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Parts For Sale / sold
« on: 05/12/18 08:09AM »

I've known Drew for quite awhile (back when he was working out of garages). He's always been a nice guy and a knowledgeable mechanic.  I think the issue is that he has bitten off more than he can chew.

OCMoto members and numerous referrals have caused his business to grow, but without hiring enough extra hands to help.

Because of this, services that used to have a reasonable turn-around have turned into months of waiting. This happened to me with the last bike of mine that he worked on.


Off Topic / Re: Buying land in California city
« on: 06/17/17 09:07AM »
Good points.

However, if say a 6-8k sq ft lot was purchased in a residential area with a few houses around, would the odds of homeless setting up camp be quite low (neighbors would probably call police to make them leave)?  Also wouldn't the fire risk be low as well since CA city is pretty much a desert (not chaparral)?

I figure odds of people hurting themselves on vacant land would be low, as well, but insurance would cover that if it happened.

In terms of trash, I supposed a quarterly trip up there to check and clean up anything could cover that. I suppose a fence could be built as well to help keep people and things out.

Please correct me if I'm wrong. Want to make sure everything possible is thought up and considered.

Off Topic / Re: Buying land in California city
« on: 06/17/17 08:09AM »
Interesting idea, Bhavesh.

So it would seem if one bought land for cash, the only yearly expenses would be taxes (I assume around 1%?) and insurance (which I think you can just use your existing homeowners insurance to cover or extend?).

Are there any other possible liabilities to consider?

Also is it recommended to have some kind of inspection or survey done? I assume if there are houses nearby, then the land is already set up and zoned for future utility and sewer needs?

Great price from an honest seller. Beautiful bike!


Miscellaneous / sold
« on: 04/05/16 07:17PM »

Gear For Sale / .
« on: 10/02/15 04:36PM »

Miscellaneous / Sold
« on: 08/22/15 11:48AM »

Seems it could be slightly over-priced compared to other bikes you could get for 9k (but definitely not as bad as that ridiculous 600rr)

Expect to only get back around 50% of original msrp on average for used mods.

I'd recommend putting bike back to stock and then sell the aftermarket parts separately. You'll definitely get more back then selling it all together.

Bikes For Sale / Re: Honda scooter for sale
« on: 06/17/15 02:56PM »
Looks cool.

How many miles are on it and is registration up-to-date?

Thanks Kenneth and Cass-Anova for your support as fellow OCMOTO members.   

Kenneth - I'm merely trying to sell all my gear together which is ideal for someone who is looking to get into riding.  It could be a beginner or possibly someone who is looking to get in track days.  Of course, there is the possibility the gear may not fit or even be wanted which is where someone could open up a dialogue about purchasing just the bike for a lesser price.

Cass-Anova - Yes, the R1 is a great bike and adequately priced however a beginner most likely wouldn't want to start with an R1 and may be specifically looking for a 600cc model.  And more importantly, this bike is also geared towards someone looking to get into track days and wants a track ready bike which is priced to include the additional upgrades. 

What I can't understand is, why do people feel the need to provide their opinion if in the end, it provides no value whatsoever?  What value are you providing other than just being negative and putting someone else down? 

Thanks for wasting everyone's time including mine. 

I don't feel the need to support someone who joined the forum to simply unload their over-priced bike.

Why buy a clean 07 r1 when you can have a dropped 600cc bike with Chinese fairings instead for the same price?

Having owned a few salvaged bikes, the main thing to look out for is frame damage. Check the frame in daylight for any dents or painting over. During the test-ride, take your hands off the bars and make sure it tracks straight. If it veers to one side, the frame or forks may be bent.

Miscellaneous / sold
« on: 05/19/15 05:50PM »

One tool kit left. Most likely came from a 03 gsxr 1000

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