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@gone in 60 and others that responded - thanks for the answers!

the adjuster perspective is what I was hoping to hear - seems that (and understandably for liability reasons) the insurance agents know very little about what happens on the claims side

it looks like it will go relatively smoothly - her own insurance is paying to get it all fixed and will pursue the offending insurance...the body shop that she picked is also on a text basis with her dad, so she can trust that it's getting repaired properly, with all parts in stock. The check will likely get cut today or early this week so that the repairs can commence

makes me think a little bit about my own car - having a 2001 F150 isn't so bad are relatively easy to get, it's not worth so much that would exceed another driver's liability coverage...and makes me sure I want to keep 50-100,0000 property damage for my own liability coverages

anyone here work insurance?

friend got rear ended on the 405 (not at fault), exchanged information, the other guy has insurance but a limited discussion with the other insurance company started with "this insurance has coverage limits"

basically if there is a certain structural part that needs to get replaced, the damages could exceed the what the other guy's insurance covers

if so - who pays for the car to get fixed?

does a lawyer get involved, take the guy to court, and start garnishing his wages?

the dude has wawanesa insurance and after he rear ended my friend, exchanged information, he said "I am in a rush I have to go" but she made him wait until the cops came. sketchy dude in an infinity with barely enough insurance coverage for it.

videos on the way!

Misc / Re: Ride To Work Day - 6/18/18
« on: 06/26/18 09:44PM »
Same on the guys should see this newer 405s/bake commuter on the Yamaha...he wheelies all day LOL

Gets on the 405s at Bake? What time?

i dunno the time...
<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

goal this summer - ride AND surf pismo

Vstrom exploded...sold back on this to get my fix...Saddleback anyone?

I am going to start my own Kickstarter!

The smart helmet - DOT/Snell approves with a built in Sena and looping GoPro in the chin and in the back! Plug and play wireless sensor goes inline with your headlight so the camera and Bluetooth speakers automatically turn on and off when you turn on your bike! One charge lasts 7 days so you only charge your helmet (standard usb plug) once a week. Use the app to review video, change settings, and update firmware

Misc / Re: Ride To Work Day - 6/18/18
« on: 06/12/18 04:29PM »
I dunno...4 months into a home renovation and out of money...donít really want to deal with it right no

Misc / Re: Ride To Work Day - 6/18/18
« on: 06/12/18 03:37PM »
Not anymore...engine on the Vstrom exploded LOL

Misc / Re: Ride To Work Day - 6/18/18
« on: 06/09/18 09:24AM »
Same on the guys should see this newer 405s/bake commuter on the Yamaha...he wheelies all day LOL

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: Transport company
« on: 05/24/18 11:02AM »
Freightcenter worked for me but that was 7 years ago

I have a furnished bedroom with no bike parking no kitchen that rents for $600 a month, Get a shop build a build a bedroom and pyt $1,600 or so WELCOME to California!

Thatís a good price! HB traffic down the 405 between golden west and magnolia is my problem...and a more around 55/Irvine...clears up past university drive tho

1 bed 1 1/2 bath two story nobody above or below 983 sqft, bedroom has a extra little corner makes a great spot for computer and desk, large 2 car (1 car 6 bikes) garage. Lake Forest Trabuco and EL Toro. Cleaning and fixing couple of small problems trying to be ready to put on market 3 weeks or so. Haven't got a appraisal but expecting $370,000 maybe has original kitchen now so new owner may want to remodel it so may have to let it go for $350,000 but the market is strong so it may not be as big a hit as I am assuming.

Very interesting! I will have to look into that

Sena FTW

Off Topic / School me on cheapest OC apartment hunting
« on: 05/15/18 10:14AM »
1.) are all 1br apartments $1,600ish and up with $100ish/year increases?
2.) I want to be close to bake parkway and either the 405 or 5 freeways for work - No farther south than lake forest...any other target areas besides Santa Ana (also ridiculous priced) or south coast metro?
3.) where else to look besides Craigslist/trulia/Hotpads?
4.) are prices to rent a room near spectrum REALLY around $1,000-$1.200/month !?! Seems like a lot to share
5.) what are my living options if this is what my needs are: private room for bed, dresser, bathroom, sink, small fridge, basic hand tools, surf board, motorcycle cases. All cooking can bbe done on a single burner or hot plate (Mostly oatmeal/eggs). The rest I crock pot, microwave, coffee pot, or use a rice cooker. I really like having a consistent truck parking spot at home when I work late. For moto I would like a spot/shed/off street spot for my dirt bike and hopefully a place to work on it. If that is off the table I can always leave it at my rental property...but itís way nicer if it is closer. Being close to spectrum means OC dirt riding is 25-30 mins away.
6.) goal: my rentals will cash flow positive a few hundred a month by this summer. I am hoping to use them to entirely cover my living/apartment costs as long as I can find a place in OC thatís under a grand per month. I also found private owners were less likely to increase rents if they like you.

I am also in my mid 30ís...ideally I donít want to get roommates anymore. So occasionally I will see ads to rent an in-law apartment or Separate entrance bedroom/bath with kitchenette...although those rarely have parking. I found living alone has a premium

Did I cover everything?

Flagged for removal?

I dunno who or what you are talking about...yay for one OC toll roads free for motorcycles that is all

So far it reads that you need a transponder

Lol...sure...try it on the 133/241/73...they will send you a clarification bill

Haaa..itís not aimed at fixing everything in CA itís a money grab move

Take millions of tax payer money into their pockets, advertise it as a benefit to the people, continue to make money for years and years to come

The key is scooting around as the minority -motorcyclists arenít going to make them rich so free helps us and no worry to them


Will motorcycles be allowed to drive for free in the 405 Express Lanes?

All vehicles, including motorcycles, must have a transponder in order to use the 405 Express Lanes. Per the toll policy, motorcycles are allowed free travel at all times and are eligible for the Special Access account.

not that I'll be doing the Long Beach -> OC commute by 2022/2023, but I will keep my toll road transponder (paid a one time fee when the '91 expansion happened) at the times I head to LA area

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