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Parts For Sale / 08 250 Ninja airbox with K&N $60
« on: 10/29/11 10:01AM »
After rejetting and swapping out my friends box for some pod filters I've had the box laying around for a few months now, its got a brand new K&N filter in it (friend put it in and replaced box in the same week)  I've decided to see if I can part with both for $60 seeing how the boxes are relatively cheap an the K&N's run for 40 a piece.

I don't think I posted this here but a friend of mine is looking for a bike and I've been tryin to help him.  He likes my SV650 so I've been trying to find him something in the Sport/Standard range.  He's kinda tall and doesn't like the leaning forward much.

I bet I'll win.

Parts For Sale / Looking for a $2k bike.
« on: 08/30/11 04:56PM »
I have a friend who wants to get into biking but doesn't want to start high.  He's looking for a solid bike at around 2k.  I've looked around a bit on here but haven't seen anything this low.

Misc. Motorcycle Videos/Pictures / My 06 SV650
« on: 08/25/11 03:27PM »

New Members / New Member from Thousand Oaks
« on: 08/25/11 12:39PM »
First off.  :44:

Hey all, my name is Jordan and I ride an '06 SV650.  I've had it since february and rode an '07 Honda Shadow before that.  I love the V-Twin and small frame of my SV that makes it really easy and fun to throw around.  I've been riding for little over a year but I've been riding every single day for that time because the bike is all I own.  I love working on it and I perform as much of the maintnence as I can myself.  Next big thing I want to do is the GSXR front end swap but I'm still waiting for the funding for that.  I love riding and will ride myself into the grave.

A little about me.  I'm 21, work at CVS and am going through the LAPD testing process right now.  Law enforcement is my dream career.  I have a beautiful fiance who enjoys riding 2up with me and is looking into getting her own bike.  I enlisted in the Navy in 2008 but by reasons unknown to me, I was never shipped out to basic training even after several months and false promises.  I got my seperation papers after 316 days of unemployment, no car, no school.  I am finally recovering from all that with a good job.  I go to church on Sundays and thus am unavailable for Sunday rides.  I enjoy talking and enjoy helping any way I can. 

I found this forum because I was just following some motorcyle related news on the web and it led me here.

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