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I called but he didn't have them.  He said to check back on Friday if I haven't found any thing by then.

I am also looking for the rear plastic fairing as well.  If any knows anyone selling or where I can find a good deal on these items please let me know.  ;)

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Does anyone have a Stock ZX6R Shifter for sale or know a good place to get one for cheap?   I lowsided at ButtonWillow on Sunday and the shifter broke off.  My Frame Slider saved the front plastics but the back side below the seat cowl is cracked along the side. 

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I have ASV Shorties so its 2 and 2. 

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Is this still for sale or trade?  I have an Icon Domain Decay (black and white).  Its a Large but I only wore it for a month due to it is too big.

Off Topic / Re: Ridiculous
« on: 08/18/10 02:37PM »
the title of this thread say's it all

Off Topic / Re: What is your song of the moment???
« on: 08/02/10 02:55PM »
<a href=";amp;hl=en_US&amp;amp;fs=1" target="_blank" class="new_win">;amp;hl=en_US&amp;amp;fs=1</a>

I have been noticing a lot as well.  Watch where you put your foot down.
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Just signed up today.  Ill see ya there. Thanks for the code!

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It was a nice day for sure.  It was hot but not toooo hot.  It was my first time and Chuckwalla and it is a nice track with a good flow.  I would recommend going there and I will be back there soon hopefully.  I got 4 session recorded on my GoPro HD so once i get a good edit I can post a link. 

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I will be there, just look for the same bike and color you have. Look forward to riding with someone from the Forum.

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Sweet, i will be riding in the C group i believe.  Its only my second track day but I did pretty well on my first.  Was held up and had to pass other riders.  I am going to feel it out and may move up depending on the pace at Chuckwalla.

my advice is to use the 60fps 720 recording option

Yeah i think i will be using the 720 with 60fps.  Do you know roughly how much time I can record with a 16gb chip?

yeah i am looking forward to it.  Just gotta find good places to mount it.  i have a tinted windscreen so i think in front of windscreen and on the tail.

i will be testing this week and then at Chuckwalla this weekend on Sat.  Anyone going to be at Chuckwalla Sat?

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i would go with the predator.  I like to be as visible as possible and a the red is more noticeable then the grayish black one.  Just my 2 cents.

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There is a track day at SOW June 18th as well by for 97$.  Check out the calendar.  Im hitting up Chuckwalla at the end of this month too.  ;)

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First time to the track and all I can say is I am hooked!!!  Didnt get chance to talk to many of you but saw Chris and said whats up.  I came with a buddy of mine and he has been to going to the track for a while.  I had a great time and still in shock of the handling and tire grip my bike had.  +1 to trackXperience for a great day of safe and fun riding.  


ill be there too.   :45:

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: can two bikes fit?
« on: 04/08/10 11:07AM »
Wow! Thanks for all the info on the issues with the Tacoma's. I am not sure what year he has but will show him this post so we can see what will work best.  Where can i find the mod for adding the D rings to the bed?

Gear For Sale / Re: Speed and Strength Full Suit
« on: 04/05/10 06:50PM »
only if it was a 46!  I have been looking for this suit and have ready good things.

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: can two bikes fit?
« on: 04/05/10 06:45PM »
Does any one have pictures or advice how to strap down two bikes? 

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