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For sale or trade only for 18-19 Speed Triple RS.

Gray 2016 Tuono 1100 RR – One owner – ~ 9k mi
Mint condition (literally not a scratch) - bought brand new in Jan 2017.

• Light street use (no track);
• All required maintenance done (early);
• Dunlop Q3+ tires with lots of life left.

Several upgrades - mostly crash protection (planned on track use but bought a dedicated track bike instead)
• Graves Motorsports frame sliders;
• R&G tank grips;
• R&G carbon fiber tank sliders;
• R&G Racing Fender eliminator;
• Rhinomoto front & rear axle sliders;
• GB Racing clutch cover;
• MRA X-creen sport wind deflector.
• Drain plug drilled and safety wired.
• EVAP canister delete.

Thanks for your interest!


I have to ride into DTLA tomorrow. From what I read I don't need a transponder with a motorcycle; is that correct? Also, is it free or will they send the bill in the mail??

Thank you!

Parts For Sale / NEW Dunlop Q3+ - 180/55/17 rear
« on: 04/08/18 02:43PM »

Bought for my R6 but ended up going with 190/55 instead.  $130.

Track Days / Any OCMoto members left who ride track?
« on: 01/22/18 09:42AM »

Just curious since the forum is back up and people are posting again :).  Who's planning to go where?  I'm going to Buttonwillow 2/25.  Maybe Chuckwalla 2/4.  Beyond that, not sure yet.  May squeeze in a minbike day as well.

Track Days / Show up and Ride - Buttonwillow 11/3
« on: 10/30/17 08:53AM »

A friend of mine has a track prepped 2015 Yamaha R3 for rent this coming Friday at Buttonwillow.  $300 all-in (gas, tires, warmers, drinks, etc.).  (you do need to pay for the track fees).  Contact:

Great guy btw!  I bought my current track bike from him; I'll be out there riding it  :42:


I may be in Dallas for work that week and will most likely stay to head to Austin for the races. Anyone else planning on going?

Gloves / Lightweight waterproof gauntlet gloves?
« on: 01/14/17 10:47PM »

Anyone have any good suggestions for waterproof gauntlet gloves?  Basically similar comfort to regular leather sportbike gloves but waterproof.  Don't want anything too bulky.  Too many options out there!


Finally picked up a '16 Tuono RR this week! Delivered in the pouring rain on Tuesday. I didn't get a chance to swing a leg over it until today when I rode it to the DMV to get it registered. I first rode an RSV4 in March and a Tuono a month or two later. I still rode a few Ducs and a S1000RR but nothing compares to this! I just HAD to own one; arguably the best bike on the road today. And even my little ride to the DMV didn't disappoint; couldn't get the grin off my face! The bike is also a good conversation starter apparently; everyone wants to know what that wild sounding beast is LOL

If you're in the market for a high performance sport bike but are tired of the aggressive ergos, do yourself a favor and ride one of these  :36:.  Just be ready to empty your bank account as well LOL  They should really call this "Aprilia, a lot like nothing else", it is THAT good!  :50:

Didn't have a chance to take any decent pics yet but you'll get the idea :)


I remember a post on here a few years ago about a good motorcycle glove repair place in HB.  Long shot but anyone remember what shop it was??  I can't seem to find it!

Track Days / A day at Laguna Seca
« on: 11/04/16 01:59PM »
After seeing several races at Laguna Seca, I've always wanted to ride that track myself and Wednesday was finally the day!  I've done a few mini moto track days in the meantime but this was my first "big" track day.  I was there with Keigwins and rented a race prepped Ninja 300 from Feel Like a Pro.  I ran in the B- group since I figured I would probably get run over by the bigger bikes.  Boy, was I ever wrong!  That lil' Ninja is an absolute gem on the track; the corner speed you can carry on that thing is incredible!  I passed many of the bigger bikes and even lapped a few of the slower riders LOL

A few notes on the track:
* Not known to be a super grippy track, so you definitely want hot tires.  There were several crashes in the first session of the day, so best to keep the speed for the afternoon (or until the pavement gets warm);
* Trickiest corner: turn 3!  It seems like a simple and easy corner but it is flat as a pancake and feels tighter than it is; very easy to run wide, so turn in late!  Turn 6 can also be tricky: a little bumpy which can compromise grip and catch you off guard on cold tires (I found out the hard way at the end of the day)
* Fastest corner: has got to be turn 9.  It's the first left hander after the corkscrew and you can absolutely nail it through there since it's slightly banked.  I actually passed both an R1 and Ducati in that turn with room to spare LOL

