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Ok, so Dboy won the GP 3 day pass for MotoGP and he couldn't I was like ok ill go!

So, Its 90$ ticket, I got it for $40.00.....So, $40.00 and its your. General Admision 3 day pass....Id go but I just started my new Job today, I just don't have the time to go.

SO....if any one wants it...hit me up. Thanks.

714 904 3088....or PM....ill be home tomorrow around 5.

Spontanious buy.....DOH!!!!!

Hading to Norms on Beach if any one wants to go...its there for a bit eating. 714 904 3088

Any one know of a bike bone yard line a pick a part? Im looking for Headers from a 2005-2008 R6. I find them all over Ebay, but one is $400 and one is 150....for the stock headers...seems like this should be cheaper like no more then 100$ lol. OH WELL....any one?

EDIT: NEVER MIND!!!!! NO RIDE TO LA Tijera how ever its spelled....NO RIDE NOW....

REASON: Oddball.lyn Grandam left like $675 in her my truck. I got excited about the find...but granny was leaving tomorrow. So I was going to have to ride back to there house to drop it off tonight. Now I do not have to. Thanks to all who checked this out..... I just didnt want to ride up there by my lonesome if I didn't have to. Thanks!

Ok, its 9:45 and I neeed to go from Huntington Beach to La Tiera and the 405 area and drop something off to Oddballs granny whos leaving for vietnam. If ANY one is up and wants to ride...hit me up. Im leaving in 15 minutes.....(10:00) 714 904 3088 (peter or Cruzin)

General Motorcycle Discussion / Aluminum Bolts
« on: 07/12/08 05:17PM »
Any one know where to get Aluminum bolts around OC or LA ? Need some black anodized ones for my gas cap for the R6. Thanks....

So this happend to a close friend last year....

My buddy wanted a bike so bad, I told him I would help him find a good deal! So, we went shopping, lookin' on the net, and so on. He comes over after 2 months of lookin/talkin about gettin a bike and tells me this "Dude, I found a 2006 CBR600rr with 5k miles for 2,800 shipped from Texas. Tells me this Story: The guy is a engineer out of Texas, moving to Alaska, so needs to dump the bike fast". So, I tell him "Dude, if its to good to be true, its a scam!". So, next he tells me "I already sent the money". I just looked at him and shook my head, told him to call me when it showed

So, about 3 days later, he comes over and tells me this "The web sight for the shipping company is gone, and the money was picked up in Amsterdamn". "western union".

Second Scam that I was involved in...

I sell my Paintball gun since I got out of NPPL paintball. Craigs list it goes. I get several e-mails to this effect: I will send you 2k in money orders, you keep x ammount and send the rest back with the paintgun. So, I had a laugh and send my po box and sure enough...i got like 2k worth of money orders...funny part was it was addressed from texas, but the money orders were from Garden Grove,ca. So, i took the money orders to this bank and asked them what was up with them. Told me they were stolen a few months back. Then asked me where i got i turned them in and never heard anthing from the police.

funny part was the guy that send them kept threating me causei wouldnt send the money Worst part is.....people fall for this crap.

So, my system crashed and its been on the fritz for a few days. Any one here a tech or good with them? Ive done all i can...short of sending it back to gateway next week. PM for details...till then, im at the mercy of using oddball.lyns laptop for now. 8) My new lap top i should say lol..j/k.

see yall around....

Just want to thank all the 'Captains' and every one for attending. I must say my 'first' OC MOTO ride was a kick in the ass!!! All the pictures, great time....Thank you!!!

-Peter :42:


See ya' guys and gals at SBN & HB Bike Night.

Yamaha / Monday Ride any one?
« on: 06/23/08 08:36AM »
So, I went to work today and took a anual paid for im at home on a nice day.

WHO WANTS TO RIDE???!?!?!?!?!?!?? lol...kinda hot...but...any one want to cruise the beach? :31:

I have been on the hunt for a local guy who does decals. Any one have a good source?

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / RIDE TODAY (Late but nice trip)
« on: 06/21/08 12:18PM »
Ok, so DMar, Oddball.lyn and I are heading to SD to get some tired from DMar (he got them cheap) So were going to make a ride/trip out of it for this afternoon. Maybe relax in SD for the afternoon and head back tonight.

If any one wants to go....were meeting in HB around 1:45. 714 904 3088. I can give directions. We will set up a rought via GPS and head out. Nice ride down, relax...nice ride back!!!

I know its late, but its SATURDAY!!! WOOT!!!


So, I'm thinking about chaning my pads on my calipers. Ive never worn out a set...the fronts need it, the rear is brand new...whats the rear for? lol...

Any who, can any one point me in a good direction? I have SSB Lines, 5.1 its time to update the stoppers pads.....

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Ride Friday June 20th.
« on: 06/19/08 02:17PM »
So, I work 4-10' I usually get 3 day weekends. DOES anyone whos off want to do a little ride and lunch tomorrow? No plans or destination as of yet. I was thinking maybe the beach areas....good food? Every one welcome to come...the rest who have to work...HAHA!!!  :13:

General Motorcycle Discussion / Need parts installed?
« on: 06/16/08 02:07AM »
Hey guys, Ive been though this before, bike was laid down *or hit by a drunk driver in my case* needed to put my bike together so what did I do? Take it to a shop and get ripped off!!!!

Quick story: Took my bike to a shop, they said I needed a front wheel, clip ons...when I went down to the shop to check the 'broken parts' out. They had been trashed. This is a BIG NO NO!!!!! I made them pay for the new parts because they could not prove the parts were bent or broken!

Ok, so here it is. I LOVE to work on bikes, nothing major as far as im not going to build a hot motor for you or change your cams lol.

I will do the following: Brakes, Power Commanders, Exhausts, and just about anything bolt on / electrical.

I have most the tools to do this stuff, and the space!!! I do it on my free time and I charge little or nothing depending on the beer and pizza 8)

So to you who either. A. Dont have the place B. Dont have the tools. C. Not the mechanical skills...or D. just to lazy.

Im in Huntington Beach. I can get a deal on parts as well! Tires, brake lines, exhaust ect.

PM me if you need anything, or need help. Im free for the next few weeks durning any time.

Last thing, ill teach you how to do this stuff if you like. Ladies, my girl can change her own oil and do her brakes, you should to!!!! Why pay 100$ when you can do it your self and have fun and learn how the bike works?

New Members / Helo OC Moto friends
« on: 06/13/08 03:18PM »
I would just like to say hello to all! I was turned onto this by Oddball.lyn and Karyiaki. I had the pleasure of meeting some on you at HB Bike night and Riding around with Karyiaki today, nice ride!

Just want to say also, thank you for being kind with Oddball.lyn as she is a new rider.

Hope to ride with many of you soon, if not all. Hit me up if you find your desitnation to end or start in HB.   :42:

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