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Tales of the Road / Re: ACH reopens
« Last post by Gone in 60 on 11/20/19 12:43PM »
Just did ACH on Sunday, but on four wheels. Somehow managed to Forrest Gump my way into a Ford press demo drive.

The new GT500 is very nice.
nope...check the everride sucks
Tales of the Road / Re: ACH reopens
« Last post by thtanner on 11/19/19 05:37PM »
Let's ride.

I have a week off next week, so riding is definitely in the mix. Just gotta get past this wet spot over the next few days.
I wonder if anyone has done a longevity test of one of those SCS bikes. I'm not immediately going to dismiss them, but fool me once..
Bikes For Sale / Re: 2017 BMW S1000R, White
« Last post by Jerome Daoust on 11/06/19 10:52PM »
Bikes For Sale / SOLD: 2017 BMW S1000R, White
« Last post by Jerome Daoust on 11/06/19 01:09AM »
BMW S 1000 R, with Premium and Dynamic packages, mostly white color scheme.
Only $9500 for an easy sale. Dealer offers me Blue Book trade-in ($8400) but Blue Book private sale is $11670.
2017 model year. Same engine (165 HP) and design/features as the current model year.
First and only owner, I bought it in January 2018, from local BMW dealer.
It has the Premium and Dynamic packages: Quick shifter up and down (no need to pull clutch to change gears), Traction Control, ABS Pro (Cornering ABS), DDC (Electronic suspension), Heated grips, Cruise control.
Picture of the bike and me.
It has 14500 miles at the moment. I ride it almost daily, because it's fun.
Excellent condition. Fresh tires: Bridgestone S22. All service up-to-date, next one only due at 18000 miles.
Still under warranty through January 24 2021.
Minor modifications: Taller windscreen (I have original and easy to re-install), kickstand shoe/pad to prevent sinking into soft ground (easy to remove), RAM mount ball (easy to remove).
Reason for selling: Buying a more expensive sport touring bike (BMW R1250RS) to please passenger wife.

You can wait, but it is riding season here in Southern California, so it will have more miles.
Feel free to come see it, I am in San Jacinto, CA. No test rides (I am the only insured driver) but I can demonstrate.
I have the title for it (all paid for), so you can drive away with it.
Preferred payment method is cash, otherwise need for transaction to clear before releasing the bike.

Best way to reach me is by email.
I might  grab  Adventure  bike soon .. This is not a thread to debate which  one but I do like the BMW 850 GS .
I see the Chinese  SCS are pretty good for the money .
Tales of the Road / Re: ACH reopens
« Last post by VFRCapt.Bob on 10/29/19 04:20PM »
Let's ride.
Tales of the Road / Re: ACH reopens
« Last post by thtanner on 10/23/19 09:03AM »
Glad it is back open. I went up and over ACH the last day it was open in my Firebird. Had a few icy corners.
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