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Parts For Sale / FS: Suzuki rear bike stand
« on: 04/08/14 02:17PM »
No longer needed... asking $50.

Located in Tustin.

Feel free to text me with any questions.

510- three eight six - 8371

Bought from another user on ocmoto but never got a chance to use it.

Asking $120 or best offer

Should have everything needed to set up your helmet, although I haven't tried yet.

Hit me up if you want it.


510- three eight six - 8371

Hey guys, I sold my sv650 3 months ago and i've been itching to get back on 2 wheels ever since!  I was looking to get back on another sv but couldnt find one yet, but i saw this niinja 650 and i really like it.  I'm checking it out later today but was wondering if anyone knew the the current owner?  Possible riding habits, etc?

Otherwise, i'm just going to check it out, make sure everythings OK and most likely buy it if it passes inspection and the road test.

Any thoughts and comments would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Parts For Sale / ChatterBox GMRS X1 $120 Firm
« on: 05/06/13 11:22AM »
Traded OCR6714 for my xbi2 a few weeks ago, but since i'm selling my bike soon i won't be needing this anymore. 

Asking $120 firm since that's that what I paid for the xbi2.

Should have everything needed to set up you helmet, although I haven't tried yet.

Hit me up if you want it

Calvin - 5 1 0 3 8 6 8 3 7 one



Used but in Great Condition!  Comes with tv stand, remote control and a/v cables.

Product Description

The X23BV Naga is proof that the theory holds true. This 23" set supports HD resolutions up to 1080i and computer resolutions up to 1366x768. The panel has a 160į viewing angle so everyone in the room has a great view.

Sceptre lets you do just that with HDMI, Component, S-Video/composite and a VGA port. There is also a coax in for your cable TV connection. The built in digital tuner ensures you are ready for the switch to digital broadcasts.

PC Compatible With a D-Sub (VGA) port, the Sceptre X23BV-Naga conveniently doubles as a computer monitor!

You can hang it on the wall with a 100x100mm VESA wall mount bracket. Or, itíll look good on any entertainment center. The bottom mounted speakers minimize set width for an easier fit.

$125 or best offer!

Can be picked up in Irvine or San Diego.

Suzuki / Is this a good deal on a 07 GSXR 600?
« on: 08/04/12 10:32AM »
Hey guys...

Looking at a bike for a buddy of mine, i saw this bike, what do you guys think?  Any chance someone knows the owner??

Will be checking it out tomorrow so any information prior would be greatly appreciated!


Off Topic / Should i be upset or impressed?
« on: 02/02/12 01:10PM »
So i just got a text from my GF saying she accidenatlly knocked over my bike in the garage and one of the mirrors broke off!   :13:

But then she tells me she was able to put the bike upright again??   :7:

I'm both upset and impressed!  How did she knock over my bike?!  And how was she able to lift the bike up?!  The bike weighs about 370lbs and she's like 5'3" 110 lbs  :26:

My company in Irvine is looking for a Sourcing Specialist (Category: Purchasing, Experience: 3-5 years)

send me your resume if you're interested... cmdinh @

I finally had the time to take a skillzday with Jeff yesterday and I even rode all the way from San diego for it and it was definitely worth it!   :17:

I can't recommend his class highly enough.  We covered a lot of topics but the main areas I wanted to work on were throttle control, braking, and looking through turns.  I was in luck because I was the only person in the class that day so I received a lot of personal attention and I instantly have more confidence in my riding and what my bike is capable of.  I'm pretty sure i've learned some new skills that will save my life one day but hopefully i'll never have to find out!   :32:

I hope to take another class in the near future!

Thanks for all your help Jeff!

Off Topic / nevermind please delete! thanks!
« on: 07/24/11 12:09PM »
nvm please delete!

Yamaha / Is this a good deal on a 2009 Yamaha FZ6R??
« on: 06/23/11 09:51PM »
my first choice is a kawasaki ninja 650R but i might also get a FZ6R if the price is right....  i found this bike on craigslist and it seems like a pretty good deal.  KBB is about $4800 and the seller is asking $4300 but looks like he will take $4000 or even less

what do you guys think??  maybe one of you knows the seller and can vouch?

thanks in advance!

Unfortunately this bike is located all the way in las vegas... but for a good deal i would be willing to make the trip.

The buyer has posted a few different listings Starting a month ago for $4500 or best offer... now he has it at $4100... i offered him $3500 without seeing the bike and he said the lowest he would take it $3700 so i'm sure I can go a little lower.  KBB for this bike in excellent condition is $4,030.   today 6/18   on 6/11   on 6/6   on 6/3   his first post 5/12

he also told me that he recently changed the oil and the tires have 90% tread, and the only mod is the two bros pipe. 

I would appreciate it if you guys could take a look at the different listings and let me know if anything seems out of place... Any advice and comments would be greatly appreciated... thanks in advance! 

Hey guys... i could use some advice on this bike... it looks like a good deal... One thing i notice right away is the front fairing is black when i think it should be green?  what else should i look for if i decide to go check this bike out? 

The seller is asking $4K and KBB is about $4.4K

Any advice would be greatly appreciated... thanks in advance! 

Off Topic / Is this a good deal on a 07 daytona 675??
« on: 06/16/11 10:02PM »
I have been looking at this bike for a few weeks now... surprisingly it's still available? what do you guys think? Is it a good deal???

Miscellaneous / FS: shaun white burton snowboard 156cm
« on: 12/18/10 09:52AM »
i'm selling a 156cm burton shaun white snowboard... used for about 2 seasons, top of the board is in great shape, the bottom has a few scratches but still has a lot of life left

$140 or best offer

This is what the board looks like new, i'll try to take some actual pictures later

Can meet up in Irvine or San Diego

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