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General Motorcycle Discussion / OEM wheel weights
« on: 04/23/15 05:32PM »
I was wondering if anyone knew where to find OEM style wheel weights to balance wheels. ie not the stick on kind. Ive tried dozens of motorcycle parts websites and have found nothing. I am referring to the crimp on style that crimps onto the middle part of the rim.  I will also start balancing my own wheels and wanted to know what static balancers are you folks using, Ive read about the Nomar, Tusk and several others but just wanted to know your feedback on the ones you guys have.

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: Need tires mounted
« on: 03/15/15 08:50AM »
Ive always been a fan of the bridgestones BT23 and will be the guinea pig to try the new bridgestone T30. I don't know of anyone running these new T30s so I will let you daily commuters know how these perform. And i will be running them on my new 2013 gsxr1000 hopefully they will hold up a bit longer than my OEM tires.

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: Need tires mounted
« on: 03/13/15 08:42AM »
I am also in need of a place to install tires on my ride does anyone here have any experience in dealing with Motorcycle Tire Center located on Batavia in Orange??
I forgot how fast a liter bike can go through tires I only got about 6K miles out of my OEM tires :(

It sounds perfect.. i shortened it by 2 inches .at idle and cruizing speeds it has a low rumble, but when you get into the high rpms its the greatest sound on the planet especially on a liter bike.

So after a month of cutting, chopping, grinding and welding i finaly installed my custom made yoshimura R77.    :44:

i would be willing to take the chain tool set off your hands. Just let me know when is a good time to come pick it up or meet.

Off Topic / Re: Any Destiny players out there?
« on: 09/13/14 06:43PM »
Fyi if you have a PS3 and your buddy has a PS4, and you have the same game ex: call of duty or BF4 you cannot play together. And PS4 is a far better system than xbox.

Yoshimura headquarters is in chino hills just ride over there..i rode over two weeks ago as i am building my own yoshi exhaust and they gave me some great advice and even gave me a few free parts that i needed.

Off Topic / Re: Drummers? Weird request
« on: 08/18/14 06:33PM »
i checked to see if i had anything lying around but found nothing.  i also checked my snare but its a 14" with 8 lugs on the hoop.

Well this thread is awesome. You shouldn't take it so personal. Some folks are just giving you their opinions. I went through the same thing a few years back with OCmoto. I had the ENTIRE OCMOTO crew give me hell for telling them how terrible a certain moto shop was.....guess what that shop is no longer in business.....

Off Topic / Re: Drummers? Weird request
« on: 08/17/14 09:26PM »
i may have what you are looking for i will get back to you manana..  i haven't touched my set in a year or so so i would have to double check.

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Big Sur Ride (Aug 1-3 2014)
« on: 08/03/14 03:45PM »
I plan on doing this exact same trip in a month or so with the ol lady.... I was trying hard to get time off from both my jobs to join and meet you guys  but it didn't work out for me. how was the weather in that area, was it muggy and humid like it is here in the OC??

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: fabrication shop
« on: 08/03/14 03:40PM »
thanks for the offer venom, i was able to locate a shop on lake forest that chopped it for me. Unique fabrications its right behind cycle city. took the gentleman about 30 seconds to chop it with a metal chop saw and it came it perfectly straight....and he did it free of charge so i can't complain.

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: fabrication shop
« on: 08/01/14 09:10PM »
its stainless steel, its  a yoshimura r77 muffler.. yea i was thinking about putting a cutting wheel on my grinder as well.. i just don't think i can pull off a nice clean cut with it..

General Motorcycle Discussion / fabrication shop
« on: 08/01/14 11:26AM »
Does anyone know of any fab shops where i can get this sleeve chopped preferably with a diamond blade chop saw?? I don't want to use a hacksaw because i wont get a nice straight cut with it.. any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

I joined OCmoto years ago and remember meeting Justen on my first newbie ride and he was just  the nicest welcoming individual I've ever meet.... Ride in Peace fellow rider.

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