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Selling these Dainese Torque D1 boots, here are the details:

• Bought from Dainese
• Retail for $400 new
• Worn once (literally one day)
• Women's size US 6 (EU 38)

Overview: Dainese TORQUE D1 OUT LADY motorcycle boots for women. High-quality racing out boots, their D-Axial system provides comfort and protection, while the TPU and magnesium inserts make the boots extremely light and performing.

Let me know if you have any questions!

More images:

These stock parts were taken off of a 2013 Suzuki GSX-R 600.

Pegs - $30
Exhaust - $60

I can sell separately or as a set.

Contact me with any questions! Thanks for looking.

More pics:

Gear For Sale / FS: Ogio Trucker 8800 Gear Bag
« on: 06/26/18 10:47PM »
Up for sale is an Ogio Trucker 8800 bag. Bought brand new, never ended up using it. Still has tags on it! This bag is a great size to use for travel, or to store motorcycle gear for being on the go. It even has a helmet compartment that you can use, which would be just fine for football, hockey, baseball, offroad or other sports gear as well.

Here are some features:

• Heavy-duty chassis with oversized treaded wheels
• Wide mouth U-shaped opening for easy access to all gear
• Large main ventilated compartment and multi-use dual end pockets
• Secondary end pocket with accessory organization sleeves for smaller gear
• Integrated foam panel construction throughout for added gear protection
• Telescoping pull handle and adjustable padded shoulder strap
• Easy grab end handles for transport
• Capacity: 9150 cubic inches
• Weight: 9 lbs
• Dimensions: 31.5" H x 15" W x 17.75" D

Let me know if you have any other questions, thanks for looking.

Price is $140.

Up for sale is a Redline rear spool stand that should fit any sport or standard bike equipped with spools. This is a really nice stand, but I sold my bike and no longer have a use for it. Retails for $100 new, selling for $75. The details are as follows:

• Black powder coat finish
• All hardware is zinc coated to prevent corrosion
• Comes standard with PVC coated spool adapters
• Made from 1 1/4" cold rolled steel .070 wall thickness
• Heavy duty oil resistant, injection molded polyurethane wheels

Gear For Sale / FS: Alpinestars Bionic Race Shield
« on: 06/24/18 11:00PM »
Up for sale is a lightly used Alpinestars Bionic Race Shield. Only worn 3-4 times and has been sitting in the closet since. It's in like new or excellent condition. Retails for almost $200 new, selling for $140.

Let me know if you're interested!

Bikes For Sale / SOLD
« on: 05/15/18 03:52PM »

Bikes For Sale / FS: 2015 Suzuki GSXR 600, low miles
« on: 09/27/16 10:33AM »

thought i would pass this along as some of you would probably enjoy scoring some deals, the food trucks and BBQ or checking out the stunt show.. images below taken from an email i received, has all the details and information.. sorry if its not lining up properly

These shoes are a few years old and have seen a decent amount of riding, and with that, some wear. However, they still function just as they did on day one and are very sturdy and protective. They blend in enough to be worn on a sportbike, cruiser, or commuting to work or somewhere casual. I wear 10.5 usually, but these shoes only come in whole sizes. Never found it to be uncomfortable or anything.

Priced to sell. Feel free to ask any questions.

Full album:

Miscellaneous / FS: Alpinestars Banner
« on: 11/09/15 01:19PM »
hey everyone.

decided to sell one of my two alpinestars banners that i got from an employee of theirs from a race. these are the same banners you see along the fence in most major dirt or road races. its a thick paper-like material, and overall its unused (other than the race of course) and in pretty good condition. a little crinkling on a corner or two, but nothing too bad.

this thing is HUGE. i dont have the exact measurements, but its probably about 3' x 17' or so. perfect for a larger garage, man cave, or hell - your living room if you want.

located in costa mesa, price is $60, shoot me an email at for the quickest response. thanks!

Routes & Spots / Current Road Conditions
« on: 10/03/15 06:10AM »
Not sure if there is an existing post for something like this, but I thought it could be nice to have a central hub for any/all road conditions in our area. For example, when the guy was dumping oil on GMR.

