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Another great public service announcement..

I wonder when we'll see some of these for the US?

Anyone seen these stands? I could use one!  :1:

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Tales of the Road / distracted driver epidemic
« on: 09/30/09 10:13PM »
According to this article, nearly 6,000 deaths and over 500,000 (!!!) injuries per year can be attributed to distracted drivers.
Distracted drivers were found responsible for 16% of all traffic fatalies.


Miscellaneous / FS: '97 Chevy S10 V6--$1700
« on: 12/22/08 01:58PM »
I have been holding onto this truck with the intention of using it as my trackday bike hauler, but I am headed to graduate school next month and wont have the time or money for the track, so the truck has to go. I am the original owner of the truck, V6, access cab, automatic trans, 225K mi primarily used for commuting to school/work, interior in good condition, just passed smog a few months ago, no accidents. The truck runs great with the exception of one of the fuel injectors that is partially clogged and will not clear with flushing. The injector is at a point that it needs to be replaced, an upgraded FI system costs about $200 for brand-new GM parts or about $25 in ebay/junkyard parts and about 1-2 hours of labor.
Asking $1700-- 714-612-9762.

Fallen Riders / RIP-wrong place at the wrong time
« on: 05/19/08 01:34PM »
Terrible to hear stories like this where a rider just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Prayers for his family and friends.

Miscellaneous / Looking for a room to rent/roommate(s)
« on: 05/13/08 09:43PM »
The house I have been living in has just sold so I have 30 days to find a new place. :P I was hoping to find another house or apartment that comes with a garage for my bike and storage of other stuff. I would appreciate any referrals to other moto-friendly people looking for a roomie or any suggestions for areas or complexes to look at. I work in Costa Mesa and am hoping to find something nearby but am OK with a reasonable commute.

Hey OCmoto ladies...I was going to buy some MotoGP leather pants online the other day but can't find a size chart for them anywhere and have never found them in any local stores to try on. Have any of you tried on MotoGP pants before and what did you think of their fit? I've been finding the makers of ladies gear have sizes all over the place, for example: I wear a 38 Euro Alpinestars that fits well, a 42 Italian Dainese also fits well, my 38 Euro BMW pants are too big, XS Joe Rocket textile pants are good but need a S in leather, the worst of all is Teknic...they seem to make gear for short people only, I bought size 4 Teknic pants that fit well in the waist/rear but barely reached past my calf in length! I've seen somewhere that MotoGP runs small but that could mean short/tight/????

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