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Bikes For Sale / kawasaki gpz-5550
« on: 05/24/18 10:18PM »
nice clean bike clear title and low miles  looking to sell around 2k obo....

Gear For Sale / alpine stars track pants
« on: 08/19/16 08:35PM »
44/54 large. zips up to a stars jackets... in excellent condition never down no tears etc. ... 140 bucks.. new pucks too...

Bikes For Sale / TTR 110 Yamaha pit bike
« on: 03/21/14 03:21PM »
selling my pit bike... like new with electric start and key.. 1,800 obo it's spotless. no back dmv fee's.

I also got some gear for sale... none of my gear has seen the pavement...

Alpine stars track leather two piece leather pants... they retail for 479. make offer... perfect condition. sz 44/54
Technics track one piece race suit... like new. 350 obo. sz 44/54
large mesh jacket 25 bucks.. (large) but fit is more like medium.
try lee designs gloves 75.. (large) like new.
Alpine stars riding boots. 75.. size 9.5

Awesome reporting by Brandon Ferguson with OcWeekly, a reporter solves two grand theft auto cases.

Garden Grove foreclosed home houses stolen electronics, motorcycle's, and even a bank owned Mercedes all illegally hidden at a Firefighter and cops home in Garden Grove.

....selling some gear/parts/bikes etc....

1.  2006 CRF 250r  almost brand new $3,200
2.  1985 VF-500 Interceptor $3,200

     2007-CBR600 and 2007-R1 (((both sold)))

3.  women's medium jacket and helmet $220
4.  complete set of mens large motorcross riding gear $250
5.  complete set of womens medium motorcross riding gear $250
6.  technics 1/pc track suit us sz.44.. spotless $300
7.  alpine stars boots us sz 9.5 $150 ((sold))
8.  alpine stars low boot us sz 9.5 $100
9.  troy lee two sets of gloves us sz large $40
10.  GTYR Rear stand $40
11.  Two  (2) bike Moto Hauler.. completely disassembles super heavy duty 1/4" wall tubing with lights @  $1,200
12.  Joe rocket ballistic jacket $100 (mesh)
13.  front and rear stands pit-bull stands....  (($200.00 sold))
14.  Alpine star track pants sz large with new pucks.. perfect condition $300
15.  34" vinyl plotter cutter with dell computer and wall monitor $1,200
16.  I-Phone older 3s-8gig model with Phillips music player and remote both for $100. no scratches on front screen
17.  Electric Dryer front load... awesome condition $100.00

I'm sure I'll add more to the junk list...

email for more info or pics... limits you to only 5 pics.....OBO...
located in Huntington Beach off main street....

I need part money for my newest project!!   

Bikes For Sale / 2006 CRF250R
« on: 02/18/13 09:07AM »
anyone want to trade for a Yamaha R6 streetbike. I never use this bike..

anyone want to give me some advice on setting cams up correctly on a V-twin motor. not sure which marks to use and manual stinks.

Gear For Sale / GYTR rear stand
« on: 01/01/13 05:51PM »
40 bucks in good condition

Retired salesman sees his buddy everyday at Los Angeles park, goose even flies right next to him on his scooter...

Okay, it's not too often we have actual pictures of FELONS that steal our toys but I have actual pictures from my private investigator...

 I HIRED A PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR TO FIND MY STOLEN HARLEY DAVIDSON and realized the theif has a huge record and is dangerous.


BE CAREFUL THIS PERSON IS NOT STABLE AND HAS BEEN IN PRISON AND A MENTAL INSTITUTION,  Ken McCormick does not care who he hurts or what it takes to rip you off, HE IS ALSO ARMED WITH A 9mm. which is illegal for felons in Ca.

These are a few stories he has used to rip peopole off...
that he has terminal cancer.
he tries to wear a police or fire dept.  logo shirt for authority
he says he would like to test ride with his girlfriend for her approval
he will come back many times and try to get to know you.


....Dead beat Father owing over 23k in back child support
....DMV fraud..
....Grand theft auto..487.1/pc
....Perjruy 118/pc
....Unlawful taking of vehicles 10851/vc
....Receiving stolen property 496.1/pc
....knowingly buy, sell, or possess vehicle with defaced altered tags 10751/vc
....Insurance fraud..
....Driving on suspended license
....failure to apply for registration
....Driving without a license
....Driving withour insurance
....No evidence of registration

has someone tried to sell you a 2005 Softtail heritage springer.. Harley Davidson (black).  turn ken in today...

ex girlfriend Barbara Clearwater has has given a statement of proving his fraud.
anyone know of a "John Crupp" in HB, we need to question him.

images provided by PI..

I hope this takes one more scammer off the market soon.

Fallen Riders / Another brother passes
« on: 07/16/12 11:01PM »

On my cross streets in hb a 40 year old biker passes today....Lexus turns left. I'm so sad... Be careful..... Be watchfull

I'm restoring a 1985 Honda Interceptor and need a set of track tires and street tires... help with suggestions...retailers

Parts For Sale / 2007 R-1 PoWer ComMandEr Usb3.
« on: 04/30/12 12:00AM »
yzf-r1 power commander. 200.00 Need it gone or trade for R-6 power commander or exhaust..

Last week there was a very heated posting about Cycle-Gear products as entry level or junk..

I have mixed emotions because of lack of proof...

At least I can see products hanging at Dainese from minor and major accidents. Thats testing I can really rely on. 

I did get an email from Cycle-Gear advertisement today.... I think it may be a great option...kind of like an airbag or added protection by the the Cycle-Gear/Bilt product line.

I hope the big helmet names follow this innovative option.  Looks like it will create a snugger fit and maybe less noise in the bucket. maybe even some added protection like an airbag.

what you guys think..

This event should be pretty cool informal way to learn a little bit about Easter and our creator. any and everyone is welcome to sit with us. we will be at the front gate at 8:30/am there will be thousands of people celebrating.. I hope to see ya...

okay, a friend just called me. his friend was just airlifted from an accident. he has a room for the catalina race friday and saturday night, 174.00 per night, I think he already registered to race,,, questions call mike m 714-878-5401 or you can email me.

need your support, here is the link to vote for my r-1 seat... just click vote..that easy, cut and paste link below... I'll win a new cutting tool if i get enough votes, I buy upholstery equiptment from this company sailrite..

see ya on saturday mornings ride...ach...


my bike is so loud,,, don't through away your stock canisters when you get aftermarket cans.. I need them. My ears are

no cutting your fairing, they have the billet offset bushing. purchased at mach1.

spool sliders have a few marks on them from the stand.

pm me if interested.

50 bucks..

How much do you think I can sell my wifes bike for.. its a 2007 CBR600rr with just over 500 miles on it... yip, 500 miles.
it's brand spanking new and she never uses it, so it's going on the auction block, need space in the garage. I took a couple of pics. bike is in perfect condition. has exhaust slip on mod. frame sliders and spools. everything else is stock. registration is current til the end of the year.

***forgot to say that it has a 5 year 0 deductable warranty... 50 bucks to transfer it***

what ya think, I'm not going to be giving it away... fyi...

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