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Yamaha / Re: R6 meet up idea! (Haters welcome!)
« on: 01/07/12 06:52PM »
ummm interested.... r6 is ready..

Off Topic / Re: On Medical Marijuana and the Roads
« on: 07/31/11 07:29AM »
My only thought is that study listed above does not sound very sceintific and would not be considered good research. On the general topic riding requires your full attention to be safe and any substance that influences awareness is risky. Even if you argue that certain drugs improve situational awareness that would only bring on false confidence and possibly poor decisions in the moment. Remember the MSF class said ride sober, rested, not distracted for the best chance of making it home.
and stay away from Westminster... lol... j/k  that is not a study that is me borred at work with a video camara (sober).

Off Topic / Re: On Medical Marijuana and the Roads
« on: 07/31/11 06:15AM »
hey kosher,you state that you dont get very high when you smoke,and that probably due to the amount of THC already in your body from smoking so much,say you did get very high,do you think it would have an affect on your riding/driving skills?

people tend to experience marijuana in differently.not too long ago i got free gifts from the medical shops and i ate a grape gummybear which was huge and had 2grams of hash,and then i hate a "chocolate shot".took a while to kick in,was at walgreens and out of no where it hit me hard,and i let my friend drive us home,i highly doubt i would have been able to drive.i was pretty much high on a high level for a few hours and my stomach burning,no bueno! lmao.
I do agree... when i eat it i get f&c(ed up. no i cannot operate my bike well when i have had one of those chocolate bars.
I work with animals and more and more latley they have been comming in because there stupid owners leave all of those medical edibles all over the house. I have seen multiple dogs seizure from it. Yea eating it messes with you alot different than smoking it. No bueno!


I rode a Wolfhound!

What did you ride today?

Off Topic / Re: On Medical Marijuana and the Roads
« on: 07/31/11 05:30AM »
Well don't get all AA on me but i smoke alllll the time.... I like to ride alot and far. I have really bad knees and ankles i get cramped up during a long ride. I do the usuall, Ibuprfen, streching before the ride and eat and really ballanced meal before i ride. but i deffenetly smoke before and during the ride, some of you folks have rolled there eyes at me and whitnessed, i don't care it make me more comfortable during my ride. My Doctor gave me a prescription for Vicoden. I don't take them they make me sick and jittery not good for riding.

I smoke so much i don't get very high it's just used as a analgesic. I'm not one of those sit on the couch living at mom house ether. I have a Professinal job, take care of myself and don't have the need to experimant with any harder drugs.

My 2 cents thanks for listning,

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Mexico to Canada in 24hrs
« on: 06/07/11 03:00AM »
So I talked to my buddy in oragon and its true even motorcycles have to have there gas pumped by the attendent by law. So depending on the speed of the attendent the oragon fillups are going to take too long. Keep that in mind.

This is not true. When riding through Oregon, they all let me know that they are not required to pump gas into bikes. If they try, tell them there is a special trick that they don't know, and they will back off.

:7: Cool

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: Guess this tool!
« on: 06/07/11 02:55AM »
An Impact Driver..... I just found mine in the garage the other day...

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Re: Mexico to Canada in 24hrs
« on: 06/06/11 08:16PM »
So I talked to my buddy in oragon and its true even motorcycles have to have there gas pumped by the attendent by law. So depending on the speed of the attendent the oragon fillups are going to take too long. Keep that in mind.

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Re: Mexico to Canada in 24hrs
« on: 06/06/11 02:16AM »
Its been a while since I have been thru Oragon but in a cage the gas stations have to pump the gas for you.. is it the same for motorcycles up there? If that's the case stops up there will take you more than 10 min.

I want to do this but I don't have a passport. And my boss won't be happy giving me those days off. Have fun and please be safe.

Where the hell have I been I love coffe and breast f in garden grove

Misc / Re: Chatterbox GMRS X1 vs.Go Pro Motorsports HD
« on: 05/10/11 06:29AM »
I love my Bluetooth chatterbos patches right into my smart phone..... Music, Phone, walkie Talkie.... and i can change, pause, or turn down my songs with a push of the chatterbox buttons. But i wish they were a bit smaller.

Stay away from weel works in Garden Grove, I did not know of prices back then but i was suckered 70.00 just for the instalation. When they were done the valve stem was old and cracking, was not ballanced properly. I took it back to them and they tried to say it was my wheels falt. I took my bike to another bike shop and got it all fixed for 20.00 and gave wheel works a bad review... They do not like sports bikes...

I'm so down just to watch.... haha

Shops / Re: superbike nation closing
« on: 03/03/11 05:46AM »
damn i need service next really bad for a arizona trip...... Any good shops i live in cypress

Having a drain in your knee must suck a$_ I always wear knee and ankle guards when I ride I don't care if I look like a dork, I love to walk. +1 for posting a need to see vid.

Booooooooo. I'm having my knee scope surgery on the Friday before.  :-\. Don't know my down time yet, until they go in and see what's causing my knee issues. Have fun and be safe when you go and take pics!

3 weeks, had the same thing done..... guarenteed if they won't find anything they will shave cartiage anyway to ease swelling. Enjoy your vidio games, food, and pain meds....

Crash Stories / Re: I went down 1/29/11
« on: 01/31/11 03:35AM »
The dumb guy should at least be held accounted for the accident, put a fire under his a$$ so maby he will think before barging into a busy street again....

Sorry for the bad luck, but glad your alive.


nothing wrong with Rod stewart.

I've seen a sh#t ton of bands to much to add to this topic, but my first concert was New Kids On The Block.... "O O a OOO The right stuff"!

Well i was concerned about Motorhelmets, as i am a costomer as well. So i went to there website and in the comments part I asked them to look at this thread and this is the response i got back:

re:  Thanks for your comments Greg:  We do what we can to help our customers and take care of their needs. The truth is, we can never make everyone happy all the time. That's true in business and relationships. And yes, many times we do make mistakes. And yes, we're short staffed.. Yes, we need more trained people. But these things cost money, and the truth is, at the end of the day, customers aren't willing to pay for it.

Now.. commenting on the post from ocmoto... Anyone can rant whatever they want online and say whatever "side" of their story they wish. Unfortunately this incident happend, but I believe the store did little wrong. (yes, someone should've labeled the item w/ a copy of his receipt and name) If a customer pre-pays for an item and gets a receipt slip, we have a record of that purchase. But we do not record that customer's personal information (name, phone, address). Unless the sales rep knows this customer, or unless the customer brings in a copy of his receipt, it makes it very difficult for us to verify the customer's actual purchase. How do we know it was him? How do we associate an anonymous invoice w/ a person off the street? It's very difficult. We do not ask for customer's personal name or information, thus no way to track down indiviual purchases unless they bring a receipt. Thus we requested him go and get his invoice or come back and talk to a sales person he knew (Ruben). The client may have been telling the truth (yes maybe he did pay for the item), but again, he's only seeing this from his Point of View. Not ours. From our point of view, he's some Joe who walked off the street claiming he paid for something and he has no proof or evidence. So he decides to just walk off with it using his own personal moral justification. He had no authorization from us, and no approval. In our point of view, he walked off without proper approval, and basically, he took something that wasn't his (with proof). He by law, robbed the store. Try doing that at any other store... I think the same thing would result. Thus the store management is upset, and they have the right to be. If he's willing to come back to store, apologize and make things right, Im sure rational heads can come to an understanding.  Thanks for your interest in Motorhelmets.   Regards,Dave / Customer Service

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