realized we had one more rider in the group

hey it's Ceylon!

he caught us riding in a group together and followed...can't believe I haven't ridden with this guy. over 75,000 miles in 2 years on his GS. He's ridden almost everything in CA including a 3 day ride to Canada by himself. So rad!!

we then hopped back on pavement, just looked out for dirt turns

big bikes took the smooth sections, lighter bikes took the technical sections adjacent

the squad


then pavement back the hotel, grab money/phone/drop off gear, and cruise into town for lunch

thanks all around!

and yeah, I'm working on it...spent the whole day in LA yesterday for the Price is Right filming

fun day!

got some screen shots uploading...not sure when it'll finish...and I sweepy...will post by tomorrow night!

here's a couple teasers....

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