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Anybody going? I'm interested in going tomorrow and thought it would be cool to link up with someone.

REPSOL, I have my first track day at chuckwalla this weekend. Can't wait!!
Awesome! What tires are you going to run? Your going to catch the bug.

I'm going with bto16. Had several brands of tires and have always felt best on these. Just realized it's going to 118 degrees my track day...

REPSOL, I have my first track day at chuckwalla this weekend. Can't wait!!

Tales of the Road / Re: Palomar Sucks!!!
« on: 05/31/16 01:05AM »
Wouldn't waste your time with the backside of palomar but s6 is really fun, yes there are some rough patches but it's still a great ride.

That's puzzling.  The guy was following the same line and was going just as fast as the rider in front, yet he lost his front end and low sided. Luckily his low side was a mild one and there was nobody coming in the other direction.

BTW, you were scraping pegs on your FJR.  I'm impressed. 

Haha, thank you! Some of those turns I'm picking up my foot so my peg can give way so I can get s little more lean. Would normally have my Cbr up there but it's in the shop getting a valve adjustment and some work to the cam chain.

From my view it appears that it was just too much lean for his tires, he had some hard compound metzler tires on. It appears his front end lost grip.

Followed some guys up the other day, guy was ok only some minor bumps and bruises.  Lucky it wasn't a busy day for oncoming traffic.

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Yeah man @REPSOL! Been riding a lot, just haven't visited the forum in quite some time.  I'm doing my first track day at Chuckwalla next week, just getting my CBR prepped right now.

It was actually 530pm, it was super cloudy up there.

Yea, shocked the heck out of me when i came around the corner

You ever ran into a damn fox up there!! I go up there quite a bit and have never seen a fox, let alone almost smashing it into a million pieces.

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Did a late run up Palomar today and got this awesome shot, but also almost obliterated a fox, wait till the end.

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Tales of the Road / Re: Seen this yet?
« on: 05/17/16 11:35PM »
Yea, I'm not buying the whole wind gust story.  Glad the guy is alright but this just seems like inexperience.

Gear For Sale / Re: Alpinestars 1 piece suit
« on: 09/12/15 07:59PM »
bump, still available

Gear For Sale / Re: Alpinestars 1 piece suit
« on: 08/19/15 05:21PM »
I had it at $400, lowered to $300. I just edited my original post. I have someone coming Friday to check it out.

Gear For Sale / Re: Alpinestars 1 piece suit
« on: 08/14/15 06:14PM »
Price adjusted

Gear For Sale / Re: Alpinestars 1 piece suit
« on: 08/07/15 05:11PM »

Gear For Sale / Alpinestars 1 piece suit
« on: 08/03/15 10:23AM »
selling an alpinestars 1 piece suit, has been in 1 low speed low side.

Size is a U.S. 60, I am 5'10" and 225 and it fits me pretty snug but comfortable


Text preferred nine-five-one 837-8002

Pick up only, menifee 92584

Yes he still has them, go ahead and call him or text, he works night crew and sleeps till about 1 pm

I think he does, I'll text him and pm you

I'm selling these for a friend, he sold his r6 and yanked these off, they were only installed for probably a week. Brand new condition.

$50 he is asking

here is his # 951-303-4779 please use text and say your from OCMOTO

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