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Yamaha / R6 torque question
« on: 11/11/10 05:56AM »
Well i'm going to start doing my own repair/maint. work on my 2005 R6. I'm tired of paying someone els to do it for me.

I already ordered my repair manual from amazon and now i need to adjust/inspect my chain but i need to know the proper torque for my rear axle.

does anybody know?

Thank you
Greg                     :27: :42: :27:

Gear For Sale / I'm Needing a chatterbox...
« on: 03/27/10 06:59AM »
Well I'm going on the Reno/Tahoe trip and i would like to get me one of those fancy contraptions called a chatterbox.... If anyone has one for Sale/Rent please feel free to email me or call directly...

Thank you,
Greg Peairs
(714) 884-5125     :42: :27: :42: :27: :42:


This is on Feb 7, 2010.... This was a posted ride to borrego springs but everybody thought is would be raining so nobody showed..... Well I had a great time anyway, brought home some Jalepeno fudge. and had a great lunch at the airport. please enjoy my Super Happy Fun Time vid.

Tales of the Road / Summertime blues
« on: 07/02/09 02:08AM »
Well i did it.... I really screwed up this time..... No: not a crash, No: not drunk, Yes: two left feet....

I was taking a nap on the couch, i went to get up and tripped over my rug in my family room.... Just ruined my summer. I just got my baby serviced too and now this crap has to happen.....

God is punishing me for laughing at midgets...
(Don't laugh at midgets, even if they are running. God will hurt you.)

Stay safe out there folks

General Forum Support / What am i doing?
« on: 06/30/09 07:23AM »
How do i post a picture on a topic, i'm getting so frustrated.

any help will work.

New Members / Hello OC Crew
« on: 05/22/09 02:29AM »
My name is Greg and i have been riding off and on for a couple of years. I have a 03 Yamaha R-6 and i am really interested in riding with other people and getting the hang of my bike a little better.

I hope to ride with all of you soon.

Greg P.

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