So I'll start: is ACH still closed beyond Newcombs? I'm finding that it is, but just thought I would check with people that may have actually been up recently.

Gear For Sale / AGV Sport Alloy Riding Jeans, Like New
« on: 07/26/15 09:34AM »
Up for sale is a pair of AGV Sport Alloy Riding Jeans, reinforced with Kevlar. I bought them on 5/13/15 for $120 off RevZilla and wore them one time (I know everyone says this, but it was literally one ride). I just decided I'd prefer to go with something a little darker and they've been folded up in my closet since.

These will also be on Craigslist, so if you want them, speak up.

Here is the link to the product details:

Size: 34/36

Yours for $80!

SOLD! Thanks.

Video from deals gap, crash is at 8:50 but I recommend watching the whole thing. I cringed the whole time. Anyway, check the description for more info.

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

Hey guys.

Just wanted to see if anyone knows of a reliable shop that can not only powder coat, but actually take apart and work on a bike. I have a project in mind (black forks) that would be ideal to have done at the same shop. Let me know!

That happened to me yesterday. Wish I had my GoPro on me. I had my wife on the back, then my brother-in-law and his fiancι behind us. We were headed east on Ortega highway around 2PM when, on a curvier part of the road, I saw two helmets whizzing around a distant corner and hitting a short straight pretty quick. I believe it was a red Grom followed by what looked to be maybe some sort of XS650.

Well, not sure if it was inexperience or being unfamiliar with the road (there is a pretty decent dip on a decreasing radius), but the guy in back on the XS came flying out wide into our lane. He had a crazy speed wobble, I think the dip upset his suspension and they were definitely playing. Anyway, I has a split second to decide and without knowing if he was going to hit the shoulder or save it, I pretty much held firm to try to gauge where he was going. At the last second, he snapped out of it and leaned back in and I was able to serve to the outside. I thought it was a foot or so, my brother-in-law said it looked to be not even inches. Him and his GF said they both thought there would be a chip or scratch on my fairing.

I've had some oh shit moments on the track, in the canyons, or just dealing with shitty drivers in general.. But yesterday was definitely my first "cheated death" experience. Part of me wanted to whip around and give the guy a piece of my mind (mainly because he endangered not only me, but my wife). The other part of me hopes it scared him straight to either take it to the track, or at least be smarter about spirited riding and not riding above his, or his bikes, capabilities.

No real point to the story. Just wanted to share and maybe serve as yet another reminder to be extra careful in this already risky sport. It's bad enough watching for cars and debris, let's try not to add other motorcyclists to that list.

Tales of the Road / Motorcycle tow in Costa Mesa?
« on: 03/29/15 06:25PM »
Stranded, does anyone have a trailer before I shell out $100+ on a tow? Just need to go 1-2 miles.

Miscellaneous / .
« on: 12/03/14 10:55AM »
sold, please delete.

For some, it's their first track experience or getting their knee down for the first time. For others, it was getting to finally ride with their dad on the open road. I understand it'll be hard to narrow down. Just try to remember that moment and what made it the best experience for you.

Several come to mind for me, but I would have to say that for no particular reason at all, the best ride day for me was a day where my wife and I were both on our own bikes carving through the hills of Malibu. Both fully suited, both riding at a pretty spirited pace and everything was just clicking. Up to this point, she would ride at her own pace and usually end up falling behind when I wanted to ride harder. I would generally wait for her at different locations to head to the next section. However, on this day, I slowed just gradually but kept a good rhythm going - rarely touching the brakes at all. Just smooth and steady speed. We were coming up Latigo Canyon and she was in my mirror the whole way. The sun was shining, the ocean was blue, and in that moment we were completely in sync both on and off the bikes. I'll never forget it.

Miscellaneous / Costa Mesa apartment for rent!
« on: 10/16/14 11:50AM »
Hey everyone. I'm moving out of my apartment and it will be available as early as November 8th. I'm responsible for rent until someone signs a new lease, so PLEASE PLEASE help if you can. Pass this on to anybody looking or a place in the area. It comes with a GARAGE.. perfect for any motorcycle owner (and why I originally moved there). Fingers crossed!


Feel free to email me at with any questions you may have.

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