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Parts For Sale / Re: 08 250 Ninja airbox with K&N $60
« on: 06/12/12 02:28PM »
Whats the offer on just the air filter?

Parts For Sale / 08 250 Ninja airbox with K&N $60
« on: 10/29/11 10:01AM »
After rejetting and swapping out my friends box for some pod filters I've had the box laying around for a few months now, its got a brand new K&N filter in it (friend put it in and replaced box in the same week)  I've decided to see if I can part with both for $60 seeing how the boxes are relatively cheap an the K&N's run for 40 a piece.

Lol, I have a friend looking for an SV for 2k thats why.  If I had the money I'd take it from you now, I love what you did with the exhaust.

Let me know when you're desperate enough for 2 grand.

hehehe, feet.

hmmm....I'm thinking a popular mainstream show like Myth Busters will create a whole lot of negative buzz for motorcycling if they find that MCs are less environmentally sound (which is quite plausible).  I can already envision it now- ::::clutches Yosh pipe:::: You can have my slip on exhaust when you pull it out of my cold dead hands!!


I sure hope not.

I don't think it was funny.  Or acceptable.

There are other methods to stop speeding but still, shouldn't have have been speeding on a public road.   Save it for the track.

It depends on how much it means to you.  Those around me that know me would never ask me to do this because it is one of my most passionate hobbies.  My fiance went as far as to offer to take the class so she could ride too.  You could be in an accident just walking down the sidewalk.  You can never get rid of the chance, you can only change how it could happen.

Slow down.  Instead of trying to fight the system why don't you try following it?

Off Topic / Re: Gears of War 3
« on: 09/19/11 08:20PM »
Space Marine!

Tales of the Road / Re: Couldn't believe what I saw
« on: 09/15/11 02:31PM »

1. Everyone is issued a air powered gun when they receive their license.
2. The gun shoots DOT approved "flags" that say "STUPID" on them attached to darts.
3. The darts have a patent-pending magneto-suction system that is unbreakable by the car owner.
4. Whenever someone does something stupid on the road, a driver shoots the offender with a STUPID flag.
5. The flag remains on the car for 30 days at which point it automatically falls of and, of course being biodegradeable and green and made of soy, it simply melts into the ground leaving no trace.
6. If, at any time, a driver amasses a total of five (5) flags on their vehicle at any given time, they are restricted from operating their motor vehicle until the flag count drops below the count of five (5).
7. Police would be able to easily identify any violators as the flags would be prominent and easy to count.


unfortunately $3000 is the max because that is all he has.  We're hoping for around 2grand so he can still get some nice gear with the remaining money.

I'm there too.

I don't think I posted this here but a friend of mine is looking for a bike and I've been tryin to help him.  He likes my SV650 so I've been trying to find him something in the Sport/Standard range.  He's kinda tall and doesn't like the leaning forward much.

yeah I was on my way to the office and saw this being towed a couple lanes over.  I have my iPhone mounted on my handlebars so I pulled up the camera app and changed a few lanes to line up the shot.

I bet I'll win.

Bikes For Sale / Re: 2005 Suzuki SV1000 ~ $4200 OBO
« on: 09/11/11 11:13PM »
oooh, I like it.

Political Opinions / Re: This cop is an A hole
« on: 09/02/11 12:58AM »
...go get a 80mph ticket on the 405 while you got people on 1/2 ton vehicles going 85-90mph flying by around you and tell me how happy you are...
80mph is 15mph over the maximum speed limit. The fact that other people are also doing it doesn't make it any less illegal. This is a fairly common fallacy and one that usually doesn't hold up in court.

The fact that YOU got the ticket and they didn't could be random chance or that the cop doesn't like motorcycles or that you were doing something else to get noticed.

Yes but answer this for me.. what is the average speed cars travel on the freeway? if cars are traveling at an average 75-80mph is it safe for me to drive slower than the flow of traffic? should i drive 65 or even 70mph on the fast lane or carpool lane or any lane really so i can get rear ended, ran over or side swiped? or should i travel at the flow of traffic or even 5mph faster to keep myself at a safe distance from others..remember im driving a motorcycle and going down on the freeway is nothing nice. again, i was not swerving nor was i passing cars left and right when i got pulled over... i rest my case.

I have a comment about your typing but I'm going to save it for when I don't think you'll start whining and give me 10 made up statistics about how it is better than everyone elses.

To answer you, average speed I see for cars is 75 - 80 mph.  I go 80.  This is speeding.  If I get pulled over (and I have) I will man up and take the speeding ticket for driving over 65mph, the legal posted speed.  If you want to avoid getting a ticket then yes, go 65mph and stick to the right side of the free way.  If you get rear ended then hey, you can have someone else to whine at and take to court.

yeah man up and bend over like thanks. Ohh Geez thanks officer for that ticket!! . Wow you cant fix stupid.

Are you insecure or something.  You reply to everyone who comments about you with a reference to being gay.  If there is something you need to get off your chest, I'd seek council, not a motorcycle forum.

It is possible, though in your case I doubt it is likely, to be polite to the officer and they will give you a warning instead of the ticket.  Most officers I've run into respect when you acknowledge you did something dumb and are mature enough to accept responsibility for it.  It shows that you are more capable of fixing it then some immature brat that can't accept the fact.

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