If any of you ever consider going to Laguna, DO IT!  It's absolutely incredible!!  And don't hesitate to run a small bike; you can ride it to the limit and have a blast passing faster bikes :)

A few pics:

Racing up the hill.   That was still early in the day; later on I was in full tuck mode throttle pinned till well over the hill  ;D

Passing big brother Ninja.  (I think he was on a grocery run instead of a track session :) ).

Heading down the corkscrew

Bye bye Duc :)

Track Days / Racing lines map
« on: 10/26/16 09:14PM »

Anyone used this before when going to a new track?  Seems pretty cool!



I've decided to put my beloved Triumph on the market to see if there's any interest.  May still keep it as well if there are no reasonable offers.  Lots of $$ invested:

Kawasaki / Kawasaki KX65 Miniracer
« on: 05/17/16 09:26AM »

In my quest for minibike racing, I was told building a KX65 mini race bike is a great value.  Wondering if anyone did this?  Any tips/advice?


I just signed up!  Any other takers?  11 spots left  :17:

Brand new; no stories :).  Two weeks old and in perfect working order; currently sitting on a battery tender to keep it healthy.  I would keep it as a spare but won't need any batteries for a while.

Anyone doing this?  I want to try it out with UMRA ( but looks like their next practice day I can attend is in October.  Long way away!  Any other good options?  Wouldn’t mind trying a Grom on a small track first to see if it’s something I even like.

General Motorcycle Discussion / Parking on dirt?
« on: 03/29/16 02:50PM »

This may seem like a weird question but what do you guys do when you know you may have to park your bike on dirt rather than pavement?  Planning to go out to J-Tree in a few weeks and the parking lot looks like hardpack dirt; I just want to make sure the kickstand doesn’t sink in causing the bike to topple over.  I was thinking about bringing a small metal plate to put under the kickstand just in case. 

Any other bright ideas  :) ?

Other / BMW S1000RR review
« on: 03/19/16 05:00PM »
Well, with my recent ride of the Aprilia RSV4 still fresh in my mind, I figured it was time to give another highly praised bike a try!  The BMW S1000RR  :51:.  Model ridden was a used 2015. 

•   Looks/styling
With the shark fin and funky headlights, this is probably a love-it-or-hate it look.  I can appreciate the different styling but can’t say it’s amazing either.  Compared to my Daytona and RSV4, I would rank it number 3.  Then again, it is not THAT important to me either.

•   Chassis/handling/ergos
Compared to my Daytona (with helibars) and the RSV4, it probably has the edge in comfort but less than I expected since everyone praises the S1000RR for being a “very” comfortable street bike.  For me personally, the difference is subtle and all 3 bikes are a great fit.  The BMW may be slightly less compact than the other two, which would make it a better fit for people with a larger torso.
Handling is hard to judge since there weren’t any good roads around.  It feels pretty neutral but I thought the RSV4’s steering  was a little sharper/lighter and the beamer is definitely less nimble than my Daytona.

•   Engine/fueling/clutch
The beamer comes with 4 different modes: rain, sport, race and slick.  Per recommendation from the dealership I ran it in race mode.  I’d say the throttle response is spot on and once again (to my surprise) a tad less immediate than my Daytona.  It really makes for a very easy bike to ride on the street (and probably track for that matter).  I was comfortable on it pretty much as soon as I left the lot.  Just like the RSV4, the power delivery is smooth and linear and it pulls like a freight train!  I didn’t quite get the “OMFG” feeling like I did on the RSV4 but I also didn’t have enough road to make it to redline; my guess would be that the RSV4 has a tad better midrange being a V4 or the beamer is just so darn smooth you can’t tell.  In any case, it has way more power than anyone will ever need! (on a side note, what’s the blinking light for?). 
The clutch is great as well.  Super easy to engage with just the right amount of feel.  That is, if you even want to use it beyond 1st gear because the bike comes with an up AND down quickshifter, which is pretty much seemless.  The downshift could still be a tad smoother but I’m splitting hairs here.  This would be a ton of fun in the canyons or on the track.  The current RSV4 only has an upshift quickshifter at the moment.  Just like the RSV4, the engine braking was perfect for my liking.
The inline 4 also sounded better than I expected.  Pretty throaty and I love the exhaust popping you get from time to time.  Not as much character as the V4 or triple but better than your typical inline 4 and plenty loud.  I don’t really think there is the need for an aftermarket exhaust.

