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Anybody going? I'm interested in going tomorrow and thought it would be cool to link up with someone.

Followed some guys up the other day, guy was ok only some minor bumps and bruises.  Lucky it wasn't a busy day for oncoming traffic.

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You ever ran into a damn fox up there!! I go up there quite a bit and have never seen a fox, let alone almost smashing it into a million pieces.

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Gear For Sale / Alpinestars 1 piece suit
« on: 08/03/15 10:23AM »
selling an alpinestars 1 piece suit, has been in 1 low speed low side.

Size is a U.S. 60, I am 5'10" and 225 and it fits me pretty snug but comfortable


Text preferred nine-five-one 837-8002

Pick up only, menifee 92584

I'm selling these for a friend, he sold his r6 and yanked these off, they were only installed for probably a week. Brand new condition.

$50 he is asking

here is his # 951-303-4779 please use text and say your from OCMOTO

Miscellaneous / Room for rent $500
« on: 07/19/14 10:51PM »
Wasn't sure where to put this but by any chance any of you moving to IE I'm going to have a room available in the second week of August.

I live in menifee, ca just 15 minutes from Murrieta and temecula, and just 40 miles to Palomar lol.

3 bed house with one other roommate, I have 1 small super friendly dog, but please no pets. Includes everything, all utilities and wi-fi.

$500/month firm.

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / PALOMAR MTN! Saturday July 5th
« on: 06/29/14 05:31PM »
WHEN: Saturday July 5th
MEET: mobile gas station off hwy 79

(951) 695-6841

TIME: 9:15a KSU AT 9:30a

Route to Palomar will be heading down pachanga pkwy to the 76 by pala, then up to twisty heaven.  Probably going to be a good turnout at Palomar for the holiday weekend. Come out ride, have some fun meet new people and RIDE.  :17: :17: :17:

Probably going to be a couple photographers up there too, come get your picture taken!

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Palomar mtn ride SAT may 24th
« on: 05/19/14 09:46AM »
When: Saturday May 24th
Meet: Mobile gas station off hwy 79
Time: 9:30a KSU between 9:45-10:00 depending if we're still waiting for riders. But no later than 10

We'll meet at mobile, go through pachanga pkwy to Palomar, and once we reach Palomar everyone rides at their own pace, stay as long as you want. Just have fun and ride safe.

Miscellaneous / Free gas range
« on: 08/13/13 03:52PM »
I just purchased a new range, I'm giving away my current one, you just have to come get it.  The gas burners work great, the only thing though is the heating element is starting to go out in the oven. From what I understand its a pretty easy part to replace. It's white, I will post pics when I get a chance at work right now.

PM me for additional info.

General Motorcycle Discussion / Speedohealer Q's!!
« on: 07/01/13 09:53PM »
I just dropped a tooth to 15 on my cbr and noticed quite a difference in acceleration which was awesome.  But now my speedometer is way off, I can feel it, seems at least 8-10 mph off and at higher freeway speeds seems 10-15 mph off easy.  So I did a little search on it and keep hearing about this speedohealer device.

Has anyone bought one of these, are they hard to install? Hopefully someone here with a CBR :43: has gotten one and can fill me in on the install.  Any comments or advice will help.


Legalities & Tickets / Traffic school online?
« on: 03/31/13 01:13AM »
Anybody done traffic school online? Can you recommend an easy/cheap one. There are about one million and one to choose from. Any advice would help.

Also do I need paperwork from the court to sign up or can I just use my citation number from my ticket?


Off Topic / Caught this bad boy yesterday!
« on: 02/27/13 06:22AM »
Got him off Dana point, he was an angry sukka.

Celebrating a relationship free valentines day and the freedom that comes along with it!

Off Topic / Got ticket, have a question...
« on: 12/14/12 12:03AM »
Ok so last month I got a ticket on my bike for rolling a stop sign. Still to this date, well over a month I have not received an official violation in the mail. I need to let the court know I am going to do traffic school, and I just want to get this thing paid and move on.

I don't know how much the violation is, and I'm a little worried because in my anger I crumpled up my ticket and littered with it. I remember my appearance date and time and location though but I'd rather not go and just do my online traffic school and pay it. Urgh, WHAT DO I DO?

Has this happened to anyone?

My buddy an I headed to Irwindale Speedway to do the open to public drag races.  Here are the videos, btw this is my first time drag racing or even racing of any kind.

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<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

Thanks for watching!

Off Topic / Help! Watch this video!
« on: 10/30/12 01:36AM »
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Please watch this video, my friend and I are playing a prank of some sorts on his wife and friend. We are trying to get as many views on this video as possible.

Thanks for helping, enjoy the stupidness!

Anyone?? Maybe around the afternoon?

I'm going to switch my brake lines, but before I do I'm doing a little research. For those who have a Cbr especially 08 and newer what brand did you go with, and what kind of setup. Mine has a single brake line from the master and then meets in a hub of some sort that separates the lines to both sides of the calipers. So I'm curious how that works with the new lines. If you have pictures to show how yours look it would be much appreciated.

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Palomar Saturday 10/13
« on: 10/12/12 05:56PM »
Where: shell station off 79 in temecula.

When: 10:00 am

It's been kinda in the works on another thread but I'm making it official.

Let me know!

Parts For Sale / Pirelli diablos
« on: 09/30/12 12:54AM »
Selling a front and rear 180/55 and 120 front. Front is like new, has probably 80%+ tread left. Rear in the center has ok tread left, I stupidly forgot to change my air pressure in the rear after a canyon run and had some weird wear on it.

Selling on Craigslist for $75 but will go $60 for Ocmoto member, the catch is I live in Menifee. So it's a good distance for some of you.

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