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Does anyone have a Stock ZX6R Shifter for sale or know a good place to get one for cheap?   I lowsided at ButtonWillow on Sunday and the shifter broke off.  My Frame Slider saved the front plastics but the back side below the seat cowl is cracked along the side. 

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i will be testing this week and then at Chuckwalla this weekend on Sat.  Anyone going to be at Chuckwalla Sat?

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General Motorcycle Discussion / can two bikes fit?
« on: 03/29/10 02:43PM »
can two bikes fit in the back of a Tacoma?  I have been wanting to start going to the track.  A buddy of mine has been going for years and has a Tacoma and we are going to try and see if two bikes will fit.  Any one out there done this?  Any Pointers?

Any one have this suit or know much about it?  I have seen the review from but was curious if anyone had it or knew somebody that does?  I want to start going to the track and want to get a good quality suit but I also dont want to go broke.     


I am curious to see what the rpms are at on the freeway going 80 or so?  I bought my bike used a year ago and got new sprockets I had them keep it stock 15 in front and 43 on the back.  Now it seems like i have longer gears and my RPMs  are lower.  I trying to figure out what the bike had before.  The sprockets were thrown away at the shop so I can't check those.  I did count the rear one and it was 43 though.

Female rider on Cruiser in her 40's was riding in center lane when car in right lane decides he wants to merge all the way over the the far left turn lane approx speed 10 to 15 mph.  Rider tried to change lanes to avoid car all the way into the far left lane as it was being pushed to do so.  She ended up hitting the left side or left  back side of the car and went down and slid into the curb.   Speed was probablyu 20ish upon impact.  I Called 911 and a Ambulance and Fire truck came arrived shortly.  Gave a Police report with another woman who witnessed as well.  The rider appeared to be ok but did not attempt to get up or move very much.   

A scary thing to witness when your a rider yourself.  There were about 5 other cars that stopped as well to help out and attend to the situation. 

Ride Safe out there. 

Yup, i ran out of gas on the way to work down PCH.  Luckily i wasn't to far from the Chevron past main st.  I only had to push 3 blocks or so.  I had good momentum at first but the light turned red.  I now know the limits of my tank.


Never used.  I bought it on closeout and it does not fit. Couldnt return.  I Paid 299.99 for it.  Its a size small. Im Selling for 225.00.  This is Sharks TOP end helmet worn by Troy Corser and others.  Helmet looks better in person than it does in the picture.    

Shark RSR2 Troy Corser Replica

Brand New In Box

Shell made from Carbon/Aramid, multi-directional composite fibers
5 different sizes of EPS liner
2 shell sizes
6 multi-element, internal shock-absorbers with differentiated density
Airflow directed by integrated ducts
F1 type, enhanced-safety, 3 mm visor
Dual-treated (anti-scratch/anti-fog) "Total Vision" visor
"Push One" visor quick-release system using 4 anchor points
High-flow ventilation system with easy opening vent
Optimized anti-fog thanks to "Venturi" side extractors
Fully adjustable, removable and washable interior using top-of-the-line Coolmax and Sanitized fibers
Ergonomic cheek pads in 3D foam
Double D-ring, "Racing" chin strap
Anti-fog foggy_legend and chin cover for visor as standard
High-performance, anti-fog, "winter" foggy_legend as standard
Supplied with tear-off
Lightest helmet in its class 1290G (+/- 50g)
Meets and exceeds ECE 22 and DOT standards.


General Motorcycle Discussion / Tires for zx636
« on: 06/13/09 01:10AM »
i just noticed a nail or screw in my rear tire.  Is it a good idea to get it fix or plugged?  I have been wanting to get new tires as well.  I currently have shinkos and they are good for tread life.  Anyone know of a good tired to get.  I most commute and do a little canyon runs here and there.  Ive been reading about the b16's and heard they are good for price traction.

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Anyone know how to mount a helmet on the back seat of a sport bike?  Ive been looking online but havent found much help.  Is there something i need to purchase or does the bike have the ability to do this as is?


Off Topic / Newport Beach Riders???
« on: 12/31/08 06:13PM »
Anyone live on the peninsula or near it?  Im looking for people to cruise with locally. 


Looking for ZX6R Footpeg Bracket.  Any one selling or know a good place where i can find one? 

ZX6R Footpeg Bracket


Off Topic / R1 at warner and bolsa this morning
« on: 12/29/08 08:13AM »

just saying whats up.

Link to pictures

Description: The Graduate - Black.

The Graduate by Quiksilver has plenty of storage and the cooler pocket makes it perfect for school

    * Padded and adjustable backpacks straps
    * Padded back panel
    * Multiple external pockets
    * Insulated Cooler Pocket
    * 2 Large Main compartments
    * Large front pocket with built in organizer
    * Tricot lined sunnies pocket
    * Internal laptop sleeve
    * Music center and port
    * Pencil pocket


    * 100% Polyester
    * 18" x 13" x 10

Kawasaki / Bulb Type for ZX 6r 2006
« on: 12/15/08 05:10PM »

Any one know the bulb type for a zx6r 2006?  I have found H4 and H7 while looking online.  Also any advise on some nice ones?  Im not looking to convert to the HID Kit, just looking for a nice white bulb with maybe a little blue tint. 

Kawasaki / Rear Huggers? Kawi zx6r
« on: 12/08/08 11:46AM »

Anyone with a Kawi know of a good rear hugger for a 06 zx6r?  Ive been looking online but i have only found a couple?  Does this bike not come with one stock? 


It took some time but i got it done and finished.  I didn't have any issues with the FI Light.  I just had to mess with the servo block bolt. if it was  to tight the servo would keep moving back and forth and not stop.  The Exhaust sounds sick and looks bad ass too.  I got the Carbon fiber SBK EVOII for my 06 ZX6R.  It is significantly lighter than the stock exhaust.  The stock weight was 5 pounds and the Carbon Fiber was half that weight.  I definitely notice more power and better handling now that the center of gravity has been lowered.  (under tail exhaust).  I Will post some pics once i take some of the new look. 

Thanks to those for the info on the install. 


Is it pretty easy to install slip on exhaust?  I will be installing a Leo vincc SBK EVOII on my zx6r and just looking for some do's and do not's when installing a slipon.  It looks simple enough.

Kawasaki / zx6r 2006 RED FI light on?
« on: 11/29/08 04:39PM »
Any ideas how to fix this?  I just had LJ installed and now my FI light is on?  I just noticed it after i got home. 

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