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Off Topic / Re: Chocolate Chip Day
« on: 05/16/19 07:25AM »
or make us all fat and sick

woohoo. welcome back to the riding world. i know how it sucks not being able to ride

I cleaned my chain but if you chuckleheads don't know what that looks like then you need to clean your chain

link expired?  so whats the plan stan?

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Misc / Re: Thunder Thursday at The Pike
« on: 04/12/19 10:15AM »
ahh totally forgot about that event

Misc / Re: Roar in the Shore
« on: 04/05/19 08:14PM »
Cool! Thx for posting. I'll post over on the FB page

can't make tomorrow but possibly next weekend? definitely interested.  haven't been out that way in looonnnggg time

oh crap I didn't see a PM notification. I still have the tire!  :( 

Free 99:  09-12 kawasaki zx6 tail light
Free AGV cargo pants with kevlar in them or something.  Size 32 waist, 30 length. 

will have to check it out sometime

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: TIRE CHANGES!
« on: 03/31/19 04:35PM »
why are you so far from me? so rude

coolio.  i'll go to the cheap version probably

March 12th, 2019

5 PM - 8 PM

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Gear For Sale / Re: Kendon motorcycle lift
« on: 03/02/19 05:57PM »

Went to the ktm demo day at irvine lake yesterday. Got there at 930 and they were booked past 11. Boooo

sucks to hear Todd.  Give me a holler if ya need help with stuff.  I'm working in Orange during the day but you know I'm nearby just in case

damn Todd that sucks.  heal quick.

WTF Mr. Todd! you doing gymnastics at work now or what?

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