•   Suspension/brakes
Suspension is hard to judge without having good canyons roads around.  I think the RSV4 may be a little more compliant on less than perfect roads and it seemed a tad less stiff than my D675.  The thing that really stood out to me were the brakes!  The front has sooo much bite!!   I think you can literally stop this thing with your pinky.  Definitely stronger than both the RSV4 and D675.  The rear brake on the other hand felt a bit too soft; almost the opposite from the front.

So, in summary, if you’re looking for a versatile superbike that is comfortable and street friendly, the BMW is arguably one of the best bikes out there.  It does everything very well and is probably easy to ride fast.  If I could only have one bike, that would most likely be the one to get (also has a 3y/36k mi warranty).  Now, as a second bike, I think I’m looking for something with a bit more character.  For me personally, the RSV4 still has a bigger fun factor.  I think my wife confirmed it when I got home: “you don’t  look quite as excited like you did after riding the Aprilia”.  Next up is the MV Agusta F3 800 

Other / Aprilia RSV4 RR review
« on: 03/11/16 04:25PM »

For anyone interested.  One of the bikes I'm considering as a replacement for my D675:  :50:

* Looks/styling (sorry for the crappy cell pics)

I think it is a good looking bike but IMO, there are few bikes sexier than the Daytona. I also wish there were a few more color options. The flat silver/gray does look different though. I also like the tail section. I would definitely be happy with it;

* Chassis/handling/ergos
Despite being heavier than the D675, the feel and ergonomics seem very similar; I do have helibars on my Daytona, so stock-for-stock the RSV4 would be more relaxed. Everything seems in the right spot and I can't say I noticed the extra weight. The handling feels great and very familiar as well; it goes exactly where you want it to go. As far as I can tell, it is just as nimble as the Daytona. At high speed, the RSV4 definitely seems more stable.

* Engine/fueling/clutch
I believe there are 3 different modes. I ran the bike in sport mode. The throttle response was actually less immediate than my Daytona; I ended up stalling it at first LOL. The engine seems to have a tiny bit of hesitation just off the line, so you have to give it a bit more throttle to get going. Probably normal but the dealer said my impression was correct; all RSV4's seem to have it. Definitely not an issue; more of an observation really. Other than that, the throttle response is very linear and super friendly (arguably friendlier than the D675). After two blocks, I was already comfortable on it. Power delivery is very smooth and linear; I bet the dyno graph on that bike is pretty straight. That said, 201hp is just insane for the street!! I was able to open it up on a few occasions and holy crap, I have never experienced anything accelerating that hard! It's mind boggling! It would be hard to keep your license; I glanced down and couldn't believe I was well into the triple digits. And, of course, there is the sound. Yes, it does sound like a Moto GP bike and you definitely don't need an aftermarket exhaust. Can't say I love it more than the sound of the triple though; both are great, just different. I also like how mechanical it feels/sounds.
I also read about engine heat; can't say I noticed much or that it was bothersome. Also read about the mirrors being useless; they are actually better than the D675.
Clutch was perfect; very easy to shift fast and I didn't even try the quickshifter. Neutral was a tad hard to find but no big deal. Engine braking was perfect for my liking and similar to the D675.

* Suspension/brakes
Hard to tell since I couldn't really push the bike on some twisty roads. I'm sure both are fine and the suspension felt more compliant on less than perfect roads than the D675. It probably adds to the high speed stability feel.

So, all-in-all, I think the RSV4 is a very impressive bike. It's easy to ride and does everything very well; it also has a lot more character than your typical Japanese inline 4. Anyone buying this bike will have a lot of fun with it and it could definitely be a good replacement for the Daytona. The only slight drawback is the power; it is a LOT for the street and you can't possibly push this bike without going to jail. They need to make an RSV3 with 150hp. For that reason, I do still very much look forward to riding the MV Agusta F3 800. I will also give the Tuono V4 a try; probably similar mental power but more relaxed ergos.

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