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Not when drugs, guns and prostitution are the way of business for these guys.

See all of these biker clubs out this way. Its bad news!

I have seen the good, the bad, and the UGLY!!! Personally, I have been on the fence for about a year. I found several kits, but never can find any one who got a 'good' product. Paint is off, Decals are off, even worse the tabs are wrong, and the molds are shitty.

I did find one on kit who's whos tabs were great, paint was great (20ft pray job) and the deals were all good, mold was pretty darn close...but the kit was UGLY IMO.

Its a chance you take, its not cost effective to send it back if its wrong, so what you what you got. Good luck!

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: GSX-R v. CBR
« on: 10/16/11 10:53AM »
Can't say much for either one. I had a 2006 CBR 600rr, I loved the bike. I went to a 2006 R6 and never looked back. The product was like going from a butter knife to a scalpel. Handling, Power, and Comfort. Although bikes have changed a bit since, I think the Honda was a better commuter bike at the time, where as the Yamaha was far better at the track.

As for Kawi, I never did like the feel, its about the only brand I never have been impressed with.

Suzuki, best motor/trans in the biz, but never have liked the looks of them

Go sit on them all, put your feet up, and see witch one starts out with the best ergo's for your self. Next, if you have some friends or maybe ask on the board, maybe you could go around the block on some ones bike to see how it rides? I have done this for a few people, they all made a better choice for them self's.

Good luck!

Maybe they want a 'raven' due to the fact they are 'dark'. Early morning, hard to see a dark bike over a brighter color perhaps? Interesting to hear what happens. Good luck on the 150$!

50$...cause it matches my Leather jacket? lol....BUMP.

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Borrego Springs
« on: 09/14/11 07:40PM »
I love that road, last time I went I had a stick go though my Luckly when we got into temecula, my Dad was near by for a ride home.

HBPD at their best!!! lol

Son of a B****...

Try 118-120+ here in Arizona, I gave up on the jacket (yeah yeah). I usually have my 5.11 back pack witch supports Hydration pack and I keep ice in it before I head off any where. Never know!

Lately since I leave at 0400 and get on the free way around 1330, traffic is minimal, but I usually rock my  leather jacket, never was a fan of a textile jacket.

Good luck on finding the right gear. I don't like any 'Motorcycles' back backs, I think they are almost all cheaply made. 5.11, Camel back back packs *and hydration packs* are well worth the money for the quality you get. Also, Camel packs are great for the fact if you put Gatorade in it, the next batch of water wont taste like it. Other hydration bladders don't offer this or work.

Just looking at my dog now, moron! lol

Shoot first, ask questions later (IMO).

Political Opinions / Re: This cop is an A hole
« on: 08/30/11 06:08PM »
Glad I made pop corn for this thread; If your running from the cops, at high speeds, your a danger to the public. If the cops runs your punk ass over, OH WELL! I think its funny. I know every time I got lit up, I pulled over and took what ever was coming. So, I don't feel bad for ANY one who runs. As for ramming a bike with a passenger, I duno, that's harsh. Guess the passenger should have gotten off the bike.

Off Topic / Re: pneumatic tools
« on: 08/27/11 07:27PM »
yes, its for a heavy metal work shop i just got on with. I need to be able to cut a host of metals, and not bog down. I usually use marvel mysterie oil (three drops per few hours). I like good tools, and keeping them in good working order.

Hey calamari, what u doing in suprise?

Off Topic / pneumatic tools
« on: 08/27/11 04:57PM »
Looking for some a small die grinder, angle grinder. I dont want something cheap, but i dont want snap on. Any one know a good 'usa' company?

118 here in Chandler, AZ 8)~ lol

Bottom line is, irresponsible riders have ruined it for all of us. The city is tired of motorcycle related accidents in the Crest. This time I have to agree with the law. Time to leave the crest alone for some time until it clears up/

This isn't just California. Here in AZ same thing. 80MPH+ = Criminal speed here. Go to jail... I havn't been riding due to the fact is to hot. but I do know that its every where. High speeds,  dumb people = crack down.  Ride safe my friends!

Hey, that is really good stuff there!!!

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: 2012 cbr600RR????
« on: 08/19/11 01:33AM »
Yeah, a V4 would be bad ass...Ty for the info Black!

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